The 10th House in Astrology: Your Professional Path


The 10th House cusp is the special angle Midheaven (MC). This house is angular, also ruled by the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. It stands for profession and career, for the position in society and the contribution brought to the world, for reputation, success at work, the way a person’s identity is carved, achievements, authority, the father figure, caregiving and providing, governments and superiors, responsibility, obeying the law and the desire to achieve as much as possible in life.

The 10th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Professional activity, social status and responsibilities;
  • Positives: Luck in official situations, professional achievements;
  • Negatives: Clashes with authority and difficulties with routines;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a visionary individual who is always ready for the new.

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This house is positioned at the birth chart’s top and is the apex of every unique story. Midheaven is the highest point, indicating how much success the natives are going to have in life.

The Tenth House is also the governor of public image, career ambitions and achievements. The planets present here at birth indicate how ambitious the person is going to be, also what career changes he or she is going to make throughout life, especially when there are transits here.

The house holds the energy of the Capricorn and indicates how the career of a person is going to evolve, what he or she is going to achieve in society and the name made for him or herself. It’s also about fame and financial success, desire to achieve as well.

As a matter of fact, astrologers call it the house of fame and honours. It’s also a house that rules people’s relationships with authority figures, with their achievements and successes. It represents how natives are interacting with their bosses and superiors at work, those who need to report to.

By looking at it, it can be seen what needs to get done in order to change careers. For some, it’s their history at work, whereas for others, it represents the changes needed to be done as far as profession goes. After all, every person needs to discover his or her true calling.

The goal of the Tenth House is for this to happen and for people to take charge of their own destiny. This house also rules the more authoritative parent. It doesn’t have anything to do with gender when it comes to this, it just governs the one parent that was stricter.

The 4th House is opposing the 10th and stands for the more affectionate parent that has taught the native how to be loving. As said before, the Tenth is the one of the parent that made decisions at home and had the authority because it imposed fear.

At the same time, it influences how natives appear in the eyes of others, so their reputation and their acquaintances opinion about them, also what people will be remembered for after their death. Those with an agglomerated 10th House will leave quite a mark after dying, whereas of they also have planets in conjunction with the Midheaven in their birth chart, they may become very famous in their career.

In case the planets here are malefic or in adverse aspects, the native is going to be seen as negative influence whose achievements don’t matter and who needs to be criticized all the time.

The Tenth House takes some time before fully developing, so its true potential can’t be reached by those who don’t get to live too long. As a matter of fact, it still continues to develop even after the natives is dead, still working with his or her Karma.

Through this house, people can invest in their next lives, but only if they pay their past lives’ debts and try as much as possible to control the way they influence the masses through their work. Wise decisions have to be made, even if Saturn keeps them down-to-earth.

After all, Saturn is a planet that brings a lot of trouble. Vocation is very important when it comes to the 10th House and the life of the native, seeing it can make him or her either very happy or feeling lost. The professional goals, the career, motivation and ambition, these are all matters of vocation.

Looking at things from a practical point of view, the 10th House covers rules and laws imposed by governments, rules and laws that make life more practical. Along with someone’s life work, there comes authority.

Through virtue and career, people acquire their social status, become more prestigious and feed their ego. The Tenth House stands for the way they manage these, but also how they approach financial gains, especially when these have something to do with their ego.

It influences how much they want to buy so that they seem accomplished on the eyes of others. Money is also related to power and can help the less fortunate of the society, so the 10th House speaks how about how much a person is willing to give to others.

Not everyone wants to give a hand, the Tenth House indicating who does and who doesn’t. However, those who don’t should acknowledge that they’ve succeeded themselves also with the help of other people.

The 10th House reveals how natives are related to their group and the society as a whole. It shows how devoted they are to common causes, also ready to make changes when needed to, all in order to achieve a higher social status.

The Tenth House and love

People born in Capricorn, the ruler of the 10th House, usually have an uneventful love life. This is because their house is more about public image, more than any other one in astrology.

When it comes to romance, it governs the boundaries between partners. This means that if a person decides to be authoritative in his or her relationship, things may turn against him or her, because the 10th House influences the partner to close up.

This house is all about the passion people have for their career, a passion that shouldn’t be confounded with the one for a lover. In case the planets in the 10th House are in good aspects, natives are focused equally on their career and love life, which means they know how to make business more pleasurable and even how to collaborate with their other half as far as their career goes.

They may be helped by women to get promoted and to become more successful in life. At the same time, they’re seductive and possess a lot of charm, especially if they happen to be men. They’re attracted to occupations related to Venus, for example in the arts, decorations and even diplomacy.

Regardless of what they’re doing for a living, they’re very likely to love their job. In case they have the possibility to advance and to gain more popularity, they appreciate their profession even more.

It’s good that they’re not obsessed with perfection, only very attentive to details, especially when trying to reach their professional objectives. They never forget about their achievements and know who to rub the right way in order to succeed, either in business or perhaps politics.

No one is happier than them to be mediators and to use charm a lot. In this 10th House configuration, it’s very likely that the men are strongly attached to their mother, which is a good thing.

If the planets in their 10th House are in adverse aspects, they’re not at all persistent and perseverant as far as love goes. At the same time, they’re careless at work.

Furthermore, they have no authority and women find it very easy to control them. When having to make a decision that could keep their love and professional life balanced, they simply can’t do it.

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