Sagittarius in 11th House: More to Offer Than Anyone


People born with Sagittarius in 11th House want to be around positive and respectable individuals who can inspire them to achieve great things. For this reason, they have many friends and are members of big groups that can help them develop from a personal point of view.

They’re loved by others and good leaders, not to mention they have the talent of making strangers feeling like their best friends. More than this, they’re relaxing and authoritative. This is why they have no problem making their dreams come true, even if they sometimes can’t decide what they should do first to start working on their plans.

Sagittarius on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Optimistic, practical and inventive;
  • Negatives: Dishonest and arrogant;
  • Advice: Keep up with those dear to you but don’t burden them with your expectations;
  • Celebrities: Barrack Obama, David Bowie, Megan Fox, Jim Morrison, Prince Harry, Nicki Minaj.

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A lot to offer

All the time having new ideas, those born with Sagittarius in the Eleventh house are good around creative people. However, they’re making friends chaotically and prefer to be with those who have many hobbies. It’s not unusual for them to associate themselves with people from other countries and cultures.

When it comes to their view of the world, they’re optimistic and confident in what’s going to happen. This is why they’re so good at starting new businesses and highly ambitious.

Eleventh House Sagittariuses are great benefactors, mentors, and absolute nomads. More than this, they have an open mind and don’t mind sharing opinions or taking part in the education process.

This placement in birth charts is of good people who have a lot to offer and can as well learn. When it comes to their loved ones and acquaintances, they can have problems because they can’t do anything all alone. As soon as they started to rely on other people, they can explore new territories and make their friends reveal their good intentions.

Sagittarius in Eleventh House is great for those who have a special soul and came into this world to re-establish their connection with the Universe. God is speaking to them while they’re breathing with the entire planet, so they can be really happy while meditating and praying in ways that are contemporary and at the same time giving hope for the future.

Natives born with Sagittarius in 11th House can challenge the world with the help of their loved ones. It’s very likely for them to meet people in their life by traveling and taking part in different adventures.

They take part in different social events and can benefit from opportunities meant to make their minds and the knowledge already accumulated to expand.

Their beliefs can have them closer and closer to the Absolute Truth when it comes to life. Their social groups can greatly influence the way they’re thinking from a religious point of view.

However, because they want freedom more than anything else, they can’t be members of a cult or a different organization that’s somehow limiting them. As far as the way they’re collaborating and forming connections, they can easily become friends with others.

Heading into the right direction

A person born with Sagittarius in Eleventh House can exaggerate win this direction and change groups more than often. Natives with this placement want to develop while being connected with others because this can help them grow.

When meeting new people, they’re very enthusiastic, meaning they can feel larger than life itself. Many are seeing these natives as big adventurers who are always looking for excitement and to do something original. However, they need to keep a fast pace if they don’t want the world to leave them behind. Good luck will follow them everywhere, being pretty surprising.

When they least expect it, good things are happening to them. This means their faith is good and their brilliant mind can grasp all the chaos in the Universe.

When it comes to technology, people born with Sagittarius in 11th House are using their gadgets very often, even if they’re not too careful when doing it. They’re clumsy and can break them pretty fast. However, this also means they can expand their world through technological instruments and that many doors can open up for them.

These natives have many friends from all over the world, but they’re keeping their connections casual. They want to be in the company of people with who they can have a debate.

Dreaming big, they can get things done their way. These people have an open mind and are never prejudiced. This is why they’re so good at communicating with those who don’t believe in the same things as they do. It’s easy for others to be their devoted friends because Jupiter is the planet of enthusiasm and good opportunities.

Many see their positivity and strong energy, so they’re always coming their way. 11th House Sagittariuses have rich social lives, so their schedule is always filled with parties at which they want to participate. There’s the risk for them to become too extravagant, not to mention they can be too enthusiastic when others are being good to them.

Problems in their life may appear if they think everyone is innocent. As said before, they have important people as friends, meaning they can open many doors when looking to obtain something. However, this means they’re not the most functional member in their groups, also because they’re more decorative and inspirational.

Their energy is all the time flowing around, to be shared with the collective. Even when being completely devoted, they may, in fact, want freedom. This is why they should get involved with humanitarian action and join companies that are helping others. This is a great way for them to be part of something.

Keeping yourself very busy

Many love the way they have a grasp over the big picture and their optimistic ways. Sagittariuses can’t always have the appropriate relationships because they’re snobs from an intellectual point of view, they have prejudices and may discriminate.

However, it’s their responsibility to have healthy connections with others. Oftentimes, natives born with Sagittarius in Eleventh House can highlight their flaws, just to not feel overwhelmed by them.

As said before, they’re looking to have relationships with people who are richer than them, as well as intelligent and highly positioned on the social ladder. In other words, they’re looking to be glorified.

These people can’t work very well in teams because when having to make the collective goals achieved, people need to restrain themselves and, to be precise and to have logical arguments.

When it comes to 11th House Sagittariuses, they need more to be distracted than helped. More than this, they have to learn that when it comes to their social life, not everyone is ready to encourage them. Some people are better when being left alone, most likely when busy. It’s easy for 11th House Sagittarius to accept different ideas.

They can put their ideas and own actions above the responsibilities of their group. For this reason, they can have difficulties making decisions and their work needing to be fixed.

An 11th House Sagittarius loves being around people who are well raised and properly educated. They also like talking to travelers, even if they’re the ones to only read in libraries.

Agitated and always looking to further develop their minds, these natives have most likely did many things during their lifetime and are ready to teach others what they have learned.

Philosophical creatures, they know how to look at things from a wide perspective, so they can be the supporters of those who are going through some bad times. Some natives of this placement love sports and can be preoccupied with betting.

No matter their type, neither of them likes being told how to live their life. Their theories should be tested because they can say things without having facts supporting them, the situation in which Virgos or Capricorns should be asked.

In case they’re working hard to develop their personality, they can become masters at rallying people. They indeed have difficulties focusing on something, but at least they’re good at encouraging people.

However, they can end up having fake friends when they’ve managed to evolve to a very high peak, which can be an issue because they can be praised without deserving it.

Looking at their charisma and the way they’re rapidly becoming addicted to those they trust the most, it’s easy for Eleventh House Sagittariuses to make friends for the long-term.

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