The 3rd House in Astrology: Communication as a Priority


The 3rd House is cadent and has Gemini as its ruler, together with the planet Mercury. It governs communication, the subconscious mind and the interactions people have with the environment in their immediate surroundings, with relatives and neighbours.

The 3rd House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Human interaction, siblings, communication, knowledge and intellectual pursuits;
  • Positives: Persuasion, a great way with words and good understanding between siblings;
  • Negatives: Missing out on potential due to incapacity to take action;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are mentally agile, always on the lookout for new experiences.

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Furthermore, the Third House governs short distance trips, speaking, writing, thoughts, language and media. Local community and transportation are also included in the 3rd House’s governing matters.

People with beneficial aspects and planets in the Third House get their motivation from being able to express themselves and usually developed close relationships with the people they’re interacting with, including their colleagues and relatives.

If planets are transiting a person’s Third House, he or she will learn important things about others. This house holds the energy of the Gemini, so it represents communications and how speaking skills can be developed.

The communication is with people in the immediate surroundings, also the ones from the early life, like parents, siblings and educators. Being also the ruler of thoughts and of the way ideas are put into practice, be it by the means of art, writing of public speaking, the 3rd House reveals the natives’ way of interacting.

Those having the North Node of destiny in the Third House are destined to have a career as writers or communicators. The Third House also rules over the early education that’s received until getting into high school. This means it stands for basic knowledge, the exact opposite of what the 9th House represents.

Another thing that the 3rd House stands for is the behaviour people have with the people in their immediate surroundings, what they do when going to store or having a conflict with their neighbour. It represents how natives interpret reality.

Looking at the planets located in this house, it can be understood how individuals are perceiving the world. As mentioned earlier, the Third House is the one of low-lever communications, which means it stands for gossiping and small talk too.

Through it, the need to be informed and to have talks is being expressed, together with how the person is using the internet and books in order to learn new things.

Those who have planets in good aspects here are usually bloggers and information junkies, perhaps translators or comedians. The 3rd House is cadent and ruled by Gemini, also the planet Mercury.

It represents intellect and the information accumulated at a low level, everything the native learns in a lifetime. Furthermore, it rules siblings and other relatives, neighbours and members of the community too.

The part that it occupies in the natal chart is also the one of transportation and communications. Communication is so present here as a result of Mercury’s rulership. This means the house includes both what the natives does to communicate and the devises he or she uses in order to do talk. Letters and phones are also represented by the house, together with TVs, radios and magazines or newspapers. Looking at it from the transportation point of view, the Third House stands only for trips on short distances.

If malefic planets are present here or the aspects falling on these planets are adverse, the person with such a placement in his or her birth chart may have serious problems when communicating and traveling.

Their phone or car may break down or be lost whenever they need them the most. In case there are beneficial planets here, natives with such a placement are sure to succeed in any aspect of life related to the 3rd House.

Therefore, they may be great public speakers or use their hands very efficiently, working as sculptors, mechanics or chefs. Also, in their early years, they’re very interested in accumulating more knowledge and getting educated. Intelligence, when looked at through the Third House’s perspective, it’s all about the analytical ability of people and their sensibilities with the immediate surroundings. It’s the way they are effective in the world and their relationships.

The 3rd House comes as a reminder for people to use their consciousness and to be more reflective in order to obtain what they want. It tells them to have a symbiotic connection with the ones they love, all while not forgetting that their mind is powerful and very fast when it comes to finding solutions to problems.

While some things are supposed to be though over a lot, others happen almost automatically. One’s true potential can be achieved by using both ways of thinking and analysing.

Since learning how to speak, communicate and even thinks get learned during the early education, the Third House covers this part too. As far as short trips go, it describes more what keeps everything intimate, with the environment included.

The way people are harnessing their intelligence and share it with others is covered by the 3rd House too. The placements here reveal how they react around the people they love the most, but also how they behave in their immediate environment. The Third House also stands for the devices natives are using in order to communicate and gain more knowledge, such as computers and phones.

The Third House and love

Gemini is the sign ruling the 3rd House, which has a certain magic about itself by making communication extremely important for romance. As a matter of fact, this House is responsible with the conversations that take place in a couple, the way things are being understood, either when read or written, also how they’re being used for people to learn more about themselves.

For all these reasons, the 3rd House is also a ruler of romantic relationships. Those who have always chased a successful love life know how important communication is in a relationship.

The more two partners are in tune and talk, the more they grow as a couple. After all, romantic connections depend on communication and the power of listening. Those having their Third House agglomerated in their birth chart usually manifest their feelings chaotically and have the tendency to be dependent upon those with whom they’re exchanging emotions, which means they need to be surrounded by love and understanding.

It’s important for them to interact with individuals who have the same interests as them, no matter if these interests are artistic, cultural or related to traveling. While on their short trips, they’re as open as they can be, mostly because they don’t want to commit, nor to feel everything deep down inside their heart.

Those with many placements in their Third House are encouraged to communicate as much as possible, not matter if through letters or emails. They shouldn’t hesitate to spend their time on the phone, even with people they don’t know too well, as they can develop the strongest friendships by doing so, especially if they don’t ask themselves too many questions about the person they’re talking to.

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