The 12th House in Astrology: Beginnings and Endings


The 12th House is cadent, ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. It stands for what’s hidden behind appearances, for Karma, the development of the soul and hidden powers but also weaknesses, for dreams, lost things, private matters, prisons, hospitals and studies on spirituality.

The 12th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Life cycles, karma, beginnings and endings of all sorts;
  • Positives: Adaptability and resourcefulness, especially in times of change;
  • Negatives: Stubborness and becoming stuck in the same thinking patterns;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a compassionate dreamer, keen to show others what you can do.

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When looking at the zodiac sky, it can be noticed that the Twelfth House is just under the horizon, being the darkness that stands still just before the dawn comes. For this reason, it’s the home of the unseen worlds, governing what’s behind physicality, like for example, the emotions, the secrets and the dreams of a person.

Those having natal planets in the 12th House possess a strong intuition and even have psychic abilities. They attract karmic influences whenever planets are in transit in this house of theirs, moments in which they need to keep in mind that not all their relationships are supposed to last for a lifetime.

The energy of the 12th House is the one of Pisces. Here, the deeper layers of the mind are located, together with the mechanism that links thoughts to actions, the unconscious and the subconscious, everything people have inside of them but don’t know they do.

When exploring their 12th House, natives can discover what psychological issues bother them the most and can find solutions to them. They can also come across their weaknesses, especially the ones they’re trying to hide. These could be related to their sense of self-undoing, also with their psyche not accepting reality as it is.

The Twelfth House is strongly connected to Karma and what this element brings in this life, or perhaps what it has brought in previous lives. As a matter of fact, this house is a portal to past lives, which means it can be explored through praying, meditating and being alone.

Many people who live like hermits, either because they’re monks or perhaps trapped somewhere, have many planets agglomerated in their 12th House, planets that are triggered by slow transits. This house is also the ruler of dreams and sleep.

Furthermore, it governs psychology as a science, plus psychic phenomena and activities, some of them that can’t be controlled by natives. While the 8th House rules the way the conscious descends into other worlds, the 12th is all about the unconscious and what a person can discover when digging deeply inside his or her soul.

In the 12th House, secret charity, suffering for others and self-sacrifice are found. Being also the ruler of secrets, this house reveals important things about people, things that have been kept hidden or buried in the subconscious. Nightmares and dreams are also present here.

The 12th House is also the home of Karma and what people haven’t done for their soul to develop. This means that it gathers weaknesses and strengths, private matters, lost things and spiritual studies.

In case Pluto, the ruler of transformation and death, is transiting the 12th House, the natives can expect to go through a crisis or their secrets to get revealed. The 12th House is also the one that inspires people to start new projects with a clean slate, to get rid of the old and what no longer serves them well.

Whenever they’re ready to make sacrifices and to embrace the fact that life comes with pain, they can release their true creative potential and become enlightened. The Twelfth House shouldn’t be taken lightly because it demands natives to work hard on themselves and to suffer.

When they don’t know what’s going with them, they should look at it and determined what their subconscious is telling them by noticing the planets gathered here. The more they’re willing to explore the deepest corners of their mind and to be isolated, the more they can learn about self-sacrifice, healing, suffering and compassion.

By working with what the Twelfth House has to offer, they can end up exploring other realms. Those with a strong 12th House are very empathetic and possess healing powers. The subconscious of people works very hard for them, performing some sort of a shadow play that moves slowly and brings about hidden pains or fears.

Whenever someone is faced with his or her sorrows and dark secrets, isolation from others becomes necessary, all until Karma comes into play. Karma arrives to make people focus on what limits them and their repressed thoughts.

The question of what has been achieved in life is often put by the Twelfth House, either consciously or unconsciously. The answer to this question can help people get reborn and move forward with their life. Many things can be learned from the unconscious because it’s the noblest of manifestations.

Those who have learned their lessons in life have what it takes in order to transform and move forward. The 12th House is also pushing natives to become more spiritual, especially when trying to develop in a positive manner.

It’s the last house in the zodiac and bounds natives to life and solitude too, this being the reason why it rules hospitals, prisons, mental institutions and so on. The gloominess of this house is related to secret enemies, dangers and romantic affairs that aren’t meant to last.

However, it would be unfair to call the 12th House the zodiac’s garbage bin because after all, it powers the most positive transformations, determining people to proceed according to what their unconscious is telling them.

The Twelfth House and love

Whenever the Pisces Moon appears, people of all signs may have to go through heartbreak, or they contemplate about splitting up with their partner. The Pisces constellation ends with this last house of the zodiac, which is also the ruler of relationships’ endings.

Being governed by Pisces, it causes problems with romance and determined things between partners to end, either abruptly, or after a long time of suffering. If a relationship is no longer meant to be, the Twelfth House comes to put an end to it, by force if necessary.

In case betrayal or cheating was involved, it does the exact the same thing or perhaps to change the course of that romantic connection. In couples, the 12th House also influences people to be secretive, calmer and at peace, also shyer and more romantic.

Those with a strong Twelfth House, however, prefer clandestine affairs and are scared of marriage more than of anything else. They’re very romantic and have secrets, not to mention their tendency is to spiritualise their emotions. Being alone doesn’t bother them in any way. At the same time, they’re very fatalistic when it comes to romance.

It doesn’t matter where life intends to take them, they’re sure to meet their other half in the most difficult context, which has them establishing the strongest ties with that person.

For example, they can fall in love for good in the hospital or perhaps in prison, a place in which their love can’t be openly expressed or lived. They’re big philanthropists and very compassionate, so when it’s their turn to give a hand to others, they forget all about themselves and their sorrows or interests.

This means they’re committed to humanitarian actions and very sincere about helping. By doing volunteer work, they focus less on their love life.

In spite of appearing self-confident and open, they’re in fact reserved and careful to not reveal their true feelings, but genuinely kind and generous. As a matter of fact, they’re able to turn adversities into situations that bring them or others many advantages.

Spiritual and believing in God, they’re blessed with protection against difficulties in life. Loneliness doesn’t bother them, but they do have a large group of friends most of the time.

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