The 11th House in Astrology: Friendships and Social Life


The 11th House is a succedent one, also ruled by the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus. It stands for friends and acquaintances, groups of people and organizations, dreams, goals and aspirations, people’s sense of purpose and belonging to groups, also for humanity.

The 11th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Friendships, social contacts and dreaming;
  • Positives: Makes it easy for people to connect and share resources;
  • Negatives: Creates suspicions, delays and aloofness;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a warm-hearted individual, someone authentic and supportive.

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While houses begin to descend, the Eleventh one helps natives remember why they’re working so hard in life. It’s also the home of humanitarianism and distant connections.

In its zone, innovation and technology are also represented, so those who have many planets here possess the most revolutionary way of thinking. The transits happening in the 11th House help people define their role in the society. The energy of this house is the one of Aquarius and focused on goals and ambitions, also the people in close proximity, like good friends and some acquaintances.

The rulership of the Eleventh House is also over the wishes and real inner purpose of a person, his or her sense of belonging to a community too. In case a native has the Sun in the 11th House, he or she feels amazing when working with people who think the same as him or her, also who share his or her hopes and dreams.

This house is also the home of fast results coming from career, an element represented by the 10th House. Any planet that transits the Tenth House, especially slowly, enter the 11th. Many of the actions here are a continuation of what happens in the previous house, the changes that go on here, also the transits.

Those who want to fully benefit from what the 10th House has to offer need to follow their 11th and to join groups, especially after focusing for too long on their career. They need to have a richer social life and to go out more.

The 11th House can also speak a lot about the financial situation at the company where the native is working. Here, adopted children are also watched, also the fourth born child in a family.

Another positive thing about the 11th House is that it rules humanitarianism, so donations and the act of volunteering. The 6th House is also the home of volunteering through hard work, but the 11th shows what need to get done in order for the humanity to improve. Here as well, hopes and dreams are being revealed, especially the big ones that have a noticeable influence on the native’s life.

When beneficial planets such as Venus and Jupiter are present in the Eleventh House, the person has long-term ambitions and is positively influenced by his or her surroundings to achieve more in life. The social existence of a person is very important when it comes to endurance and strength.

The same 11th House reveals how much people are being loved by masses and how they could use this love in order to achieve their goals. When it comes to the planets present here, these can make natives have famous friends who are always willing to help them.

This means they can achieve success by working with their connections. Also showing the money, the 11th House is different from the 2nd, in the sense that it talks about serious wealth, the type what can be achieved by being promoted to the CEO of a company or winning the lottery.

It’s also the home of opportunities coming from advancing in career. The efforts and social interactions of people set some priorities in life for them, and these priorities can be noticed in the 11th House. As far as destiny goes, this house addresses homes and the biggest dreams.

The creative vision of natives is also highlighted here, together with what they’re willing to do in order to succeed. Creativity emerging from collaborations can be seen here as well. When friends decide to join forces, they not only become able to achieve more, they also get to be more hardworking.

The Eleventh House can indicate what type of friends the natives are as well, from the perspective of how they’re viewing friendships and their role in them, which can speak a lot about their character and what defines their existence in groups.

It’s not unusual for good friends to work jointly in order to make the world a better place. Philanthropic activities are most of the time performed in groups. Humanity revealed by more people usually gets the looked-for results because there are more minds and hands doing something together.

The sum of many efforts can be tremendously helpful to those who need it the most. It’s worth the time to invest a lot of hard work in making the world a better place. Aside from all this and what has been mentioned earlier, the 11th House is also the ruler of stepchildren.

The Eleventh House and love

People born in Aquarius and waiting for the romantic relationship they’re dreaming of to become a reality should consider themselves lucky because they’re highly influenced by the Eleventh House, which rules friendship, groups and the entire society as a whole.

As a matter of fact, when this house has control over the love life of a native, it influences him or her to end up with the love of his or her life. Those with a strong 11th House are unusual and very original, not to mention charming. At the same time, this house helps them have luck in love.

Therefore, the Aquarius men and women should celebrate this as much as possible. These natives are sociable almost to a fault, which means they’re usually surrounded by friends and have all sort of romantic opportunities coming their way. Their charming and welcoming nature helps them enter groups that are very strict about choosing their members.

It’s very likely for them to first be best friends with the person they like and want a relationship with. At the same time, they have the tendency to remain good friends with their exes, as it’s friendship that has stood at the foundation of their romantic connection to begin with.

Their affection is sincere, and they want nothing to gain from their romances. When it comes the love life of Aquarians and 11th House influenced natives, this is filled with acceptance and the most refined gestures.

These people are often given protection, especially when they want to implement their projects, not to mention women are very willing to help them in life, most of the time when they want to get educated or to having more knowledge by participating in cultural events.

As far as their weaknesses go, these may be related to the fact that they’re detached and often shocking, no matter if they’re doing something related to love or their profession.

Their partner may accuse them of being superficial and uninterested, which means they may be asked to show their feelings. It would be a good idea for them to demonstrative in such moments, no matter how difficult this may seem.

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