Pisces in 2nd House: Deserving of the Best


Individuals born with Pisces in the 2nd House are most likely often blamed for not paying enough attention to their money. It doesn’t matter if this is about saving, making the money or buying the presents they want to, they seem to never have enough.

Luckily, they don’t worry too much about these things because they feel safe for as long as they can survive. It would be a good idea for them to find a partner in Virgo or Capricorn, someone who can help them with their taxes and making a budget.

Pisces on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Self-disciplined, charming and eloquent;
  • Negatives: Big-headed and frivolous;
  • Advice: Aim to separate yourself from people who are always thinking negatively;
  • Celebrities: Thomas Jefferson, Alicia Silverstone, Elijah Wood, Nina Simone, Clark Gable.

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Their energy is warm

These natives can’t care at all about the state of their finances, so they often come up with schemes of earning, but never stick with them, meaning they can have a difficult time focusing on their finances.

Budgeting can seem something science fiction for these natives, not to mention they can trust others too much with their money. At the same time, they need to pay attention to not end up broke.

It would be easier for them if they’d make their money through an activity that’s related to the sign of Pisces. For example, they could try being musicians, spiritual gurus or nurses.

A Second House Pisces individual is impractical and not at all certain, especially when it comes to money.

Natives with this placement have a good soul and are generous, so they can oftentimes suffer from this. However, there can be moments when their generosity is being paid back and they receive charity ten times more than they have given.

Their energy is warm, so they get along well with just about anyone, not to mention they can make others feel dependent on them.

They can transmit their positivity to the people who don’t deserve to receive it, but at least animals, children, and good individuals love them. They seem to be loved even if they completely lack practicality.

These natives can generate an income by being healers or in welfare. It can be close to impossible for them to determine their self-worth, so they can make less than they deserve.

It would be a good idea for Second House Pisces to evaluate their talents and to identify the perfect money-making opportunities for themselves.

The placement of Pisces in the Second House is influencing them to make money through trustworthy methods, but many of them can be involved in something illegal. More than this, they should avoid taking too many risks or committing to dangerous affairs.

These natives can be impractical at their job and in the business sector because they’re too generous. At the same time, this is what’s making them lucky. These people love what’s beautiful, but are never greedy.

They don’t care that much about their financial situation, so they can spend a lot of time working for their unrealistic dreams. It’s good that they’re generous and never too focused on the materialistic side of life.

More than anything, they need to be careful to not become victims of fraudsters. Their spirit is intuitive and they’re being guided when it comes to the financial part. It’s possible for them to often lose their belongings because they never seem to know where they have put their things, so they can’t know how much they have earned either.

Giving a great importance to relationships

What’s challenging about these people is the way they can become lost in illusions. More than this, they can feel happy when having less, just like they’re overestimating their talents and can lose themselves when focusing on their materialistic objectives.

Their main goal in life should be finding their true purpose and making a plan for the future because this is the only way for them to feel satisfied. When it comes to the lifestyle they’re choosing, this has to be simplistic.

Since they don’t want to get attached to their possessions that much, they can end up sacrificing a lot in their life, as well as having their financial freedom taken away from them. It would be a good idea for these natives to rethink their expectations when it comes to money.

The person born with Pisces in Second House is charming, very good with people and adaptable to any kind of environment.

Natives with this placement give a lot of importance to their relationships, not to mention they often evaluate themselves according to how they’re getting along with their loved ones.

They like independent and open people who can reflect their image. Needing to identify themselves with their partner, they often do anything in their power to please their other half. Most of the time, their finances are in a strange situation, so they can end up not knowing what to do to survive anymore.

People born with Pisces in the Second House can easily adapt to any environment, but need to be in surroundings that don’t disgust them.

They leave the impression that they’re unassuming and that their life aspirations are very low. This is why they should have strong ethics and believe in values that are concrete for them.

Keeping their own point of view

The 2nd House is the one of possessions and of the things money have been spent on. The sign of Pisces is making people dreamy and gives them the need to spend on their fantasies. They can spend being influenced by others, only to blame anyone else for doing it afterward.

No matter what, it never seems to be their fault for anything. While their intuition always tells them what to do, it doesn’t when others are playing with them. However, they should rely on it to find out things about people, especially when first meeting them.

Not at all practical or prudent, people born with Neptune in Second House are as well not the best at the fine print, so their documents can often be mixed up or they can lose money by signing the wrong ones.

Not at all materialistic, they still like money because they can buy things that are helping them have fun. Not too sure of how strong they are, these people can easily be convinced to no longer focus on their goals and to take another direction in life.

They need to have control because their financial situation can very rapidly deteriorate, as well as their professional life.

They should separate themselves from the external world and keep their position when it comes to the most important matters, as well as to not be dependent on others. Being gullible and not paying attention to money, they can be played by others, so once again, they should pay attention when signing documents.

Because they’re patient and have strong emotions, they can choose to become artists or actors. Some of them are architects for ships or working in the oil industry. People born with Pisces in Second House can learn how to love themselves when they’re being more empathetic.

For this reason, they shouldn’t detach from others and put their humanity on display, showing their loved ones how much they care. When doing this, they can learn what their self-worth is all about. Their life is more stable when they’re being imaginative, spiritual and empathetic.

The more they’re able to value what’s from the others realm, the more able they are to deal with this one. They can spend unconsciously, all the time.

For example, they can buy some items and forget they did, as well get things they don’t need because they’re never egotistical with their money, not to mention they want to get presents for others. However, they should not forget about themselves.

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