Virgo in 1st House: Taking Advantage of the Strongest Traits


People born with Virgo in 1st House are very practical and can easily deal with the mundane. They want to help, but they’re seen as too criticizing or focused on perfection, as they want to get things done the right way and are never scared of saying something when others are wrong.

All this can seriously influence their relationships, especially if they’re with the independent Aquarius or the superficial Gemini. When it comes to interpersonal connections, they’re good with people who like discipline as much as they do, and those who don’t want to relinquish control.

Virgo on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Sincere, rational and meticulous;
  • Negatives: Pessimistic and reckless;
  • Advice: Worry less about every little detail and you will feel freer in your own life;
  • Celebrities: Oscar Wilde, Dolly Parton, Agatha Christie, Albert Camus, Charles Baudelaire.

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Attaining success by all means

The person born with Virgo in the 1st House is meant to be of service. While Mercury is full of exaltation in this sign, it doesn’t make people too strong from a physical point of view because it brings about all kinds of health problems.

When it comes to the advantages of this placement in their birth chart, these are about making natives more intelligent and giving them clarity of the mind.

Individuals born with Virgo in 1st House are being challenged to see the big picture and to separate the boring details from the higher-order, which can lead to problems when it comes to trust and can make them feel deceived.

More than this, they tend to be extreme. When implementing or developing some ideas, they’re acting methodically and never lose consistency. These are used to keep in mind every detail and to analyze things, this being the reason why they’re attaining success in life.

They’re oriented towards perfection and quality, not to mention they can develop the most perfect relationships with others. It’s easy to trust them because they’re very rational and always keeping their promises.

However, their criticism can bother because they tend to take everything personally and to be very cold when talking about others.

Everything natives born during with Virgo in the 1st House are doing is important. Besides, they’re looking to be the masters of life and professional, so when connecting with others, they’re expecting the results only they are aiming for.

When it comes to taking on new businesses, they’re serious and stable, even if their personality is sometimes changing in waves. Individuals born with Virgo in First House are practical, reserved and charming. Also elegant, they’re carefully planning their activities and doing things systematically.

It’s rare to find any mistakes in what they completed. When it comes to their surroundings, they want everything clean because this is their nature. Many know them as workaholics who are putting things in their place and are irritating.

Refined, good analyzers and critiques, their main defect is finding flaws in everything. These people’s body is always affected by the planets that are transiting their First House and by the transits of Mercury.

Looking for everything to be perfect

When the Virgo is in the 1st House, it’s just like Mercury is placed here as well, also the same with having Gemini in the same position, looking at how much importance is being given to communication.

However, Virgos are introverted and Gemini the opposite, not to mention those with Virgo in the First House are the intellectual type. They’re as well pessimistic and can rest too much on details.

When it comes to their bodies, they can judge it too much and prefer to concentrate on nasty details. This comes naturally to them since the planet of messages Mercury is enhancing their minds and influences them to leave physicality behind.

People born with Virgo in the First House are simply thinking a lot and see only the bad side of life. They’re looking to be perfect and can be difficult to handle because they’re expecting too much of themselves and others. Identifying the mistakes in everything is their strongest trait, even it’s not at all helpful when it comes to relationships.

These natives are as well pessimistic or all the time criticizing themselves, so they should change all this about themselves. Worrying a lot about every little detail, they can easily get sick. It’s important for them to not be bitter and regretful when learning from new experiences because this type of negativity can have them feel inadequate.

It’s good they’re all the time looking younger than they are. Because they’re all the time running around and can’t easily make decisions, they’re not weighing too much. It’s almost impossible for these people to relax, meaning they’re prone to nervous diseases. When criticizing others, they’re fuzzy and seen as nasty.

Because they’re living in the present, it can be impossible for them to plan for the long term. Their performances in public are rather intellectual than dramatic. As far as their character is going, they’re logical, constant and straightforward. They’re developing only when going through some experiences on their own and when trusting.

It’s easy to learn about their personality because they’re never too independent and all the time busy. Looking to have a disciplined and comfortable life, they can be troubled when not in a clean environment because they’re very neat.

More than often, people born with Virgo in First House are feeling unhappy with their own life and surroundings because they can’t enjoy anything when things aren’t going the way they want them to. However, they can appreciate every little detail.

They’re seen as practical individuals with a rational and methodical way of thinking. Looking at every little detail, nothing can escape their eye, but they have a problem when it comes to noticing anything about the big picture.

Precise and responsible

Organized, First House Virgos want order and to follow a routine. It’s very likely for them to be nervous in public, as well as not sure of their abilities, so they need to keep busy if they want to seem more calculated.

It’s possible for them to work themselves too much and to do what others don’t want to, even if they’re struggling all alone, the way they prefer it. These people can take notice of every little detail, so it’s difficult for them to see the big picture.

They are those types who are always making lists and trying as much as possible to instill discipline. Everyone looks at them when wanting to build a plan or to stick to the most efficient routine. While they may seem agitated in public, they’re unsure of themselves, especially when having nothing to do.

First House Virgos are working themselves too much and want to do what others can’t or don’t want to. However, they like taking action all by themselves. When it comes to expressing their feelings, they’re doing this in a precise manner, the only situation in which they’re not manifesting themselves.

Because they have a sense of business and are sensible, it’s not usual for them to give up and to be disorganized, but they can become tired when being too worried about what doesn’t matter.

A 1st House Virgo individual knows how to be young. When it comes to seeing weaknesses in others, they can see the right ones, most elegantly. They can become famous as comedians or entertainers. Their minds can perceive anything, not to mention they can see what’s making others more perfect, which in return is helping them identify their weaknesses.

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