Aquarius in 1st House: Unusual Geniuses


People born with Aquarius in the 1st House possess a strong intuition, are very intelligent and in love with their freedom, as well as being the only ones capable of really changing the world. These natives are the artists of the Zodiac, those with high ideals who are thinking everyone is good and refusing to believe otherwise. Their plans are important and big, so they don’t mind sharing them.

They need to find themselves a partner who’s as intellectual as they are, and at the same time practical. They don’t want to adhere to what society is imposing or to be another face in the crowd, so they’re always dressing strangely and have the most liberal views.

Aquarius on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Resourceful, inquisitive and organized;
  • Negatives: Inflexible and cynical;
  • Advice: Listen to your body and its limits more and avoid food excesses;
  • Celebrities: Cyndi Lauper, Thomas Jefferson, Michael J. Fox, Steve Irwin, Amy Poehler.

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Generous with almost everyone

It almost impossible for natives born with Aquarius in the First House to understand the role of people with authority or the role of discipline, yet they still need these things into their life.

Many are seeing them as too free, open-minded and imaginative when it comes to the mundane because they’re eccentric and are acting on impulse, never making any plans. These people don’t like being constrained because they need their freedom like the fish need the water. They love being part of teams while keeping their individuality.

Having a big heart and a giving nature, they’re still detached and uninterested when it comes to matters of personal life. Therefore, they’re neglecting their family life to fight for reforms meant to make the world a better place.

First House Aquariuses are only curious about unusual experiences meant to make them improve from an intellectual point of view. Everyday issues don’t seem to bother their mind because they want to help humanity, leaving their loved ones on their own.

They’re creative and always inspired to use their imagination. When it comes to their interests, they want to join the causes of the many, to make new friends and to enjoy a good sense of humor, as well all life’s pleasures.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re arrogant or looking to be in the center of attention. They want love and to be praised for their talents. If looking to draw in more strength, they’re participating in group activities with their closest people.

The First House represents the fundamental relation between the body and the meaning of the present lifetime. For this reason, it’s the reflection of karma and reveals how much hard work people need to endure to solve their problems.

Best messengers there are

In case the planets in the 1st House or the ruler of a native are being challenged, that person has karmic debts while in the present body. The positive aspects of the planets involved indicate a strong sense of dignity and some talents accumulated during past lives and even the past of this one.

Perspective is very important for the person born with Aquarius in 1st House. He or she needs to understand there aren’t any evil influences in this placement for them.

While they may have their energy sucked by some other elements in their birth chart and they can end up being exhausted and therefore, more vulnerable, they’re releasing their power from outside in.

Aquarius in 1st House is just like Uranus in the same position. People with this placement have no limits, not even when their body is telling them to. They’re using this physical vessel to identify the society models they’re refusing to deal with, as well to create different personalities for themselves.

These natives are meant for the masses to listen to their ideas and principles, so they’re among the best messengers who can inform others about what progress is about to bring.

They’re not only trusting reforms in the society, but they’re also as well using everything they have to fight the system. For this reason, they’re unusual and ready to join any reform or new trend.

Every new beginning is exciting for them, not to mention they think the world is meant to be always in change. First House Aquariuses are great leaders who can shock others, even when struggling to make up their minds about who they are.

Many see them as magicians because they’re not common and always doing some trick. Their mind is all the time detached and they’re curious about imaginative people or their ideas. When evolving, they have the most original perspectives on their surrounding world and aren’t agreeing with the majority.

More than this, they don’t only want to express their originality in the most interesting and colorful ways, they’re also looking to be provocative, especially in conservative environments.

Individuals born with Aquarius in First House are very eccentric and never hiding this side of them. At some point, they will make their way into society and turn to be the trendsetters.

This comes naturally for them, not to mention it is highly effective because the world we’re living in is continuously progressing in the direction they’re searching for. All in all, societies are meant to follow the mindset of Aquariuses.

Unusual geniuses

A 1st House Aquarius individual wants to be independent and free, making out of this something urgent. Therefore, life with him or her is never easy. It’s possible for natives of this placement to not understand the difference between love and friendship, but they don’t want to break up from their loved ones.

They’re always giving the impression that they’re cold because they don’t know how to express their feelings.

When it comes to how they perceive reality, they’re never satisfied with what’s going on around them. Many see them as the unusual geniuses that they are because they come up with the most innovative ideas and can reinvent the world.

More than this, they know how to solve any problem and to make up the best solutions. Others are drawn by them into the future because they’re imposing changes, no matter where they may be going.

While seeming rebels, they still want to be themselves, regardless of how strange they are. More than this, they’re seeing things differently than many others because their mind is always inventing or busy with bohemian thoughts that seem unusual for others.

Their impulsiveness is usually making their life uncertain, but at least they can rely on their intuition and their mind is one of the best among many others’.

Natives born with Aquarius in First House can live a normal life and to deal with the mundane in the most efficient manner because they’re smart, even if it’s a little bit cold and too logical. They hate it when others are jealous or possessive because freedom is everything they know about

When evolving at their fast pace, people born with Aquarius in First House have a personality that can come up with the best theories meant to make changes to their both inner and outer reality.

When feeling low, they’re too extravagant and can’t understand anything from their surroundings, yet still dreamy and eager to see what their bad experiences can bring. All First House Aquariuses love freedom and believe in themselves. They like unusual notions and are more than often very proud of themselves and their individuality.

More than anything, they want to please, so others are attracted and moved by them. They’re all the time looking to improve and as far as their body is involved, they need to take care of their blood circulation.

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