Capricorn in 8th House: Knowing One’s Value


People born with Capricorn in 8th House need to stick to partnerships that are making them feel fulfilled and like they have enough in life to get by.

These people most of the time are looking to protect their assets by going for insurance policies. The changes in their life are most of the time happening intensely and for the long term.

Capricorn on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Honest, forgiving and active;
  • Negatives: Clingy and rowdy;
  • Advice: Be aware of your desires and the things you obsess over because they define your life;
  • Celebrities: Matthew McConaughey, Juliette Binoche, Jennifer Garner, Marie Antoinette, Ricky Martin.

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Knowing the value of money

These people can dismiss marriage for years because they need to understand their partner is not being given to them, as well that they can’t be too flexible when having a purpose. For this reason, they’re going to only wait until becoming forever tied with someone.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re going to be lazy or do something reckless during crises. These people need to be cautious and understand the signs that are being shown to them by fate.

More than this, they need to work hard and to invest themselves in labor. When it comes to their deepest fears and the complexes they’re having about themselves, they can end up not escaping them.

Their psychological issues are usually late to surface and most of the time related to the bad connections they’re having in their group of friends. However, these problems they’re having are meant to help them develop more from a religious point of view, as well as to determine their spirituality and the way they perceive God.

Eighth House Capricorns are very responsible when it comes to money because they hate being in debt and losing their finances. More than this, they’re ethical about finances, so they don’t want to cheat or to commit fraud.

Besides, they’re never encouraging when it comes to giving anything for free. When handling other people’s money, they’re very stressed and focused. Saturn is influencing them to be stuck in their heads, which can lead to some difficulties in bed.

These people can feel imbalanced when it comes to lovemaking, also negative because they have an intense feeling that they may be doing something wrong. However, they approach this attitude of theirs with laughter, but this can be a turn off for many.

Saturn in their birth chart is indicating individuals born with Capricorn in 8th House are going to live for long and that they need to work hard to deal with money problems. Many of these natives get to live a lot, especially if they take good care of their bodies and are working until an older age.

Only after retiring, their body is starting to deteriorate, so it’s a good idea for them to never stop working. In case they no longer have a job, they could decide on hobbies or tending to their household.

When it comes to health, these natives need to pay attention to their teeth, joints and to not stress. They seem to preoccupy themselves a lot with death and getting old. More than this, they want to leave something behind, so many of them decide to have children to make an impact in the world.

It’s possible they’re feeling terrified that they’re aging, this being when they’re no longer responsible with money and start to have the fun of their life.

Not the most ambitious

While having a strong sexual drive, they can as well overthink and plan lovemaking too much, to the point of no longer enjoying the physical act. It’s very likely some of them have gone through some pains in life, pains that made them feel like they’re failures.

They probably have suffered so much that they feel control is no longer in their hands and that they can’t accomplish what they want.

In other words, their shadow side comes in the form of worrying and the anxiety of feeling defeated. When not in command, they can be calculated trying to rule again, but this can turn them into destructive characters.

Individuals born with Capricorn in the Eighth House have inherited a feeling that they can’t achieve what they want. All this is making them bitter and resentful, not to mention it relinquishes control from their hands.

What’s making natives born with Capricorn in 8th House feel like they’ve accomplished something is having to deal with their demons and the darkness of their soul.

These people can obsess over being first. When working hard, they’re with honesty managing to change matters about their problems and this way, they can gain the upper hand at the deepest level.

Therefore, they can regenerate and discover their inner resourcefulness by these means, as well they can become more authoritative. When it comes to being intimate, they’re seriously addressing such matters, which can make things a little bit difficult for them.

Because they fear sharing their emotions, many of them may not enjoy lovemaking too much. For this reason, they need to invest many efforts in keeping their sexual connections alive and not allow any fear to ruin them.

People born with Capricorn in the Eighth House are usually authoritative when it comes to money and material resources they’re sharing. This… or they can be too submissive in front of those who have authority.

In this situation, they prefer others to be in control as far as resources are going. However, they need to make a difference between being in power and giving authority to someone else. These natives should be aware of what they need to do and decide on either having the power or allow others to manipulate them from a physical and financial point of view.

Concerned with right and wrong

Because Saturn is the planet ruling Capricorn, they can be very serious in their search for the Absolute Truth. This search can involve any subject that’s putting the truth out in the open.

They tend to become dogmatic and too religious rather than having a wide perspective on knowledge and learning about every discipline. This is how Capricorn shows its involvement, especially when it comes to activities of the group, no matter if they’re going to school or are part of a church community.

When being concerned with matters of the 8th House, these natives can function at their highest peak. The relationships they’re having with their team can never be too easy. When first entering a group, these people are taking their time and want to see if their ethics are the same as the ones of the group. They want to serve and are very faithful.

When it comes to the occult, they’re rather pragmatic and looking for purposes to start on practices. These natives can’t easily accept they’re getting old, not to mention they’re terrified of the moment when they will die.

People born with Capricorn in 8th House aren’t giving to much importance to responsibilities, meaning they can go trouble when their Saturn is being challenged and they’re not calm enough in life.

Saturn is pressuring them to evolve, but they can feel pressure and wish to become liberated more than anything else when feeling overwhelmed. Their main issue in life is that they’re keeping all this in their unconscious, also that they generate too much pressure around them and can’t see how they can avoid problems.

They may want to hide parts of their family tree that can’t be understood, especially when lacking structure and a routine. More than this, they need to rest well and to have their night sleep.

In case Capricorn in their Eighth House is approached tenderly and in an understanding way, they can gain enough confidence and have more will, not to mention they can escape the problems they’re having.

When it comes to handling money, they’re very careful but can encounter problems when managing their partner’s finances.

These natives know how to save and to spend others’ material resources. This is why many of them are working as accountants or bankers in big companies. Their main issue in life is making order between what they perceive as materialistic and their spirituality. When dealing with trouble, they’re extremely courageous.

They’re distinguished by others through their severity and the way they manage the matters of the 8th House about inheritance and the sharing of property.

These people want to make sure they’re compensated for their work and insured for their assets. In case they don’t get a fair share when inheriting, they can worry too much. When obtaining property, they can be involved in litigations or have delays in their transactions and paperwork.

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