The 5th House in Astrology: Self Expression and Childhood


The 5th House is a succedent house and ruled by the zodiac sign of the Leo, whereas its planet is the Sun. It stands for creativity, self-expression, entertainment, pleasure, playfulness, gambling, the past, speculation, romantic attitudes and relationships, lovers and not spouses, fun, costumes, adornment and even drama.

The 5th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Relaxation, childhood, entertainment and creativity;
  • Positives: Pleasurable experiences in life;
  • Negatives: A hedonistic and unbalanced view of life, irresponsibility;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are a natural entertainer who can easily self-express.

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Being a house for play of any kind, the Fifth is strongly related to children, imagination and romance. The planers present here are influencing the artistic expression of people, whereas those transiting have an influence over the natives’ self-confidence.

The Fifth House holds all the energy of the Leo. It also stands for joy and the moments that make life more pleasurable, which means it’s the home of spontaneity and creativity expressed through playfulness. This is why attitudes towards love, having fun and romance are included here as well.

Besides, it governs the relationship between lovers who aren’t spouses, the romantic gestures and every creative project, the desire to have children, to be at the centre of attention, to perform on stage and to dress in costumes, all while having an influence over the desire to be adored.

This house has rulership over the native’s first child, not to mention that the planets present in it speak a lot about the gender of this child and his or her character. Furthermore, the planets and sings in the Fifth House’s cusp may reveal the sign of the first born and the planetary influences in his or her birth chart.

When it comes to the second child, he or she is ruled by the 7th House, whereas the 3rd by the 9th. Fertility of a native can be easily observed by looking at the planets in the 5th House too.

This is the place of childhood, more precisely of what activities natives prefer when very young. The 4th House is also the ruler of childhood, but the 5th has an influence over the people and situations that come from the youngster’s outer world. It stands for the fun little ones like to have, the way they discover and interpret the world, their creativity and desire to have fun.

Opposing the 5th House is the 11th one, while the 2 form a romantic axle of love. The Fifth House is the lovers’ nest, whereas in the 11th, people are beloved. In the 5th, active courtship is taking place.

Here, all the games of love with playfulness and fun are being revealed, also the natives’ reaction to rejection or acceptance coming from their person of interest. They can be either the type liking Spanish serenades under their window, or they may want to be shown other and very different signs of love.

The Fifth House reveals what kind of romantic gestures they’re in to. It also says how open is their heart when dealing with rejection, to forgive or to get creative with the ways they’re dealing with their suffering. Here, the way they create their love for their other half is accentuated.

Some natives may be the type of lovers who perform and make grand gestures for their partner, others may use all their creativity to reinforce their feelings. The Fifth House is also the home of a person’s competitive nature when it comes to his or her true calling, the way he or she expresses the ego through skills.

It’s the area of traditional sports that involve matches between 2 competitors. Those who want to find out more about their luck in life should have a look at their 5th House. Here, the Laws of Chance and the ability of using them are being expressed.

While good planets in this house mean a lot of good luck, malefic ones indicate gambling addictions and a bad luck when it comes to winning at games. The Fifth House is also the place revealing how individuals like to have fun, their hobbies included, also all sort of sporting activities and recreational games, financial speculation and gambling.

It’s also the place for creativity and fun activities. The planets here indicate if the natives like to collect objects, to gamble or perhaps to play sports. Their obsessions are also present here, seeing the line between hobby and obsession is rather blurry and not clear.

Emotional pleasure and romantic affairs are also present in the Fifth House. There are many ways in which someone can become emotionally happy, one of them being gambling.

While financial risk is involved with such type of activity, the person who likes taking such a risk may act the same when it comes to other aspects of life, such as love and career.

The 5th House indicates how much he or she takes pleasure in doing dangerous things, also his or her desire to have fun for pleasure. Since the 5th House is also the one of children, it sends back to young creativity, also the way parents view themselves through the eyes of their little ones.

More than this, it represents how much they’re giving their children, with the good and the bad in their character. It also represents how much pleasure they’re getting from what the youngsters are doing and achieving.

For example, they may be very good in school or the best athletes in their school. According to the placements in the 5th House, parents may or may not enjoy playing childhood games with their kids.

The Fifth House and love

Ruled by the passionate Leo, the Fifth House indicates how much people are focused on their family and home, not saying necessarily how many children they’re going to have, more how they’re going to have fun with their little ones.

This house is also the place for romantic relationships that can withstand any test and the passing of time. It’s very important to know how to have fun in love, also to enjoy a romantic relationship with both its ups and downs.

Bonding is also something indicated by this house. Through bonding, 2 lovers can truly understand one another and feel like they’re meant to have fun together. The affinity between houses and planets defines a lot of the people’s character.

In the 5th House, Venus is at home and brings a lot of strong feelings towards the partner, artistic creativity, the desire to have fun, more talents and the ability to communicate very efficiently with children.

Venus here also increases affectivity, making people more enterprising and active when having to express their love. It also makes it easier to transform duty into pleasure by being more artistic and fun.

Furthermore, Venus in the 5th House influences natives to be more romantic, kind, warm and seductive. When it comes to the dangers of this position, these are the desire to be at the centre of attention and developing a dependency on fun.

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