The 1st House in Astrology: Who Are You Really?


The First House’s cusp represents the Ascendant or the Rising sign. This house is angular and has the zodiac sign of Aries as its ruler. It’s governed by the planet Mars and stands for the image projected to others, the first impression made, how things get started, the defence mechanisms a person uses, the relationships with the environment, how life is being viewed and the physical appearance.

The 1st House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Self-image, early life, the basic personality traits and the Ascendant;
  • Positives: Love of self and achievement of goals due to boldness and mastering one’s talents;
  • Negatives: A selfish approach to life and relationships;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are self-aware and not easily persuaded because you know what you stand for.

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The First House defines who a person really is as it’s itself defined by the Ascendant. It’s the representation of body, physicality and temperament. The planets that occupy in a birth chart influence the native’s life greatly.

For example, the planet Mercury in this house indicates someone very chatty, whereas the Moon in the First House reveals a person who doesn’t hesitate to interact with his or her own emotions.

Since this house is the cycle’s first stop, if planets are transiting through it, goals get to become a reality and plans are starting to take form. This house keeps the energy of the Aries. It rules over the head ant the face, also over the brain parts responsible with conscious actions and thoughts.

For instance, the hippocampus, which is responsible with the subconscious, is ruled by the 12th House, most of the time by the are closest to the Ascendant. The Ascendant represents the sharpest centre of the existence.

For this reason, the planets in conjunction with it influence the body in a great manner and are most of the time involved in evert little thing. The planets’ energies are projected onto the native through the Ascendant. Furthermore, it rules the relationship with the surroundings and the defence mechanisms, the ones of the self that’s being revealed to others.

If Uranus, which is the planet of rebellion, happens to be in the First House, that native dresses oddly and acts against all rules, wanting to stand out and to be noticed. There are many assets that help people cope with adult life in the 1st House, also with everything that’s meant to serve them in the long run.

The traits in this house, good or bad, indicate the potential of individuals and what they need in order to make their dreams come true, also what stands in their way when it comes to achieving their goals.

Those with Aries Rising have most likely discovered that they’re the ones pushing themselves further in life. They should analyse their personality and determine if they’re not being hindered from completely expressing their Sun sign and the others in their birth chart.

Instead of being aggressive and feisty like Arieses, they should divert this energy to be as independent and as pioneering as possible. The environment has a lot of importance when it comes to matters of the 1st House.

From a psychological point of view, the Ascendant tells the story of a person and how he or she should be encouraged to cope with the environment. A Gemini Rising will always be the most talkative in a family and encourage everyone to speak.

The Cancer Rising will always take care of others, ever since a child, whereas a Libra Rising will bring peace no matter where he or she may be going. Each person’s role in the family is well determined, so the First House speaks a lot about it.

The Ascendant’s sign and the planets present in the First House are telling a story of what traits the native has and needs in order to fulfil his or her life purpose. It reveals the special personality traits that could turn any person into a book character, what he or she needs in order to make it in life, or how to act.

In other words, the 1st House projects essential parts of the personality. New beginnings are always centred on the person who goes through them. They bring about the true Self and point out the lines defining an individual.

New beginnings talk about what will a person become and how he or she can be at his or her best. The 1st House stands for a person’s true potential, for what people need in order to remain unique and to bring their contribution to the world.

The traits of an individual make up for their personality, and the First House is all about them, also about the way they approach life, what they’re ready to offer to others. Any person comes with his or her outer being, which is also governed by this house, together with the looks and the rulership over the face and the head.

This house is also the ruler of early childhood, everything people do when very young and the way they get to develop, how they see life and how that have started their projects meant to shape them further.

To sum it all up, the First House talks about what individuals are becoming who they will turn into, both on the inside and on the outside. It’s a representation of their personality and most important qualities, the way they approach life and what makes them sensitive.

The First House and love

As said before, the First House is the one of the Ascendant. Even if it governs the personality, it still stands for the image people project onto the outer world. While the Sun sign represents who they really are, the Ascendant is how others see them.

As far as romance goes, the Ascendant represents the version of people that they reveal on their first dates, everything they show the person they like in order to be liked. No one is his or her authentic self when dating for the very first few times, so the Ascendant comes to reveal all the qualities that want to come to surface.

Those with Venus in their 1st House, which stands for character and behaviour, don’t hesitate to show their sensitivity to others and are very gentle. They can charm anyone and are usually relaxed, not to mention very attractive and sexy.

They don’t have a problem expressing their own true feelings because these are a part of them and influence the way they see things and how they want to be regarded by others.

First House Venuses want to make their loved ones happy and have a great eye for beauty, which means they love luxury and the arts. More than anything, they want to live in harmony, which means they’re diplomatic and calm.

Obviously, they have a lot of good luck when it comes to love, mostly because they’re open and are looking for long-term relationships in which they can give themselves completely. Their feelings are never contradictory, not to mention they can seduce anyone because they’re charming and have the most interesting personality.

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