Taurus in 9th House: Fair and Expansive


When it comes to natives born with Taurus in 9th House, these are true traditionalists who want to keep the old values alive. Headstrong when it comes to their way of thinking and the actions they’re taking, these natives like to also be domineering.

They love to travel and are strongly connected with mother nature. Many of them decide to live far away from where they were born. When it comes to what they’re sensitive to, this is practicality and beauty. When they’re observing things in order to form opinions, they manage to draw all the attention on themselves.

Taurus on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Friendly, approachable and valiant;
  • Negatives: Weak-willed and disorganized;
  • Advice: Explore more of the hidden aspects of your friendships;
  • Celebrities: Bruce Willis, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Ryan Reynolds, Joaquin Phoenix.

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A fair view of the world

Insisting to obtain fairness and to be judicious when it comes to finances, Ninth House Tauruses are more focused than others on the materialistic side of life.

They need to experience life as it comes and to be focused on making money or enjoying pleasure, this being the reason why they’re so good as chefs, bankers or brokers.

When not lacking the initiative and having all of the energy they need, these people can be excellent with any practical issue, but when others keep hurting or disappointing them, they close and no longer communicate.

The placement of Taurus in the 9th House is tricky because it’s making people lazy and unwilling to ever accept change. People having it in their birth chart are especially happy when enjoying tradition and if Venus is in good aspects, they can struggle to combine the family values they believe in with the practicality of life.

They may look into what’s spiritual and philosophical to obtain financial gains and to have everything they need. However, there is for them the danger to use their intellect too much in the practical direction, thinking their values and life philosophies are the only ones that can help them.

They mustn’t be only depending on education and knowledge to gain more wealth because they can discover that transmitting their wisdom can help them in this direction.

More than this, they may see how their religious views are greatly contributing to their abundance, together with their philosophical beliefs.

Their life in school has taught them cautiousness is more important than persistence. Many of them have discovered that when they waited for good things to happen, these did happen.

In conclusion, they can identify the direction they need to follow in life by taking their time. Natives born with Taurus in the 9th House need to insist to go at their own pace and to not allow others to impose their speed on them.

When trying to figure out where they’re going, they can use too much of their time, not to mention they can feel lost for too long when in a bad situation. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t find solutions to problems because they’re very good at this, not to mention practical.

They must keep their energy levels up because no one minds them being those stubborn people who are helping others get where they want to.

Paying attention to what matters most

When having some fun, these people aren’t complicating anything and prefer to live simply. They approach religion from a practical point of view because they’re only looking for the effects it has had on people.

They can accept any view as long as it’s bringing only good, so it doesn’t matter for them what Deities others are worshiping. These natives think that being too philosophical is not always the best way, so they prefer to be practical, meaning they’re only doing good, regardless of their religious views.

Natives born with Taurus in Ninth House think the world should be fair and that people are equal. They don’t mind respecting the values that are widely accepted, but they don’t mind observing and being aware of other dogmas meant to bring peace around them.

They know who they are and what their impact on the world is. They only appreciate serious and composed people who believe in themselves. This means they’re condemning the ones that are superficial and don’t want to listen to the voice of reason.

When it comes to feelings, they prefer to keep them hidden. Their ideals are influencing the way they’re behaving and their life experiences, so they can have many inner conflicts.

Analyzing things from this point of view, they don’t mind making compromises, especially when looking to make their dreams come true. The life of a person born with Taurus in the Ninth House is meant to go smoothly. These natives’ ideas are constantly changing, according to the environment.

When people with this placement no longer want to be in contact with reality, they can hide under primitive notions and become so unusual that the rest of the world no longer understands them. If facing problems, they’re still able to correct the situation.

However, they need to keep in mind that their view on the world is too much about the “I” and that sharing is essential. Otherwise, they can suffer a lot and not make their dreams come true.

When having to change their points of view, they need to be brought enough evidence and to experience with the new ideas themselves.

Besides, they need to let go of themselves for the transformation in their life to begin. It’s unlikely for 9th House Tauruses to go back to what they’ve done during their past lives, especially if they did something wrong and didn’t accept new ways.

Not easily convinced by the new

These natives are very serious when it comes to talking or respecting their mentors, even if in the beginning, they’re skeptical and looking at the subjects being taught to then with doubt.

This is because they have their ideals and ways of perceiving the world and are seeing them as very important. However, if another person proves to be righteous, they can become completely absorbed by his or her ideas.

Everyone knows these natives to be hard-working and to make promises they can keep, even if they’re slowly learning.

It’s not that they can’t grasp new knowledge, they’re just paying too much attention to details, meaning they’re too meticulous, not to mention they’re skeptical when dealing with new philosophies.

They need a strong foundation to be convinced of a new idea. Their mystical experiences need to be rooted in reality and to have behind different events. Their behavior is focused on obtaining some advantages.

A little bit criticizing, these natives are also concluding too rapidly, even if they’re all the time looking to base their beliefs on evidence. It’s more likely they’re analyzing a situation before solving it rapidly.

In an idealistic world, individuals with Taurus in the 9th House are surrounded by people with strong principles. They don’t want to listen to what their inner self is dictating. They become inspired when physically working.

It’s normal for them to perceive the world stably, but they’re not in any way mystical because they’re too focused on the material side of life.

The 9th House is as well the one of freedom, among other things. Because the sign of Taurus is making people dogmatic, those with this sign here need to learn how to allow others to be free.

Their creativity can help them become more knowledgeable and launch new ideas into the world. These natives have the responsibility to be happy with what’s widely known, but as well to open their minds to accept different mindsets.

Those of them who aren’t so evolved are being seen as people for the mundane, with more materialistic interests. However, they should as well explore their higher minds and see what this is all about. It’s important they’re flexible and don’t impose their way of thinking onto others.

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