Virgo in 8th House: Wise Beyond Belief


Individuals born with Virgo in 8th House are concerned with their health and worry about death, so they’re all the time looking to keep in good health. They also avoid accidents and risky situations as much as possible.

When it comes to what they look for in a partner, they want someone who makes his or her own money and is practical. More than often their income is satisfactory and they’re the perfect business partners.

Virgo on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Clever, ambitious and nurturing;
  • Negatives: Devious and resentful;
  • Advice: Express yourself openly if you want others to truly understand you;
  • Celebrities: Sean Connery, Colin Farrell, Russell Brand, Hilary Duff, Zooey Deschanel.

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Wise about their desires and impulses

While thinking of themselves to have an open mind and to be perfect, individuals born with Virgo in the Eighth House can, in fact, make their partner feel inadequate, not to mention they’re confusing about what they want and need.

They’re looking to exercise their influence by sticking to their plans and by paying attention to every little detail. The more they’re working for others, the more they can find the resources they need to make it in everyday life.

However, they need to be appreciated and rewarded for their efforts because otherwise, they’re becoming upset and start to think others can’t see their real value.

They must be clear when it comes to saying what they’re expecting so that others don’t misunderstand them and know what services they can provide.

Their partner can help them with their business and put their ideas into practice, whereas some of these natives can work in big corporations. Because they’re cautious, money issues are being addressed seriously, so their friends should come to them for financial advice.

They’re not impulsive with their spending, not even when it comes to love. Therefore, they rarely have one-night stands and are thinking a lot before deciding to take someone to the bedroom.

The Eighth House Virgo individual is always looking for the Absolute Truth and is curious about metaphysics or astrology. They can be a little bit superficial though, meaning they’re only looking at matters on the surface.

Individuals born with Virgo in the 8th House can become emotionally hurt when criticized or when others don’t live to their high standards. Many of them can have been abused and completely torn inside.

They may also suffer as a result of their obsession to help others and to be up to any expectations. Their dark side is about them being too criticizing and never satisfied, with anything. When their Shadow comes into play, they’re becoming harsh with words and can even start to criticize themselves as well.

Their intellectual inheritance is making them intelligent a highly observing, but they mustn’t abuse their abilities to gain more power because this can turn them into destructive characters. Since they’re good at judging, these natives can solve any psychological issues with a clear mind.

Clever and ambitious

The person born with Virgo in the 8th House is humble and can admit when he or she has been wrong. However, those with this placement in their birth chart need to look at their flaws if they don’t want their life to become chaotic and to do only good.

They’re getting their power from the clearness they have about what makes them strong and weak. When criticizing themselves, they’re only becoming better people.

In intimacy, these natives tend to analyze the problems they may be having, so they can’t be too satisfied from a sexual point of view. At least they have the will to have their lovemaking improving.

These people are very careful with their money and restrain themselves from buying useless things or from spending the inheritance they’re getting. This is because they want financial security or else they can start throwing tantrums around their partner. They simply love to investigate and to solve mysteries.

When it comes to health, they can suffer from contagious and intestinal diseases. This is why they need to go to the doctor whenever they can, to keep good hygiene and to not be nervous because their stomach can cause them trouble. More than this, taking too many meds can never be good for them.

When in the life of natives born with Virgo in 8th House are taking place changes of Cardinal nature, they can start to work very hard and wish more to make their dreams come true, which can have them no longer attentive at the mundane.

During these moments, they can experience tremendous losses. Oftentimes, they can lose track of what changes need to occur, which can cause them to be irritated and to have their life-transforming.

It’s very likely 8th House Virgos are looking to be more powerful by paying more attention to details and sticking to their plans. When servicing others, they can improve their own life as well.

But as said before, they need to be repaid for their efforts, as well appreciated. Otherwise, they can start to think on one knows how good and efficient they truly are.

These Virgos should clearly express what they want, so that others don’t misunderstand them and what they have to offer. The sign of Virgo can help them identify their soul and what cosmic laws or knowledge they need to follow to become better people.

Similar to those with Virgo in 2nd House, 8th House Virgos need to evaluate themselves properly and steadily, especially because the Eighth House needs them to be sincere and have a higher understanding of themselves.

Observing the highest values

The 8th House is all about the high values to which these people need to align themselves. Mercury is pushing them to take these principles out of the ethereal and work with them in their everyday life.

The psychological crises through which people born with Virgo in 8th House are going are all about small details and the facts they can’t adapt to their consciousness and that keeps them being negative.

These natives are known to perceive group ethics in a specific and dogmatic manner, also to treat them like they’re matters of the mundane.

This is why they can be amazing leaders and managers, but never Priests or philosophers. The matters of the occult they’re curious about are more related to the everyday and practical life because they only want to deal with this reality.

At least they understand astrology and are very good at healing through massage. These natives are practical when dealing with other people’s money, so they’re very talented bankers.

The person born with Virgo in 8th House can have sexual problems as a result of his or her criticizing nature and overanalyzing ways.

More than this, natives with this placement tend to demand a lot in bed. Having a dormant wish to have changes happening into their love life, they can discover their most wild sexual fantasies later in life.

This means they have many adventures before finding someone, adventures that usually don’t bring them any satisfaction.

They don’t know anything about hedonism and want to analyze everything, meaning their mind is not at all creative. It’s good they are like this because nothing would function if someone wouldn’t pay attention to details, not to mention the best ideas wouldn’t get to be put into practice.

If resisting their practical side, 8th House Virgos can become sick. They need to realize they’re happy when being materialistic, no matter how much their mind may want to take over. Real intelligence is all about being disciplined, both physically and mentally.

Mercury is ruling the Virgo, this sign belonging to the Earth element. Therefore, individuals born with Virgo in Eighth House need to be practical and interacting with the real world because other matters can seem to them like they have absolutely no substance.  

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