Scorpio in 10th House: Advantaged by Their Talents


People born with Scorpio in 10th House are very determined to succeed in their careers. They’re motivated to keep going, no matter what’s going on in the professional field for them.

When they’re required to do something at work, they’re becoming aggressive and more interested in getting others to help them. They seem to have enough confidence in the world surrounding them, not to mention how committed they are to win at everything.

Scorpio on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Clear-headed, confident and meticulous;
  • Negatives: Pompous and frivolous;
  • Advice: Let go of exaggerated desires that have no room or purpose in your life;
  • Celebrities: Jim Morrison, Prince William, Gwen Stefani, Russell Crowe, Matt Damon.

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Positive manifestations

Obsessed to have their dreams made a reality, Tenth House Scorpio natives are powerful and determined to become someone, as well magnetically fascinated by their calling because the planets Pluto and Mars are influencing them to be this way.

However, this is also making them more aggressive in the way they’re approaching career.

The most advantageous manifestations of Scorpio in 10th House are about how sexually satisfied they can be, also how suited as scientists, psycho-analysts and alternative healers.

These people aren’t scared to discover truths and to present them to the world. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing for a living, they’re sure to have a true calling and to easily understand how society perceives them.

When it comes to their identity, from both a public and a professional point of view, this is mysterious, powerful and noticeable. Many don’t know how to get close to these natives, no matter how attractive they are.

It’s like they’re hiding something and no one knows what it is, so they’ll be studied all the time, regardless of who decides to interact with them. 10th House Scorpios can transform people’s lives simply with their presence.

Those who aren’t ready to experience their emotions and deep spirituality may get to feel intimated and run away from them. They shouldn’t take this personally because there can be many people who don’t understand how to deal with their ways.

They’re as well-motivated when trying to achieve their goals. As soon as they’ve decided to follow a certain direction, they can do almost anything to stay on the same path.

However, they can exaggerate and become too tired as a result. If they want to succeed in life, they need to find places where they can rest and regain their inspiration.

Also, they need to learn how to use their reserves of power and to understand where their limits are, no matter if it’s about the power they have within or their connection with the outer world.

Natives born with Scorpio in 10th House understand the truths regarding what life is all about. For this reason, they can understand others and find the power they have within to unlock their true potential.

When this is happening, they can also see where their limits are and make the toughest decisions.

Their career can be anything, but they have a knack for psychology, so they can become great actors, psycho-therapists, even alternative healers and social workers.

It’s not unusual for them to at some point in their life change their profession. Their main purpose is to enlighten others and to no longer keep anyone in the dark.

No one has better ideas

These natives know what transformation and rebirth are. Whereas they can feel any transition intensely, they still know they’re going to survive.

Since 10th House Scorpios can understand the darkest aspects of life, it’s easy for them to deal with any difficult situation. The traumas from their childhood can have a great impact on their life, but they know how to address them.

However, they may want too much to be in control and to have no one giving them any order. In the end, these natives need to commit. They don’t need to die for anything, but their passion needs to be invested in something.

Having the Aquarius as their Ascendant, individuals born with Scorpio in 10th House are usually revolutionaries because many seem to oppose them and they don’t like authority either.

However, they’re not looking to dominate either. They’re only looking to perfectly do their job and to reinvent themselves, which can attract them many admirers.

They can think that no one has better and more innovative ideas than theirs, not to mention they see the entire society as opposing them. When working, they need to rise above others and to be special.

When it comes to what they need to do, they must keep their individuality and become neutral. However, they can develop an obsession with their professional life and dedicate their entire time to achieving something in their careers.

These people are incredibly focused and possess a will that can have them succeed, but they need to avoid sabotaging themselves by being extremely emotional and therefore, self-destructive.

Many see them as very strong. When it comes to what they could do, they need to choose a profession that’s suitable for a Scorpio.

They could be spies, scientists or just help others improve by transforming. It’s easy for them to become self-indulgent and to be frustrated when not able to get what they desire in life. They should learn how to let go of what they desperately desire if it is for them to be happy for a long time.

Their best times are when they’re balancing emotions with the intellect. If they hurry with conclusions, conflicts may arise in their life. The more they can understand what’s happening in their inner world, the more they’re no longer overwhelmed by their own emotions.

It’s easy for them to deal with any change, so they’re creative enough to follow their motivations, not to mention they’re courageous enough to make things happen.

Contributing with their own ideas

When it comes to what direction they choose to take in life, their choices are very important. If they decide to dump this responsibility on other people, they must pay double. When making changes, they’re not doing it radically, they’re just playing with the directions.

Those of them who are more developed and connected with the Higher Power can become great psychologists.

These natives always have their own opinions and can lead others with a strong hand. If their energetic aura is weak, they can be afraid of their superiors, thinking these aren’t doing anything good for them and are abusive.

If leaders, they’re truly dictatorial and may want to follow only their ideas. What their subordinates are saying doesn’t seem to matter for them.

It’s not a rule that 10th House Scorpios should all be leaders, but many of them are. They can see what they should do next without struggling too much, so their colleagues and associates simply love them for this.

These people are efficient when working in teams, but they need to be careful not to become tyrants. Their passion for getting things done the right way is tremendous, so they need to do what they love the most.

What they contribute with in life is very important because of this, especially since the 10th House is one of the way natives are contributing to life. Wanting to feel safe, people born with Scorpio in Tenth House know that they’re receiving just as much as they’re giving.

They must understand that every person has something to give to life. More than this, it’s essential they’re becoming more involved and are living some room in their schedule for participation.

The reaction to the 4th House of a 10th House Scorpio individual is by the natives’ influence on others and their participation in life. Looking at the matters of this last-mentioned House, they need to be more careful around propaganda and avoid becoming manipulative themselves.

Pluto is the ruler of their higher Self and has a strong effect over how they can impact the mass consciousness. Therefore, the contribution of these natives is more meant for the many.

However, their goals should be practical and they shouldn’t show so much enthusiasm for everything. They should listen to other people’s advice and take it seriously because they have the tendency not to and to become emotional when being told something.

These natives are often complaining that they’re being underestimated, but this doesn’t stop them to take part in the collective work. It would be a good idea for them to choose a career in the medical field or to work with the public. Many of them are good spies because they’re truly talented at sneaking and have enough confidence in their forces.

When responsible, their bosses can immediately notice them, so they don’t mind taking on any difficult project, not to mention they’re not scared of any bad consequence. When children, they may feel suppressed by the authority of one of their parents.

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