The 2nd House in Astrology: Your Thirst for Material Possessions


The 2nd House in the Western Zodiac stands for value, material possession and personal finances. The planets in this house in a birth chart indicate how much material security people need. Planets that are transiting through here reveal the changes natives make when it comes to their resourcefulness and self-esteem. The sign that rules this house is Taurus.

The 2nd House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Material possessions, money, comfort through material gain, values and desires;
  • Positives: Inspiration and living in great taste and comfort;
  • Negatives: Tendency to a superficial view of life and reckless spending;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are likely to only find security and happiness in life through material possessions.

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Since it’s all about money and possessions, the Second House includes everything materialistic, from finances to belongings. When the Horoscope says that Venus, which is the planet of money, is in retrograde in the 2nd House of money, natives are going to struggle with their methods of making some fast cash.

This is because this House rules everything related to finances. It’s also the ruled of movable properties. Land and properties are ruled by other houses. The Second House doesn’t only stand for the personal belongings of people, but also for the feeling they have for what they own.

After all, there are many ways in which people feel about their possessions, not to mention all this influences the way they gain further. The Second House also stands for lending money, indicating how comfortable individuals are feeling borrowing others what they have without feeling uncomfortable and insecure afterwards.

When it comes to how much they make and how much they spend, these are also things that can be seen in the Second House. The person with beneficial planets in the Second House will always be ready to help others, which means he or she will be given back twice as much.

Those who are not ready to share what they have eventually end up not having too much wealth themselves. Helping others with money is a way of expressing love, and love is very important, even in matters of the Second House.

Therefore, the people who choose to help those around them make more and have a comfortable life will eventually end up improve the flow of energy in their 2nd House and make a lot of money themselves.

This house is not only the ruler of possessions, but also of what people want to gain and own. At the same time, it governs the self-esteem and what makes individuals feel worthy in life.

For this reason, it should be studied when trying to choose a career, together with the 6th and 10th Houses. The Second House is all about what job suits a person, what activity makes him or her happy.

Here, Venus is at home, whereas Jupiter brings many benefits through its powers of expansion. Jupiter in the Second House is all about accumulating wealth. If Saturn is in well aspects here, everything should be good when it comes to money making. However, the natives with such a position should expect to earn more later in life, after learning a lot and investing years of hard work in what they’re doing for a living.

Having Uranus and Mars in the 2nd House is not at all good, especially if these planets are here together with a bad sign and in bad aspects. All this indicates financial instability and loss of income.

Oddly enough, the Sun in the Second House is not a good sign either, seeing the Sun represents expenses more than income and resources. The way people use their possessions and money is also ruled by the Second House.

It would be a good idea to have the principles of real value and to always believe that possessions are just meant to make life better. Owning shouldn’t be more important than love, hence the Second House also ruling over how much a person is willing to share.

People should ask themselves the questions of what they want and how much they’re willing to give, as per the 2nd House dictates. This house also covers how much individuals are making and what they could do in order to gain more, like investing and taking second jobs.

Debt is also included here, since it’s directly connected with money and the responsibility to pay the bills. People should look at their Second House in order to understand how they view money, what their financial future can bring them and the measures they need to take in order to become richer.

Those who usually think that money is everything have their Second House agglomerated with signs that need to be independent. For them, money represents personal freedom, not to mention they thinks their possessions are what give them their value.

However, they should ask themselves if they really need to have more in order to be appreciated and loved. At the same time, they should use their finances wisely and honestly.

This is the only way for them to contribute to the greater good and to accumulate more wealth. When seeing that their possessions work both for them and the people they love, it’s important that they continue doing what they were doing.

The Second House and love

Since it’s considered to be the ruler of resources, the Second House is the home of value, even as far as love goes. For example, Tauruses really understand how important love is because Taurus is the sign of the 2nd House.

They also know how much to give to their partner so that they don’t offer too much and forget all about themselves. Their self-esteem is governed by the Bull, which means they have a lot of self-confidence when going on dates.

If they happen to be with someone for a very long time, they know how to share their love so that they receive the same in return. The Second House influences the love life by making people more eager to be involved in serious relationships that last.

Tauruses, Second House rulers, have the tendency to confuse between their feelings and possessions, but the more their relationships are evolving, the more they understand these are completely different things.

However, they never stop believing that they own the person they’re with. For them, feelings are the same with material possessions, so they need to first of all feel secure and on their own two feet if it’s for them to enjoy love.

It would be impossible for these natives to survive solely on love. They need to feel comfortable and to be surrounded by luxury because they’re never the type to just give into feelings.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re obsessed with having everything for themselves, as they can be very compassionate and generous, especially when in a couple. This means they usually have happy relationships and make their partner very happy. Besides, they’re the best providers in the zodiac.

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