Aquarius in 6th House: Welcoming Change in All Life Aspects


Those who have Aquarius in 6th House love to cooperate with their co-workers, even if feeling different from them and being more detached. These people are original and don’t like to discuss nonsense.

They enjoy teamwork and are never interested in obtaining financial advantages. Stress at work can cause their nervous system to break, so they must be approaching their health carefully. If there’s for them to be happy, they need to come up with innovative ideas that seem strange.

Aquarius on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Clear-headed, tough and practical;
  • Negatives: Tactless and stubborn;
  • Advice: Be bold and make use of technology in ways to make your life easier;
  • Celebrities: Renée Zellweger, Joaquín Phoenix, Ryan Reynolds, Woody Allen, Paul Walker.

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Paying attention to their surroundings

Since these people are making friends with anyone, they like collaborating with their colleagues. When nervous, they can end up suffering from health issues, so they need to tame their wild energy somehow.

These natives are great scientists, technology innovators, and inventors. As far as their everyday occupations are going, they’re concentrating to make their groups happy and to have efficiency as a result of teamwork. They may be discovering the talents and abilities of each individual that’s collaborating with them so that the contribution to the greater good is being maximized.

The person born with Aquarius in the Sixth House is looking to contribute to mankind by uniqueness. People with this placement know everything about the dynamics of groups in a work environment, so they’re the best when it comes to cooperating.

Their high levels of energy and desire to have variety can be something they’re having for an entire lifetime.

Aquarius in the 6th House is indicating people having it in their birth chart can get into a lot of trouble and continue with their most original projects. After doing what they’re doing, they can just realize that they no longer have the energy to get up from their bed.

They’re most of the time focusing only on themselves, so they take breaks to evaluate their physical wellbeing. When having to exercise, they need to be challenged, so these natives are the ones running marathons and participating at races.

At the same time, they can diet and look everywhere online for ideas on how their nutrition can improve.

Being a little bit of the mad geniuses of society, they can go on with their ideas, even when not properly understood by others. Their plans may never stick, so they’re often just not insisting on going ahead with them. This can be their routine, together with using their intuition to get only what they want.

This is the way they’re living and what’s giving them the freedom they’re so much craving. In case they’re not behaving naturally, chaos may arise and frustrations can take over their life.

When it comes to staying healthy, these natives are using the strangest methods. They have an open mind to use any unusual healing method and pills.

When it comes to taking advice about how their body is functioning, they’re not the ones to be too much into this. They can be so defiant that they may feel the need to rebel when being told about any new exercise program or nutrition program.

Friendships are very important

People born with Aquarius in the Sixth House can suddenly break from a habit just when they were accommodating with it because they want to experience new ones and to find the best ideas for them to remain healthy.

Their activities can be the most creative and when collaborating with people at their workplace, they prefer to keep the talks informal and to be natural.

This is because they want to be surrounded by friends and in surroundings that are allowing them a lot of freedom. When having to work with others, they’re doing it with all of their pleasure, even if they’re rapidly getting bored, especially when seeing others are being irresponsible.

When conflicts are taking place at their workplace, they no longer care about who’s the boss and stand by the principles they believe in. 6th House Aquariuses love changing their place of work and profession.

This can also happen because they can’t integrate into groups or simply because they’re looking to do something they haven’t done before.

When making an effort at their job, they’re imaginative and ingenious, not to mention they love using all kind of high-tech instruments. They should make use of all kinds of electronics and make their work easier with them.

Having the mind of engineers, 6th House Aquariuses like to study the most complicated concepts and use the strangest technological instruments for them to deal with more abstract notions. Natives born with Aquarius in Sixth House love being involved in humanitarian actions, being creative and coming up with all sorts of original ideas.

At the same time, they know how to work their methods through. Treating their colleagues with respect, they’re the ones to be involved in all kinds of team projects. People born with Aquarius in 6th House can lose their interest when members of their group don’t trust a project they’re working on is going to be finished.

Their challenge is to overcome the fact that they’re so eager team players that they’re forgetting to take care of other things besides their job. This, or perhaps they can allow their professional life to merge with the personal one.

It doesn’t matter which one of these two, they need to learn how to live their work behind and take care of what matters to them at home.

Always focused on a project or another one, they’re never just trying to make things stylish, as they’re interested in profoundness. When developing a program, they’re true visionaries.

Attentive with their wellbeing

When it comes to the placement of Aquarius in the Sixth House, the characteristics of the Water Bearer can begin to reveal themselves, the more the native is ready to become involved with the collective to take part in movements, most of them pretty progressive.

Often, natives born with Aquarius in 6th House are ready to just do their thing or join groups of people who think just like them. This way, they can collaborate, but this doesn’t mean they’d no longer be detached. Their physiology is not always supported by the habits they used to have in the family that raised them.

Therefore, they may need to change their diet and maybe to sleep less, but they mustn’t be stressing their nerves too much.

If having a solid base and exercising a lot, they can be more connected with their own body and make things easier for them, especially when having to deal with their ideas that are perfectly grounded and have their thoughts materializing.

If Sixth House Aquariuses are changing their jobs often enough, they can find the group with which they can stick, also their cosmic siblings. This is meant to have them understand more the teachings of those who have been their ancestors.

In case these natives are open to welcome change in their life and to accept stressful situations, they can turn out to be the best innovators, those whose ideas can be very valuable.

Big humanitarians, they’re always willing to give a hand to those in need. At work, they prefer to not be pressured by time, so they’re not the type to follow a schedule. Their labor is often available with a lot of inspiration and they’re insightful, and they’re trying to use these things for their work to be more efficient.

After all, their ideas are simply incredible and always perfect for becoming a reality. These people are not the ones to remember what they did and to ask for retribution for their good deeds.

When interacting with their employees, they can communicate very well, but they’re never willing to do what they don’t like. When trying to remain healthy, they should not ignore the methods everyone is using for a stronger immune system.

People born with Aquarius in the 6th House wouldn’t ignore their Aquarius and not be inventive. They may want to be involved in everything and anything, so it’s possible to find them doing community work.

If loners, they can decide to be involved in social projects and help others who are less fortunate. Their philosophy of life may be focused on helping others, not on what they want or need. They’re aware of the fact that they’re working for the common good.

The health of a Sixth House Aquarius individual depends a lot on the native’s mental state. People with this placement need to be able to have their thoughts flying around, so they should balance their old thoughts with their most surprising ideas.

When working, they’re diligent and proud of what they’ve done or their future projects. Nothing can interfere with the flow of their efforts. These natives want to be very productive and can perform more than one task at a time, meaning they can become easily nervous.

More than this, they may always feel like they don’t have enough time for anything. This can manifest a lot when they’re pursuing their interests. Nature gave them the talent to be true reformers. They can choose to serve society because they’re charitable and like to volunteer.

When they can’t identify where they should place their energy, they start to focus more on health and dieting. These natives must identify how they can put their true potential to work. They’re usually very curious about the best recipes and eating healthy, not to mention they love medicine.

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