The 6th House in Astrology: Your Wellbeing and Health


The Sixth House is a cadent one, ruled by the zodiac sign of the Virgo and the planet Mercury. It’s the home of job and work, but not career, of methods and techniques applied into the daily life, discipline, self-improvement, nutrition and attitudes towards it, service, colleagues, the desire to be of help, pets, routine, the wish to achieve perfection and skills.

The 6th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Health related matters, discipline to work hard and compassion;
  • Positives: Reactivity and decisiveness during difficult times;
  • Negatives: Delays and indecision in pursuing what matters for someone;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a practical and well-organized individual.

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The Sixth House corresponds to health and the strange jobs natives may decide to take. While the body is represented by the 1st House, it is the 6th that indicates the choices made for the body to function properly and be healthy.

The planets located here also reveal how organized and disciplined a person is, especially when it comes to time management. The transits happening in the Sixth House form habits and remake schedules.

The Virgo’s energy is present here because this house is this sign’s home. Daily life is ruled by this house, so the job and the day-to-day responsibilities, also the methods and techniques used to perform the job and deal with the responsibilities.

Here, the tasks natives are going to deal with are revealed, also their health. The 6th House can also talk about pets and efforts made to self-improve, plus the services willing to do in order to make co-workers happy.

It indicates how people feel about routines and organizations. 6th House healers are in the holistic are of massage, nutrition and natural remedies. Natives with a strong Sixth House are very practical and can easily solve any problem because their mind is always analysing.

The planets placed here indicate their attitude towards labour and servicing, also how practical they’re willing to be. While revealing the job, the 6th House doesn’t say anything about career because it represents more the daily tasks, not the life purpose and the life path of individuals.

When the planets in the Sixth House are in bad aspects, the natives are usually forced by circumstances and life to end up with a job they would never imagine doing. Because this house is also the one of servicing, it also indicates how natives are getting served by others, which means it reveals a lot about relationships between bosses and employees.

The 10th House is the one of career potential. When it comes to doing things for others and volunteering, the 6th House comes into discussion again. Health is the most connected with the Sixth, also mental and physical problems.

In case there are malefic planets being present here, the individuals’ body may be affected by many issues that may or may not have solutions, or they may work in bad surroundings that have them getting sick.

Besides, any difficulty they have at work may cause them to stress too much and psychosomatic disorders. Diet and health habits are also present here, plus what’s used in order to self-heal.

Many planets in the Sixth indicate healing power, this being the reason why many doctors and nurses have an agglomerated 6th House. In case the healer asteroid Chiron is place here too, the people with such placement are even better healers by means of energy.

Because it’s centred on discipline, the Sixth House is rather challenging, influencing people’s daily routines, their sleeping hours and even their choices of what to wear. Since Virgo and the planet Mercury are the rulers here, attention to details is also a characteristic, which can be both a curse and a blessing.

People with a strong 6th House are usually patience, responsible and always ready to work hard. In case they have the heaviest planets here, they’re workaholics, obsessed with health and at the same time hypochondriacs.

Instabilities in daily cycles and eating disorders are also present in the 6th House. The fears that cause people to be weak but at the same time teach them lessons are revealed here as well, together with their work and servicing availability.

The focus of the Sixth House is more on employment, training and tasks. It stands for the efforts people are making in order to remain strong and healthy, so it’s also the place of fitness and dieting.

It represents the work done onto the self, together with duties and responsibilities that help with growth. People work both for themselves and for others, so the 6th House indicates servicing, but also the faith natives have in themselves when it comes to servicing.

Since it’s also the home of health, it reveals how willing they are to self-heal. Here, the daily routines and decisions are also present, such as the ones of what’s going to be worn or what haircut should be chosen. According to the planets in the 6th House, people make different decisions regarding these aspects of life.

The Sixth House and love

The altruistic Virgo is the sign ruling the Sixth House, which means those with strong planets here are always willing to serve their community and pay great attention to others. They don’t focus too much on themselves because they have a lot of compassion, for their partner the most.

The 6th House indicates how much they’re willing to do for their other half and to be of help to many others, also how much they can be counted on in a relationship. As far as having a healthy romantic connection goes, it’s important to be caring and to accept love with all it has to offer.

When Venus is positioned in the Sixth House, its symbolism accentuates people’s limitations and self-control as far as romance goes. Here, the desire of people to be of service to their partner is being revealed, but not as an obligation, more like a desire to give everything for the other half.

Venus in Sixth House may also indicate the partner is going to be someone from work or a business partner, a person from a contest in which daily duty prevails, just because this is the house’s influence. Besides, this configuration is known to be favourable as far as servicing and employment goes.

Furthermore, it gets rid of tensions and makes everyday life fun. With such a placement, people are happier to go to work, to meet with colleagues and to explore their subjects of interest.

They manage to gain their co-workers’ respect and friendship, which means their life at work makes them feel happy. Aside from all this, they never feel constrained doing their job because they really take pleasure in it. However, they should be careful not to fall in love at work.

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