Leo in 12th House: Stronger than Average


People born with Leo in 12th House are incredibly strong but not showing it until challenged. The profoundness of their power is unconscious.

When it comes to their weaknesses, they’re too proud and egotistical. However, they have a sensitive soul and are empathetic, not to mention they’re capable of gaining the attention of others and as well make others shine.

Leo on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Strong, compassionate and decisive;
  • Negatives: Narrow-minded and withdrawn;
  • Advice: Temper your ego and learn to be humble so that more people like you;
  • Celebrities: Steve Jobs, Madonna, Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman, Drake, Jay-Z.

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Stronger than you’d think

Inside their heart, Twelfth House Leos are truly strong, but they don’t like to show it. More than this, their strength is manifesting when the situations are dangerous or their loved ones are in danger.

They have a lot of force and many reserves of power, being able to offer their support in the most unexpected circumstances. It’s difficult to manage and balance the force of Leo in the 12th House because the energy involved and hidden here is tremendous.

Natives with this placement are domineering and never revealing this trait of theirs, so they’re sitting on a throne of power and prefer to work from the shadows.

Their dreams and ideals are big, but they’re not insisting on pursuing them because they prefer to help others. This isn’t the worse idea for them, yet they need to make peace with themselves and to decide if they want to occupy the throne or to just sit on it and not be appreciated so much.

It can be said they’re more comfortable when not in the spotlight. During these moments, their power gets revealed and they can do their thing without anyone looking at them.

It’s possible for individuals born with Leo in 12th House to be timid and quiet in public, not to mention they’re stronger than they let others see.

As mentioned earlier, they’re very strong on the inside. When it comes to family matters, they’re the ones to take care of any important problem, but they’re hiding this positive trait as well.

They don’t like to show off and their efforts can remain unnoticed. For them, satisfaction comes from being themselves and having their own time. They can as well have spiritual drives.

Besides, these natives have great love for everyone in the world and are involved with charities. The 12th House is the one of spirituality, fulfillment, karma, the soul and spiritual awareness.

Waking up to their real purpose

When Leo is here, natives with this placement are ready to let their desires go to serve the Universe and to hold spirituality. Just like any other sign in the Zodiac, Leos have weaknesses as well. For example, they’re not paying enough attention to how others are feeling.

However, they’re compassionate and tolerant enough to have this negative trait fading. They should allow themselves to merge with the Universe because otherwise, they can become “deserted islands” and can no longer be connected to their true spirituality or the Universal force.

Natives born with Leo in Twelfth House need to admit their ego is as well part of the Universe and to be humble. This can help them reach their Oversoul and they can transfer from to the Universal self more easily. There’s no one in the world to break their will. The person born with Leo in 12th House can, however, become too selfish and proud.

People with this placement in their birth chart can fight against the deepness of their minds. Their opponent is their pride. If they want to win in any situation, they need to be less proud and more oriented to analyze details. Only this way, they can gain harmony for their souls and can live their life to the fullest.

When denying their personality, they need to just wake up and make some changes. They’ve likely been taught at home to help others because this is the correct way.

So, they can adapt to any person and situation, re-structuring their personality, even to the point of making situations too dramatic. Instead of making tragedies out of anything, they need to accept who they are and to admit that every person is special in their own way.

For them, letting go of their ego is the same as embracing it. These natives are meant to look at themselves and identify why they’re so special. This is something that can help them see what’s best in others and awaken their self-confidence. They’re like the VIPs of the Zodiac, as well those who are playing the agent for others.

This is making them awesome and has many praising their incredible talents. When wanting to have more confidence in themselves, they can become more spiritually aware and express their charm through art.

The Sun is the celestial body that’s ruling the Leo, as well the soul of people when it comes to everyday life. More than this, it puts an accent on the soul traits that should be developed in this sign.

Sacrificing their interests for others

A 12th House Leo individual can become depressed when pressured to have morals or to be submissive. These situations can make natives born with Leo in Twelfth House outrageous, even if they’re only dealing with some demands made to them.

More than this, they can feel like their energy levels are going down. For these reasons, they should initiate when it comes to their professional life, especially if they want to avoid no longer having any energy left.

Usually lonely, this is a positive trait of theirs because they can come up with the most inventive ideas. They can be devoted to what they love doing the most and invent new concepts for anything they’re accustomed with.

When bothered, they’re no longer inspired and can feel emotionally oppressed. These natives have great compassion for others and love being involved in charity activities. They can’t accept that there are imbalances in the world and for this reason, they can become nihilistic.

When their character is developing in negative circumstances, they can start to no longer care about what others need. No matter how they’re living, they must be making their dreams come true.

If the scenarios are positive, the opposite can happen and they can sacrifice their interests for others or for obtaining material gains. This can come with their wish to lead and their unique way of accepting the power of the Universe.

The Leo in 12th House aspect can negatively impact people from a personal point of view, but it gives them help to achieve great things when it comes to their professional life. People with this placement in their birth chart are perfect for working form the shadows, so they could be movie directors or researchers. This type of job can help them focus on what they need to do and not on competing.

When setting some goals for themselves, they should have a look in which direction their spirituality is pushing them because this can have their talents expressed more easily.

Natives born with Leo in 12th House need to be aware of their inner power and desires while keeping them hidden from the world. Their good memories in their unconscious can make them more self-confident and at peace with themselves. However, if they were dishonest, they need to accept that others have defects, during this lifetime.

More than this, they need to get together with people like themselves to not be criticized. Because they don’t have an accurate image of their self, they’re giving a lot of importance to helping others and can invest all of their energy in discovering how they are perceived by others.

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