Scorpio in 3rd House: Staying Away from Compromises


Scorpio in Third house natives can have fixed opinions, not to mention they can as well dig for all the evidence needed for them to reach their conclusions.

They’re witty and can spot hypocrisy from a mile away, meaning they’re all the time questioning others and even authority. Because they’re as well persistent, they make incredible detectives and even researchers.

Scorpio on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Cheerful, curious and honest;
  • Negatives: Scatter-brained and cowardly;
  • Advice: Avoid judging others on a whim, especially before knowing their motives;
  • Celebrities: Frédéric Chopin, Chris Martin, Hugh Grant, Kevin Costner, Bella Hadid.

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Not ones to make compromises

People born with Scorpio in the 3rd House can’t be handled too easily. Their mind is powerful and always looking for deep meanings, so this is why their humor is dark.

Sometimes, they can have thoughts and use words that are only expressing their unhappiness and aren’t pure. This placement is a good one for people of science and occultists, even if challenging for matters of the heart and emotions.

The darkness of Scorpio can be seen in their mind, but at least they have clear feelings and can laugh about any matter without every becoming depressed because they’re beautiful. The best idea for them is to employ beauty in whatever they may be doing and at work.

In case they manage to see goodness in everything, they can gain a clearer mind and discover what their mind is hiding.

When it comes to their adventurous spirit and insight, these can be greatly manifested in them. 3rd House Scorpios have a very composed mind and are sincere when expressing themselves.

Because they know what to say and when the time is right, they’re the perfect partners of conversation. Even if categorical in their speech, they can still miss some points when talking.

When building their connections with others, they don’t like to make compromises and are stubborn, as well as highly emotional. When it comes to them being upset, they’re more silent rather and can’t feel indignation. However, if they need to speak, they want to talk only about merits and to be criticizing.

People born with Scorpio in the Third House tend to intellectualize their emotions. They tend to not see life as more than is, so they’re all the time looking to see the deeper meaning of things, no matter what they may be doing. It’s easy for them to discuss private matters.

They’re good as listeners and can take care of others’ thoughts and worries. This is usually happening when it comes to sex and money.

They can’t disclose too much about themselves because they’re mysterious and secretive. When speaking, they like to ask many questions and to share their experiences.

Eager to discover hidden things

Paying a lot of attention to how they’re responding from an emotional point of view, they can learn a lot about how others feel and how to deal with them. Individuals born with Scorpio in the Third House believe in themselves and their own opinions a lot, so nothing can make them budge when they believe in something.

They can be domineering and very intense when communicating, meaning they can easily overwhelm others. Their words can help them transform not only their own life but also the one of others.

These natives love researching and can’t stop doing it until they got to the core of an issue. If having an interest, they can obsess over it. Also, they can judge too much and feel like people should do only what they want them to do.

Pluto in the Third House is making people more eager to study the mysteries of life and the Universe, as well as to understand things about Cosmos. This means they have a strong mind that needs to probe everything. However, when Pluto is not in positive aspects in their birth chart, they can be depressed and have existential crises.

It can be difficult to identify what’s making people have a cosmic existence, but at least 3rd House Scorpios possess a bust mind that needs to express itself to become calm. This is why they’re good artists or writers.

People born with Scorpio in Third House don’t always accept when they may be wrong and tend to blame others for their mistakes. They think society is being aggressive and are always looking to protect themselves from others.

Not even the most logical beliefs can make them more sympathetic because they think everyone is attacking them.

More curious about the subtext, they can sometimes miss on what matters the most. Therefore, they can investigate too much when trying to learn, just because they want to see what’s behind the lines and what people aren’t revealing.

They can teach others how to no longer be superficial and to investigate more. However, they shouldn’t exaggerate with this because they can end up being paranoid. It can be said this mentality of theirs is somehow hypocritical and at the same time destructive because they’re relying too much on subtext.

When it comes to their relationships with their siblings, these can be very intense. They can be a combination of love and hate, almost taken to the obsession point. This is because they feel their brothers and sisters have a power that they need to investigate, no matter if this power is coming from traumatic experiences and even death.

If they haven’t been raised with siblings, they’re mysterious and forcing other children to determine who they are. This is why they’re private with their neighbors and can’t stand gossip.

Scorpio in the Third House is indicating people with this placement have fixed ideas when it comes to communicating and learning. They give a lot of importance to the way they use their words, not to mention they can be intense when it comes to retaining them.

Their opinions about life are strong and they tend to criticize those who oppose them. They want their loved ones to accept what they’re saying because otherwise, their relationships can be troublesome.

Not forcing their opinions on others

This is a placement that’s making the sign of Scorpio want to know more about the value of mankind and what brotherhood is.

Scorpios usually don’t like being personal with others, but they need to be communicative and to share their feelings. They shouldn’t be in any way selfish because this can no longer have them pure and knowing how to help mankind.

The person born with Scorpio in 3rd House shouldn’t allow his or her thoughts to dominate, nor to force their opinions on others because Pluto is ruling over his or her high octave. Natives with this placement don’t usually allow others to express their opinions.

Therefore, they must learn how to be more permissive and to allow others to express themselves because this is the only way for them to learn. Because the 3rd House is also the one of publishing, their Scorpio should allow them to express themselves through writing or other artistic ways.

Those who are developed harmoniously ask a lot of themselves, so they can dedicate their lives to missionary pursuits. Because they don’t care too much about what others think of them and have strong principles, they can’t identify themselves with certain stereotypes.

When trying to get educated, these natives give a lot of importance to their teachers and aren’t paying attention to any prejudice. If susceptible to others, they can be hurt about each remark, no matter how mild or painful. It’s a good idea for their teachers to have sympathy for them.

If they want to improve the way they’re being educated, they need to no longer criticize themselves that much and to believe in themselves.

Approaching things the right way, they can understand the deepest matters of any issue and become good teachers themselves. The more they’re committed and suspicious, the more criticizing they’re becoming. Third House Scorpios are always in contact with the esoteric realm.

When carrying out a conversation, they pay a lot of attention and focus on communication. Before committing to anything, they prefer to check the matter many times.

People born with Scorpio in 3rd House are more silent than they like to admit, so they’re rarely speaking against their opponents. When communicating, they’re witty and spiritual.

Having the ability to analyze and an amazing memory, they can easily gain knowledge. This is why many of them are critics of literature and art. Their communication ways are usually precise, so they’re pretty straightforward.

At the same time, they have a lot of energy and are very resourceful, not to mention creative. Their words can heal others because they’re soothing and calm.

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