The 7th House in Astrology: A Mirror to Your Relationships


The 7th House is angular, ruled by the zodiac sign of Libra and the planet Venus. Its cusp is the special Descendant (DSC) angle. Here, the alter ego, companionship, one-on-connections, marriage, the other half, partnerships, the first marriage, lawyers, counsellor, mediators and contracts are being covered.

The 7th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Partnerships, willingness to compromise, marriage and other commitments;
  • Positives: Luck in collaborations and other associations;
  • Negatives: Filling up a void with superficial relationships;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a person who derives great strength from relationships with those close.

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The Descendant or the Seventh House is opposing the Ascendant or the First House directly. Up until it, the houses in the zodiac are all connected with the immediate surroundings and world of the native, such as money, friends and home, but the 7th House comes to introduce the concept of another perspective because it represents the cosmic plus one.

The planets present in the 7th House in a birth chart reveal things about partnerships and relationships, regardless of the area of life. Those transiting here help with the closing of deals, securing bonds and giving things and official extent.

Since it’s ruled by the Libra, this house holds the same sign’s energy. In the situation in which slow planets are forming a sextile or a trine in the Seventh House, the martial life of the person who’s experiencing such placements and movements is going to be graceful.

On the other hand, oppositions and squares have a destructive influence and are known to cause problems. These problems are even worse if the planets involved are Saturn, Pluto or Uranus.

Conjunctions hold even more importance, but they cause changes that are completely dependent upon other planetary combinations and the condition of the ruler. Situated opposite from the 1st House, the 7th stands for partnerships and reveals the attitude people have towards those they’re interacting with.

As said before, contracts and all sort of agreements are present here as well. This house represents the place for business partnerships and the relationships natives have with their associates and even their spouses. These connections are very important for how the like of a person goes.

While being the house of relationships and intimate connections too, the 7th House doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality. It’s more about the time partners are spending together and the mental connection between them. This house rules over marriage and domestic or business partnerships, meaning it speaks of unions as seen from another point of view than sexual.

It’s also the governor of enemies and competitors, seeing competition is a type of union too. Lawyers, mediators and contracts fall under it as well. At the same time, it’s the house that represents the shadow self, that side of people that comes to light only when they’re involved in relationships and allow themselves to grow with others.

It’s not that the 7th House represents the home for beneficial relationships only, as it is, as said before, also the place revealing the enemies. This reasoning is quite easy to understand from the example of divorce, which causes former spouses to no longer be friends, but more like enemies, especially if they went through a nasty breakup.

This house also rules the second child and the grandparents from the mother’s side. It also the governor of legal matters, contract and lawsuits, which means those with planets in difficult aspects here should pay great attention to the papers they’re signing.

Because it also stands for enemies, they should analyse the legal conflicts they’re involved in and try as much as possible to solve them amiably. It may sound weird that enemies and marriage are hosted by the same house, but it can be easily understood why, seeing marriages can often turn to into relationships in which the two parts involved are no longer standing one another or fighting for custody of their children.

People fill out their essential being when they develop partnerships, not to mention they see themselves better, regardless the context. Through the relationships developed with others, they create, play and develop. Their partner makes them feel whole. In other words, connections developed with others help people succeed in all aspects of life and be more humane.

The Seventh House comes to show that partnerships of any kind, be it marriages, contracts or agreements, make people cooperate more efficiently. Depending on the quality of those partnerships, attachments and love get to develop. There are many reasons to why people unite.

Some want to fill the void in their life, others are doing it for practical reasons. It’s alright to want to have company. The partnerships developed by individuals speak a lot about how they are and where they’re coming from.

The 7th House reveals the quality of partnerships and how connections could be made stronger, even more special and interesting. Tensions in a relationship are meant to teach lessons, this being the main reasons why the Seventh House rules over enemies too.

Divorce and lawsuits are also ruled from here. When becoming its worst, a partnership can develop into a connection in which the two parts are enemies. On a global scale, such a situation causes wars.

The Seventh House and love

Possessing the energy of the beautiful Libra, the 7th House is also the location of the Descendant and intimate connections. As a matter of fact, romance and this house go together very well because they’re meant for each other.

The fair and balanced Libra helps people to make compromises as far as love goes. And compromises are absolutely necessary if it’s for a romantic connection to last and to be healthy.

If Libra happens to be in the Seventh House in a birth chart, the native with this placement treats his or her partner as an equal and seeks balance no matter what. Libra in 7th House people don’t hesitate to make compromises, but this doesn’t mean they should allow their romantic relationships to end from before even beginning, just because they don’t want to bother anyone.

Therefore, as far as their love life goes, they should use their spirit and make peace with everyone, even if they like someone who’s perhaps taken. They should continue being warm and seductive, even if their marriage is old and tried.

When Venus happens to be in the Seventh House, the natives with such placement need their love to be reciprocated and to manifest their feelings as much as possible. What they want is to love and to receive the same thing in return.

Their soul longs for harmony, peace and openness. When working together with their partner, they can achieve all their goals and have the long-lasting marriage they have always dreamed of.

In case they’re having a fight with their other half, they immediately decide to make compromises and to work on what builds up their love, also on harmony. There’s no wonder they usually achieve all their relationship goals.

On the other hand, they can grow to be dependent on their partner, but this doesn’t bother them that much because this is just who they are. It’s not unlikely for them to always sacrifice themselves for their other half, also to make great efforts for their relationship to be successful.

What they want the most from romance is to end up married. As soon as this happens, they turn into the perfect spouses who are ready to do anything so that their other half is happy and at peace, which means they’re really appreciated as husbands and wives.

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