Libra in 2nd House: Calculated and Resourceful


The symbol for Libra is the Scales, which represent balance in everything, including the budget. People born with Libra in the 2nd House can be distressed when sudden changes appear in their plans and with their money.

These natives are the happiest when using their mind at work and when helping others, not to mention they’re great communicators, lawyers or artists. They can fulfill their financial plans when doing something that’s making them feel personally satisfied.

Libra on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Confident, resourceful and clever;
  • Negatives: Reckless and obstinate;
  • Advice: Try not to hold grudges, especially towards people you care or used to care about;
  • Celebrities: Walt Disney, Frédéric Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Albert Camus.

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A calculated and rather frugal being

Always trying to take care of their budget and to weigh what matters the most and what doesn’t when it comes to investing, Libra in the Second house natives can feel like their financial situation is never balanced, which can make them feel bad.

These natives can make money when their partner or spouse is helping them. Having expensive tastes, they still don’t spend more than they have or on useless things.

These people can make their money from activities that are related to the Libra sign, as artists or beauticians, fashion designers or wedding planners. The person born with Libra in the Second House can be a little bit adventurous and agitated.

Natives with this placement can go on all sorts of journeys in which they’re mediators and are trying to uncover the most intricate plans meant to scam. These natives tend to always be with a partner or their spouse.

When it comes to money, they can make it to buy the most beautiful things in life. However, they can have an irregular path when doing just so because they’re frugal and eccentric. They appreciate art and are bohemian.

They can alternate between modesty and exaggerated elegance, between accumulating wealth and spending too much. Loving comfort, they can but a lot of expensive furniture and things for their home they don’t need.

However, they’re pretty balanced with their money and want to collaborate with others to make it. Their love for luxury can have them buying high-quality things and possessing many items.

Sometimes, they can be frugal, but at least they know how to budget and to stay within their limits when going out. The remainder of the time, they spend a lot on fancy hotels and prefer to spend time in places that are nicely decorated.

These natives categorize people by how much they’re making. With those who are rich, they’re forgiving and tolerant, whereas, with the ones who don’t make too much money, they’re very cruel. For them, the saying that there’s no justice for the poor applied very well.

As said before, Second House Libras can make a lot of money from trading or the wedding industry, as well as from public speaking. Some are in the legal business because they’re good at mediating and closing deals.

How they manage their resources

When it comes to relationships, they can be cold because they have a too logical mind. After parting ways with someone, they prefer to remain, friends, because they don’t believe in complete ruptures.

This is because their partnerships are influencing their survival skills. Libra in 2nd House can be a challenging placement for those who are trying to obtain the material, physical and financial resources for them to have the lifestyle they desire. People with it in their birth chart don’t want to do anything to take care of themselves and prefer to work with others.

The purpose of the Second House is to support what has emerged from the First One. This 2nd one is of possessions and things that can or can’t be purchased. In children, it is the House of desires, whereas in adults, the one of how resources are being managed.

This is the placement for finances and good investments. Whereas it shouldn’t be emphasized because money mustn’t be everything in life, it’s a good place to start analyzing its characteristics. In case possessions are reflecting individuality, the achievements of the Second House are very important for a person.

Analyzing more, the Second House that rules over possessions is indicating what ambitions people have when it comes to money, sex, the properties they own and their wish to become richer.

This is why so many wealthy people are in the sign of Taurus, the ruler of this House. A Second House Libra individual can do a great job in a position of power, but he or she needs to be focused on making money and sharing with others.

Natives with this placement must want to do good and to bring some changes to the world. It isn’t easy to put obstacles for them from making their dreams come true, but they should still know their limits and not cross any boundaries when it comes to business. However, they don’t spend more than they have because they want to pay the rent rather than to buy a new car.

Sharing with others

When expressing their love, they make gifts that are personal and express their affection. They think presents are ways of making people know they’re being loved. If having someone in their life, they do what it takes to be good providers.

Besides, they can resist being in a partnership if they don’t have enough financial resources to be providers and to live the way they want to. Their self-esteem is based on how they get along with others. They can’t love themselves when not being able to cooperate.

At the same time, their self-worth is built on how they attractive they’re feeling. That’s why they shouldn’t judge themselves that much and enjoy life as it is. The more secure they’re feeling, the better their relationships are, as well their feelings more stable and realistic.

They should just meet him or her halfway. Giving a lot of importance to money, they feel happy when able to buy the nicest things.

Therefore, they’re all the time treating themselves and making gifts to show how affectionate they are. People born with Libra in the Second House are feeling more worthy when their relationships are in good order.

Somehow, this can lead to problems and to them being envious of those who have harmonious connections. At the same time, they can only get together with people who can bring them material benefits and get married out of interest.

If the position of Libra in the Second House is not in good aspects, they can be superficial and only interested in possessions.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often and they can get all the beneficial influences from their outside world. 2nd House Libras are predisposed to make money with the help of others, so they’re the ones working in teams and forming partnerships.

They should be balanced no matter what they may be doing, as well as sincere and enthusiastic when it comes to their connection.

Logical and able to fairly reason, their spiritual development can be impeded by the combination of the Libra with the Second House. However, partnerships are still advantaged here.

Individuals born with Libra in Second House are eccentric and most of the time confused about their financial situation because they can’t make money on their own. Loving luxury items and to enjoy all life’s pleasures, they believe nothing is impossible and that they can buy anything.

The world outside their mind is different from the one inside, so they need to find their comfort area in between. When not having their ethics and personal wishes, they can absorb the ones in their environment, anything they consider good for themselves.

These natives should have an open mind and be more independent, so their energy doesn’t get spent on what’s not deserving. At the same time, they should be modest and act like adults because being children doesn’t suit them.

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