Capricorn in 12th House: Secure and Wise


Natives born with Capricorn in 12th House have Aquarius as their Ascendant, meaning they’re conservative and dependable. While their unconscious fears can sometimes limit them, they possess inner discipline and love working from the shadows.

For this reason, many trust them with their secrets and they’re taking on the most mysterious projects. The previously mentioned aspect in their birth chart is indicating their responsibilities can be split between these two astrological elements.

Capricorn on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Visionary, optimistic and chatty;
  • Negatives: Confrontational and inattentive;
  • Advice: Don’t keep challenging yourself, take some time off to breathe too;
  • Celebrities: Christina Aguilera, Jim Morrison, Zayn Malik, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn.

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Pursuing their soul’s purpose

While not seeming, this placement is the most difficult for the 12th House because it’s all about karma and the physical relationships with what happened in past lives.

Strange things can happen the more situations are becoming difficult and obstacles are starting to appear in the path of those looking to get liberated.

In case they have a powerful Saturn in their birth chart, these natives can feel more secure and wise, as well sure that they’re doing what’s right, which can push them forward, especially when it comes to experiencing faith.

In their subconscious, they can feel all the time-limited and overwhelmed by responsibilities. However, when all alone or not in the center of attention, they’re more focused on everyday life.

If living without consciousness and awareness of their surroundings, they can insist too much that they don’t have a single problem in the world.

This can happen because they’ve probably been conditioned to not focus too much on problems or to admit these exist. Therefore, when in denial, they can be too cold and never doubtful.

It is good for their personality to become all this because too much anxiety can tire them so much that they’re no longer able to cope with life. In such moments, people born with Capricorn in 12th House need to realize depression, challenges and fears are part of being humane.

They can become less selfish when counseling others and bringing about discipline and not expecting anything in return. Being a father figure, they also understand what independence is all about, which can help them be more structural from a transcendental point of view.

If pursuing their spirit’s demand or looking to train their creativity, they can gain a purpose in life, as well they can solve their problems and that can help them become more successful.

Subconsciously, people with Capricorn in 12th House are true traditionalists, but they’re not showing it. They can feel like they don’t have anything when having too much or just enough.

Feeling so inadequate, they can become more responsible. At the others extreme, there are the ones who keep detaching themselves from what they’ve promised.

These natives need to fight for their stability. They can possess a strong intuition that’s helping them develop psychic abilities when it comes to both personal and professional ambitions.

Their skills are most likely secret and helping them achieve great things in life. However, since they know tradition doesn’t always accept this type of notion, they can hide their skills to have a more professional appearance.

If they’re not allowed in some circles, they can still make use of them. However, they need to keep in mind their psychic abilities are a blessing that shouldn’t be used for personal objectives because it can destroy reputations.

Working on your own

These natives need to make use of their gifts and be grateful, especially when looking to obtain the best results. This is what puts an end to their experiences because the 12th House is also featuring fulfillment.

When Capricorn is here, natives with this placement have the karmic duty to help others from a spiritual point of view.

Natives born with Capricorn in 12th House need to gain their special abilities by wanting them from the inside. What’s driving these people is their wish to change the world for the better, no matter how overwhelmed they may be feeling.

More than often, this can offer them no direction in life because they’re only focusing on their work.

These natives are hiding their wishes to become someone under a giving personality, not to mention how upset they can be when not admired for their work. They’re conservative and motivated to succeed, even if this may be challenging for them. They can end up having psychological issues.

At the same time, they can be disciplined and aware of the positivity in their life. What’s being the most appreciated about them is the fact that they can keep any secret and can successfully do their job without being all the time praised.

When it comes to work, they need calmness as too much agitation can cause them to be lonely, which can lead to psychological issues and the loss of energy. They must be working more on their own because they’re always following the rules and need someone to order them around.

By investing some of their efforts, they can juggle difficulties. This is why they should make a living from something creative.

It’s amazing when 12th House Capricorns are realizing how good they are. As far as their everyday life is going, they’re sensitive from the Goat’s side. They don’t want to get involved so much when it comes to life because Pisces, the sign of the 12th house is making them this way.

Usually, having a cardinal sign in a mutable House is troublesome because all cardinal natives want to initiate and even to control.

Becoming aware of inner desires

Too much receptiveness and the fact that the mutable 12th House is passive gives people with Capricorn in 12th House the wish to continue, even if they’re spinning in circles or they’re not comfortable with this placement or the endless need to continuously spin around.

Mutable Houses are giving natives the need to be flexible, no matter what sign may be placed in them.

When the life of a 12th House Capricorn individual is positive, he or she is more able to see what’s going to happen in the future. However, this may require natives with the previously mentioned placement to make some sacrifices.

They should be aware of their inner desires if they want to gain something material. The more they’re focusing on spirituality, the more they can achieve power from Divinity.

If their character is developing negatively, they may ask their loved ones to make some sacrifices. Charity is something they want to talk about, but not with compassion because they’re only looking to solve problems.

This can seem strange for people in their circle of friends. It’s very likely for these natives to feel oppressed by some of their secret enemies. This being an illusion, they do have enemies, but in their subconscious mind.

This is indicating they’re selfish and prone to become spiritually oppressed, meaning they need to be more involved with charitable activities to find their inner peace. When helping others, they can be more balanced from a psychological point of view, as well as very joyful.

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