Scorpio in 6th House: Most Profound Emotions


People born with Scorpio in 6th House are so serious about work that they can become obsessed with it. They can be extremely intense when dealing with their colleagues, so they work better alone.

If feeling drained from an emotional and mental point of view, they can easily get sick. Many of them have problems with their nervous system.

Scorpio on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Easy-going, reasonable and determined;
  • Negatives: Self-destructive and untrustworthy;
  • Advice: Try to avoid letting your mind be poisoned by anger feelings;
  • Celebrities: Marie Antoinette, Bruce Springsteen, Christine Teigen, Julianne Moore.

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Rather secretive individuals

Scorpio in the Sixth House people should find a job that’s challenging their creativity. When it comes to their everyday life, they need to find and experience their emotional and spiritual callings. When finding them, they must keep controlling the power they have.

These natives can also end up destroying themselves, especially if they allow themselves to be angry or frustrated. They shouldn’t allow their minds to think of revenge and to be poisoned by anger.

These people don’t pay too much attention to the mundane because they’re studying every little detail and give deeper meanings to everything. When mentioning details again, they can be obsessed with them, so others can become crazy seeing them so meticulous.

While they want to discover more about others, they’re keeping details about themselves hidden. This is why they’re so secretive and don’t allow anyone to enter their life easily.

More than this, they want to be in control when it comes to their lifestyle, so when feeling like they aren’t, they can lose it a little bit. The person born with Scorpio in the Sixth House is known to work hard and to make all of his or her dreams come true, so natives with this placement in their birth chart are pretty successful.

They love putting their ideas into practice and starting new projects from zero. Many of them are bankers, insurers or in forensics. When working, they’re giving themselves completely, so they’re flexible and very resourceful.

Because they’re analyzing every little detail with care, many of them are becoming researchers. Routine can make them feel like they have control, yet they should be careful to not obsess over it. If things for them aren’t going like they planned them, they can start to fight for control and for staying in power.

Therefore, they shouldn’t think that things are supposed to happen in their favor. Capable of working very hard and for long periods, they’re sometimes wasting their energy with unimportant details.

This is because they’re extreme and can do something until becoming exhausted. Their health problems can make them feel plagued, so they may struggle to feel good all the time. Many of them can go through traumas or experience serious health issues. However, they shouldn’t obsess over their pain because any obsession can worsen things for them.

Those of them who want to feel empowered need to master the connection between their mind and body, allowing themselves to experience total health. Sixth House Scorpios need to take care of their immune system.

Profound emotions

These natives need to regenerate when it comes to their work and the way they’re offering their help to others. By putting their ideas into practice and being pragmatic, they can have many new beginnings happening to them in life.

A Sixth House Scorpio individual has the Gemini as his or her Ascendant. The Gemini is the ruler of the nervous system and the Scorpio is emotional. Therefore, those who have these two signs present in their birth chart should not repress their desires because this can affect their health.

If they want to stay healthy, they must be using their mind so that truly happens. As said before, they can be self-destructive, not only from a psychological point of view but also a physical one. Their challenges are never easy to overcome because they’re always emotionally unsatisfied, unable to forgive or to make changes.

In case they’re in denial and dismissing any change coming their way, they can become unhappy and really angry. Scorpio in Sixth House is indicating natives with this placement have prejudices and have taboos when it comes to sex.

They’re not repressing anything, but if they’re not using their energy, they can become too obsessed with the most special essences of practicality, also they can develop obsessive-compulsive disorders regarding other issues.

As soon as they learn to accept their most profound emotions, they become very energetic and easy to deal with. Their studies can consume them a lot, but they still need to feel superior and big achievers through them. Being productive can help them advance in life more and more.

When winning, their health can improve, but if they’re suppressing their wishes, they can become sick. Sixth House Scorpios give a lot of importance to their public.

Because Pluto is naturally ruling the high octave and is a healer through regeneration, individuals born with Scorpio in the Sixth House must be worried about their health and this subject in general.

They should participate in meetings about it and alert people about what’s happening when it comes to their wellbeing.

Focused on their careers

The person born with Scorpio in the Sixth House would be very good at healing through holistic and psychic methods. Mars in the lower octave of the Scorpio is ruling doctors and instruments for surgery, meaning the health matter is very much involved in their life.

Natives born with Scorpio in 6th House possess strong intuition and have psychic abilities, not to mention they can diagnose any health problem, especially contagious diseases that are infecting entire communities.

When it comes to the high perspective, there are things these natives wouldn’t enjoy, like being guides for others. Not that they wouldn’t be good at it, they would just wouldn’t want to hear about other people’s problems.

While they’re giving a lot of importance to work, their results are not always noticeable. These natives would never be superficial when it comes to their job because they want to do their best and to bring progress anywhere they may be going.

Those of them who aren’t developed enough blame others for their mistakes and failures, not to mention they’re too rushed to improve in their professional life. When it comes to what their activities are producing, things need to be changed or their work is not bringing them enough satisfaction.

When it comes to using tools, they need to learn how to do it, as well as to not hate instruments when they’re not being successful with them. If they want success in business, they should improve their ways with technology and the materialistic side of life.

Natives born with Scorpio in Sixth House are feeling amazing when not trying to discover themselves and aren’t too eager to take on the opportunities they’ve been missing in life.

When it comes to money and their health, they’re feeling more than okay. In case they have any complex after failing a few times in life, they can end up being neurotic, or they can develop ulcer, perhaps something psychosomatic.

If it is for them to feel great, they need to take good care of their bodies and to develop their psyche. When positive about their emotions and having the chance to be alone for a while, they can regenerate from anything.

If bored and not enthusiastic, they can no longer have the motivation to do anything. When it comes to their profession, they’re composed and focused on their goals. They need a not so heavy load if there’s for them to remain healthy.

Therefore, they shouldn’t push themselves too hard at work. Being not so tolerant and flexible, these natives are difficult to talk to. They can have problems with their digestive and reproductive systems.

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