The 8th House in Astrology: Time for Transformations


A succedent House, the 8th is ruled by the zodiac sign of Scorpio and the planet Pluto. It’s also the home of transformations and crises, people’s attitude towards such situations, sex, rebirth, death, personal development, the partner’s resources, regeneration, psychology, addictions, taxes, inheritance, divorce and the money others are holding.

The 8th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Ambitions, metamorphosis, sexuality matters, death and rebirth;
  • Positives: Mysterious attitude, charm and strength of character;
  • Negatives: Risk-taking, impulsiveness motivated by feelings;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a mysterious individual with an intense perception of life.

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Natives who have many planets in the Eighth House at their birth are attracted to the supernatural and the occult, intense when in love, also more prone to regeneration throughout their life.

The planets that transit this House help people understand the deeper meaning if any situation, also how complex life can be. The 8th House’s energy is the one of Scorpio.

Many astrologers call it the house of death, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do something with physical death, more with rebirth and the end of things. Furthermore, it governs addictions, transformation, crises, changes, rebirth, regeneration, plus the attitude people have when it comes to all these things.

When it comes to how it governs other people’s money, this refers to inheritance and the money owed or owned by a partner, also to taxes and debts. When having to confront their own dark side or the one of other people, individuals become more powerful.

The 8th House is also about all this power, and the strength gained through self-reflection, forgiveness and healing. Here, the soul gets rid of what it has been dead and renews itself.

Those who have many planets in their 8th House are never afraid of dark things, not to mention they have a highly developed intuition, which means they immediately become aware of those who want to deceive them.

After all, this house is very dark, ruling death, regardless of its forms. Here, it can be revealed how a person will die, also what near-death experience he or she is going to go through. It can also indicate how close people are going to die or if those who have passed are in a good place.

However, it would be a good idea to not observe this house through the death perspective. Those with many planets here can also be obsessed with death, from an artistic point of view. They’re also the type who are wearing black clothes, read morbid books and listen to very dark music.

The 8th House also indicate how aware people are of magic because it’s the gate to other realms, the house of mysteries and the most intricate truths that aren’t revealed to many. Its areas next to the 9th House cusp are indicating a higher philosophy of life and the studies people need to undertake when it comes to the meaning of life and their higher purpose.

The 8th House in a birth chart shows the answers natives haven’t yet given themselves, the reason why they were born and the foundation of their 9th House. Since this last-mentioned house is the one of wisdom and philosophy, what comes from the 8th sends people into a state of mind in which they want to accumulate more knowledge.

It’s only natural for this knowledge to be also about death, sex and regeneration. For these reasons, the 8th House is essential for wisdom, the place from which questions are being asked and answers waiting to be answered. It’s also the home of belief systems and learning about life.

When it comes to sex and this house, it’s also about the pleasure felt by people when experiencing the little death of an orgasm, as the French call it, le petit mort. These moments of pleasure can be seen as development, new beginnings, the soul being reborn and the sexual union gaining more.

It can be said the 8th House is also one of equal opportunities because it places sex, rebirth and death on the same level, making them very important for one another, but also if taken separately.

Everyone goes through rebirth and death, be it physical or psychological. Bodies regenerate just like minds do too. The Eighth House is also the one of shared resources such as alimony, inheritance, taxes and child support. It represents both financial and moral support.

While support may be present in many relationships, it also needs to grow from within, just like sexuality or wisdom are developing. With that being said, just like human connections are expansive and at the same time limited, just like that the self-support needs to grow.

Just like this, money issues come into mind too. People need to be able to get it together after financial crises, and if possible, on their own. Rituals are at the centre when it comes to matters of the 8th House.

Groups and individuals taken separately have their own rituals when it comes to discovering their soul, remembering their past and getting to know who they actually are.

They may not even realize it, but they may perform metamorphosis rituals by acting the same way with the ones they love and keeping the same secrets throughout their entire life, focusing on them from time to time. These rituals of theirs are also present in their Eighth House, together with how they’re conducting themselves when keeping secrets.

The Eight House and love

Seeing life is so busy and chaotic, people usually forget about the romantic gestures they need to make in order for their relationship to continue working. The 8th House comes to change all this, as it also represents these gestures of love.

Such a gesture could be turning off the phone when with the partner. It would be very nice for once to have a dinner in quiet and to not check Facebook every 5 minutes.

Talking more with the other half is also a gesture of love, especially if feelings are being expressed and the words “I love you” said. Astrologers say the 8th House stands a lot for sexuality and feelings, also the intensity at which emotions are being experienced when in love, plus the passion.

People with an agglomerated Eighth House either love with all their heart, or not at all. Physical love is strongly related to feelings. The 8th House is also erotic because it’s related to the sexual behaviour alongside the feelings of love.

In case Venus happens to be here in good aspects, the possessive tendencies of natives are being expressed in a positive manner. People with such placement are watching carefully for their partner and his or her financial situation, also because the 8th House is related to the money of others, especially the finances of the spouse.

Strong 8th House natives are benevolent with their other half, also lucky when it comes to inheriting wealth. When the transiting planets in this house are in square or opposition from Venus, people can be obsessive and extremely jealous, which brings them a lot of distress, not to mention damage to their relationship, especially because they’re suspicious even when it’s not the case for them to be.

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