Sagittarius in 7th House: Not One to Stay in One Place


People born with Sagittarius in 7th House have very high ideals when it comes to choosing their partner. This is because they’re aiming to be with someone who’s ethical, principled and has some strong religious or philosophical views.

Having a stable and balanced connection with everyone else, they’re looking for a partner who has a lot to promise, is fun and at the same time trustworthy.

Sagittarius on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Resourceful, disciplined and affable;
  • Negatives: Pretentious and callous;
  • Advice: Get to know yourself better before you start criticizing others;
  • Celebrities: Amy Winehouse, Lionel Messi, Drew Barrymore, Louis Tomlinson, Charlie Sheen, LeBron James.

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Not one to stay in one place

The Seventh House Sagittarius individual gives a lot of attention to ethics, religion, and philosophy, especially when connecting with others.

Natives with this placement are usually in luck as far as marriage and their connection with the wide public goes. In case of a breakup, they know how to go on with their lives and to have a healthy relationship with their former partner.

Trying to lead most of the time, they also need to remember that when working in teams, they’re required to do some hard work as well.

Because they want to be independent more than anything else, it can be difficult for them to stay in a relationship. This is why they’re usually growing on their own and are getting married late. Usually, their partner wants to be independent as much as they do.

Good luck seems to follow them everywhere in their relationships, so they shouldn’t worry that much about what’s going to follow in their connections with others.

The sign of Sagittarius in the 7th House is indicating that people should come of age while taking their journeys in life. This is because the Archer is adventurous and wants to travel, also because its natives don’t feel comfortable where they grew up.

Most likely, their parent’s house is making them feel restrained and the rules there are certainly not for them. This change is necessary for them to know themselves better.

By experiencing the diversity of life and the world have to offer, they can be themselves. Having a highly developed spirit of adventure and very optimistic, they need to explore this side of them and to believe going places can make their life more beautiful.

Seventh House Sagittariuses are attracted to people who are like them, no matter if it’s about romance or a simple friendship. They can indeed become naïve and wander too much, but this would only reflect who they are.

The more they’re coming to terms with their adventurous side, the more complete they can be. After this, it becomes easier for them to give and receive, as well to feel as free as they would like to. Going back to the type of partner they like, these natives want someone who is independent and not looking to tie them down.

When young, they can’t commit or settle down until ready. They need to have their own space and certainly don’t like clingy people. If interacting one-on-one, they can inspire with their enthusiasm.

More than this, they believe it’s important to influence others because this is also helping them to expand their horizons. However, they’re jumpy ways can have them acting recklessly and in a foolish way. If having to go through a breakup, all they can’t think of is how their next lover is going to be.

Sharing their knowledge

Individuals born with Sagittarius in 7th House can be very irresponsible and all over the place. At least they can see how to easily let go of someone because they have enough experience.

Their love of adventure is always having them exploring and wanting their partner to join them in their journeys. It’s not like they want to deal with the world on their own.

In other words, they’re looking to see adventure in the person they’re sharing their life with. When with someone, they’re learning from that person by experiencing and sharing adventures, by teaching and learning.

For them, their development and the methods through which they are gaining knowledge are highly important. The more they’re passionately sharing their knowledge, the more they’re building healthy relationships that have the spark they need.

This is also the placement where the non-self begins. Therefore, the person with Sagittarius in the 7th House should be careful not to be self-centered and express carefully his or her ego in life.

One of the flaws of natives with this placement is that they’re marrying thinking what this can bring them, from a social and financial point of view.

Many can find it strange how they want to still be free when having a partner. On the high octave, these so natives can be true friends and honest business partners. On the lower one, they can be the ones who are taking advantage of others and are only looking to obtain what they need from others.

The 7th House is also the one of how the Self is identifying with the cosmos. When it comes to this, the Sagittarius sign is influencing people to not believe in such things, but at the same time to be very dogmatic when it comes to religion.

Some of them can be at extremes of these two, not accepting the gray line that’s in between. When the Seventh House is in Sagittarius, natives with this position are influenced by their mutable ways in their relationships.

They seem to be distant and no one can ever reach them, so it can be almost impossible for them to keep their long-distance connections alive or to bond with others intimately, for a lengthy period.

A special philosophy in life

Sagittarius is a sign with a philosophy of life that’s driving natives to materialize what they believe in. When looking at this practically, it can be noticed how people with this placement don’t trust others, especially those of the opposite sex.

This can influence them to have connections that are proving them they’re only right and to be disappointed all over again. If it’s for them to no longer repeat themselves with these types of situations, they need to have an open mind and to believe that things in their life can take a better turn.

Natives born with Sagittarius in 7th House usually respect the law, but they can play by their own rules as well. After all, they’re strong and assertive, true warriors who can terrify their enemies.

Those of them who aren’t so developed tend to praise themselves too much, imagining some victories they never actually had.

While having many opponents, they’re most of the time not hit because they know how to build very strong defenses. When it comes to them to be partners, they’re positive, fun and all the time happy, even exaggeratedly.

People born with Sagittarius in Seventh House tend to look too much at themselves. They want to respect their promises to others, so when failing to do this, they’re analyzing the situation in the most objective manner and are trying to fix it.

They’re more people for fun than for sadness because their smile and laugh can bring anyone to better senses. This is useful for them in their marriage.

However, when conflicts in their relationships are intense, they can no longer judge correctly and the situation can become very dramatic. These natives have a natural curiosity and are friendly. When adoring someone, they’re sincere, so it can be difficult for them to feel love for only one person.

The 7th House is pushing people to connect and form a partnership with life. When Sagittarius is here, is influencing people to do this later in life, after accumulating more experience.

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