Leo in 3rd House: More Often Right than Wrong


Leo in Third house individuals love to show off and to be different, both in their actions and in intellectual ways. They’re focused to achieve their goals and want to show their skills in public, so they love it when someone tells them they did a good job.

Their opinions can be fixed, meaning they’re not the happiest when someone criticizes them. At least they can express themselves greatly in an intellectual manner, so they’re good artists, writers, and orators.

Leo on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Opinionated, meticulous and warm;
  • Negatives: Gullible and pompous;
  • Advice: Avoid pushing your own beliefs too much on those around;
  • Celebrities: Judy Garland, Ben Stiller, Julianne Moore, Matt LeBlanc, John Krasinski.

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Not taking rejection easily

People born with Leo in the 3rd House have a different inner power than others, not to mention they possess a lot of energy and are creative.

When communicating, they’re dramatic and always ready to showcase their intellectual strengths, motivation, and originality. They usually travel to have fun, get inspired and communicate.

Their way of thinking can be global, not to mention it’s easy for them to let go of things and subjects that don’t matter. Those of them who are inventive and truly pure can become amazing artists. Being alone is not in their nature.

When children, they loved having guests and meeting new people. When it comes to establishing new connections and talking, they’re enthusiastic and fun.

When having to deal with others, natives born with Leo in the 3rd House can exercise their authority because they have power. They usually believe rightness should be instilled with force.

These natives usually criticize others who aren’t determined to succeed, crafty or resourceful. It’s important to notice 3rd House Leos have different views than others, so they’re important when it comes to making people adopt different positions.

These natives don’t like being contradicted and being told what they should do. Their heart is always straight, not to mention they’re generous and devoted to their ideas, as well as courageous when dealing with others and having to appreciate them.

When getting educated, they’re focusing all of their energy on their teacher because they adore and put this person on a pedestal. When expressing themselves, they’re trying to be intellectual and to rationalize everything.

These people’s mind is usually of big help to the entire world, so they should find many different ways of communicating what they’re feeling and their knowledge. Because they’re the type of students who are always looking to learn, it can be said there’s never too much information for them to grasp.

Dramatic when expressing themselves and domineering, Third House Leos know to entertain people. It may seem like they always know what they’re talking about, even if they don’t care what others think of their opinions.

Courageous and expressive

Creative and loving to gossip or to joke around, they’re stubborn when it comes to what they’re thinking of, but it’s important they learn how to consider others’ opinions.

Any word coming from other people can have their pride hurt, so when someone contradicts them, they can suffer for a very long time. There’s no problem for them to find new ways of expanding their knowledge, but they need to have the right teachers to make them shine the Light they have inside.

When speaking or writing, they like to pay a lot of attention to what they’re expressing, in a courageous manner that’s making them proud of their way of taking action.

The Third House is the one of communication and knowledge, as well as shared experiences. Besides, it’s also the House of brotherhood.

Leo here is communicating by always trying to be right and not needing any questions from others. It’s like wanting others’ thoughts to be according to theirs. Their teachers are supposed to be perfect and to never criticize them.

In case they’re disappointed in their mentors, they can feel this pain and lose their interest in ever learning. When they’re teachers themselves, they’re energetic, dedicated, enthusiastic and original.

Individuals born with Leo in 3rd House are training effectively if they’re continuously interested in learning. If teachers, they’re authoritative, even if not realizing it. Hot-tempered and sometimes taking sides, they can have an impressive influence over others.

Their intellectual objectives are about finding the information they can relate to. In conclusion, they always wish for what they learn and in the same teach to make people enthusiastic.

If things aren’t interesting for them, they can decide to no longer have an interest in them. The fact that drama stimulates their mind can help them to teach others how to live. Their other side can reveal a whole new person because they have many personalities, all of them craving excitement.

People born with Leo in the Third House most of the time focus on the Self. While this can mean trouble for their friendships and other relationships, they still can work on their personality and set some limits from the outside world.

This placement in their birth chart is strong and comes with many challenges for the ego, unless the person truly benefits from enlightenment and understands he or she has many abilities, including the one of not taking everything personally.

In some way, these natives can be the happiest when they get to know how to accept and develop the child within themselves, also when they’re clear about their objectives and know what their responsibilities are.

Only this way, they can express what their personality is all about and can shine their light on others.

Not letting their egos dominate

The placement of Leo in the Third House is indicating natives with it have a relationship of fun and pride with their siblings. They may have always imitated their brothers or sisters. If brought up all alone, they may look for a twin among their friends and neighbors.

They’re used to being the most fun in their surroundings and the ones others are always gossiping about. They mustn’t let Leo dominate when it comes to communication. They should learn how to be respectful of others’ opinions and take their responsibility for telling the truth very seriously while keeping their perspective wide.

On the other side, they shouldn’t be intimidated when others are more knowledgeable or using words that make them feel uncomfortable. Natives born with Leo in 3rd House shouldn’t let their ego dominate their decisions.

They should compensate if having an inferiority complex because, in this situation, they’re only trying too much to have control over anything to, as well to force their opinions on others, no matter if they’re right or wrong.

The placement in the Third House for Leo is indicating this sign can express its creativity through intellectual and oratorical means, by which they can be fiery and very enthusiastic.

This is because the natural ruler of this House is Gemini, the most intellectually curious sign in the zodiac. The person born with Leo in the 3rd House can be awakened and burn from the inside out with passion. This is why he or she should learn how to be detached, calm and cold.

Natives with this placement have high ambitions, are curious and entrepreneurial. More than this, they want to gain more knowledge and to always be informed. Being ingenious and insightful, they’re great partners of conversation.

People born with Leo in the Third House are composed and at the same time enthusiastic, trusting and energetic. When adults, the fact that they can develop relationships with just about any type of personality is helping them have success in their career and as artists.

More than this, these people are very convincing. They can express their power through their creative ways, in which they invest a lot of their energy. Therefore, they’re dramatic and often think about the big picture.

The pureness of their minds can be expressed in the art they’re creating. In their journeys in life, these natives need to feel pleasure and to express their creativity. They’re usually going places to see the people they love or their partners.

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