Capricorn in 5th House: Looking for Peace and Quiet


People born with Capricorn in 5th House may seem little prudes when it comes to love and sex. They seem cold around their lovers, at least until the ice is broken.

Careful when it comes to speculation, these people don’t like taking any risk. Hard workers and serious, these natives don’t enjoy just about any life pleasure. When it comes to their goals and dreams, these can become a reality if they’re also relaxing from time to time. For them, their professional job needs to be enjoyable, especially if they want to make a lot of money.

Capricorn on the Fifth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Logical, intuitive and precise;
  • Negatives: Obstinate and vain;
  • Advice: Don’t be too hard on yourself during stressful times;
  • Celebrities: Tom Hanks, Johnny Hallyday, Roger Federer, Woody Allen, Audrey Tatou, Dalida.

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Rather conceited and stubborn

Natives born with Capricorn in the 5th House are pedantic and sometimes stiff, especially when courting someone. In spite of their detached ways, they can still have strong emotions and focus on love.

A 5th House Capricorn individual doesn’t like taking risks and going to casinos. Even when having fun, natives with this placement are keeping their calm and their minds clear.

More than this, they can’t stand being in a disorganized environment. It’s rare for them to be creative by themselves, so they need a partner or their relatives around. It should be noted these people are careful with what they’re doing, as well as hard workers.

This is why they’re considered workaholics by others. 5th House Capricorns don’t like having jokes made of them, especially when it comes to their personal life. They don’t know how to deal with failure, so their life can take a negative turn for this reason.

Their “I” is optimistic, but at the same time intolerant and reserved. These natives have good managerial skills and can manipulate others to get things done the proper way.

Those of them who have developed negatively are energetic vampires, pessimistic and always complaining about their own life. Their creativity comes from their hard work. Making a goal out of every moment in their life, they live by being dedicated to their goals.

As children, they most likely haven’t had too much fun because they were more like adults and felt like no one can do things better than them. These natives can be very strict with their children, but at least they’re as well encouraging. Their little ones most likely have Capricorn or Saturn in their birth chart.

Looking for the quiet places

Individuals born with Capricorn in 5th House find authoritative figures to be very attractive, even if they’re all the time in control. As soon as in love, they’re expecting everything to be practical and in good order. However, they can stop wanting things after some time.

Their mind is very creative, but only when it comes to matters that are specific to the sign of Capricorn. They must use their imagination by reacting in a direct way to the 5th House, especially when it comes to relationships.

Because their challenge is to have as many connections as possible, they need to be creative when interacting with others, as well as to not limit themselves to just go with the flow in life, even to accept what others are imposing onto them. Fifth House Capricorns tend to go for quiet places because they don’t like agitation or mingling. When it comes to romance, they prefer to be reserved and to follow a direction.

If thinking they’re unhappy with a partner, these natives may choose to be alone. They can manifest their feelings towards someone they love in a cool manner and they’re doing it this way because they don’t want to feel abandoned.

When it comes to their religious ways, they’re often unhappy, thinking God is asking more than it offers.

As professionals, they can achieve success by being teachers because this is what they’re most inclined to do in life. At home, they’re loyal and giving. When education their children, natives born with Capricorn in Fifth House are very responsible, so their children can’t be spoiled.

These natives are very serious, realistic and careful in the matter of sex. They think true love is something that only exists in fairytales, so it’s unlikely for them to enjoy sex and romanticism as much as others.

It’s unlikely for them to open up rapidly to love, but as soon as doing it, they can become the sweetest and most caring people in the world. Their love life is somehow limited because they’re more practical than tender. However, as soon as in love, they can be with the person of their choice for a lifetime, no matter how difficult the times.

Using their imagination more

Not believing in free time, these natives are usually working when having some spare moments.

They simply don’t insist on having too much fun. Even when young, they simply can’t do it, so their creative talents may emerge when they’re a little bit older. About love, they’re pragmatic and prefer to take their time because no one can rush them. As parents, they’re strict and can teach their little ones many things.

Capricorn in their 5th House is indicating they’re practical, hardworking and devoted, but reserved when it comes to love. Disciplined and good teachers for the young, they’re still cold when having to deal with emotions. Conservative and not liking to take risks, their creativity is more about reading or writing.

The Capricorn is a sign that doesn’t like gambling or to waste financial resources. When in the 5th House, it can release what the natural ruler here is influencing natives to do, which is being adventurous about different opportunities.

Fifth House Capricorns may have issues with their exaggerated fear, moments of panic, inability to rest and bodily spasms. It can’t be easy to have this placement here because it draws the energy from people, making them less able to enjoy life and their free time. These natives are strict with themselves and their loved ones.

The fact that they’re planning too much can have them lacking spontaneity and being truly happy. They can be truly satisfied when studying matters of spirituality, history, and archaeology, so they should focus on their time and how they’re addressing their responsibilities.

It’s a good idea for them to meditate and to build a strong relationship with God because this is what they need to do in this lifetime. They’d rather be inspired than creative because they need goals and to be driven. Even the most artistic of them are still focused on their work.

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