The 9th House in Astrology: Time to Learn


The 9th House is ruled by the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. It stands for the people’s personal belief system, their sense of exploration and adventure, religion, higher education, philosophy, moral beliefs, travels on long distances, culture, foreign language, also for commerce and publishing.

The 9th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Self-development, travel and one’s intuition;
  • Positives: Opportunities for one to discover the outer and inner world;
  • Negatives: Risk-taking behaviours and recklessness;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are keen to experience as many things as possible in life.

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When it comes to what this house is defined by the most, these are long-distance travels, higher education and philosophy. Astrologers from Medieval times used to believe that it’s related to the people from outside natives’ villages, those individuals who had to be explored from an intellectual point of view.

Those having their birth planets positioned in the Ninth House are very inquisitive and have a great desire to wander. The planets transiting this house influence people to start studying new subjects, move to foreign countries or change their views on life. The 9th House holds the energy of Sagittarius.

It governs higher learning, so the education received in universities, the spiritual understanding and personal philosophies, also the belief system. Travels on long distances, commerce, publishing, foreign cultures and languages, these are all elements of higher learning.

This house takes education to a whole new level and is about going to college or universities. However, it’s not necessarily about a formal education, the type that takes place in institutions. It also addresses people’s position to learning, their desire to grasp new concept that never seem to get old or to be constrained by society.

This house stands for what individuals learn in a lifetime and their quest to find the absolute truth. As a matter of fact, its status indicates the person’s attitude when pursuing this truth.

It’s the house of writing and publishing too, so those having many planets or perhaps the most important ones placed here will always want to share their ideas and thoughts with the masses. According to what’s in the Ninth House, it can be seen how others are going to accept their writings and how much they will sell after publishing.

Because higher education belongs to the same house, here it can be seen what degrees a native is going to get, depending on the planets residing in this position. By looking closely at their 9th House, people can see if they’re going to attend or finish their studies in college and university, if they’re going to be delayed in these studies or if they will have a career as teachers.

This house also rules travels on long distances and moving to foreign places. When these things happen, natives get to experience new cultures, religions, social structures, languages and behaviours, so the 9th House reveals how they’re going to put up with all this new information coming their way, how they’re going to work with the knowledge they accumulate after relocating.

All international affairs are matters of the 9th House, import and export ones included. The planets here also reveal the spiritual path of natives, how they accept God and the Universe, even how they deny the existence of a higher power, if they do. This is because the 9th House is also related to the renouncing of a spiritual life, according to what planets are placed in it.

There can even be situations when people refuse the meaning of their own existence, depending on the placements in their Ninth House. A higher education gives individuals the chance to grasp new theories and concepts meant change their way of thinking.

It doesn’t matter if it’s psychology or philosophy being addressed; the 9th House reminds them they’re on a path to discover more. When doing so, they’re sure to come across new ideals and to shape their ethics. Spirituality is essential for how they understand life and the unknown.

The more a person accepts that there’s something greater than him or herself, the more the Ninth House gets to be discovered. Unfortunately, not all people remain humble after gaining more knowledge and becoming more important member of the society.

Some are overly ambitious, others very greedy or trying to over-expand themselves. This is why laws have appeared, for the nasty traits of the humankind to be kept in line and for the society to develop fairly.

Religion and philosophy have such laws for the humanity, laws that also fall under the rulership of the 9th House. Expansion of the mind and the self is also a matter for here. These can be done by traveling to long distances and interacting with people from other cultures.

Furthermore, dreams are the ones illustrating who a person was in the past and who wants to be in the future, not to mention they build the being. Dreams are often put in writing, which is something the 9th House rules together with publishing.

It can be said, the Ninth is a house with many aspects and meanings, since it stands for what has already been mentioned, also for the grandchildren and the in-laws of a person.

By looking at this house, it can be noticed how a person treats these people in his or her life, also how he or she is going through experiences when trying to find the absolute truth.

The Ninth House and love

The magic of the astrological 9th House is all about the higher mind, international relations and travels, also about expansion. As a matter of fact, this house is known for ruling inspiration, foreign languages and even optimism. More than this, it has a lot of importance as far as romantic relationships go too.

Since it’s ruled by the sign of Sagittarius, it puts people on the mission of finding their soulmate, no matter how many challenges may lay ahead. Through it, individuals are learning lessons of love, and after this has been, they meet the one for them, no longer having to endure any stress or to feel anxious, which means they can truly enjoy their love life.

They may encounter this special person for them while traveling to foreign countries or studying to achieve a higher learning. Or perhaps they’re studying abroad, this being where they meet the love of their life and get married, just because they’re fascinated by the mystery and exoticism of the place they’re visiting, which can be an ideal setting for romance.

This is more likely to happen to men because their chart holds Venus as the perfect woman, whereas the ladies have Mars as their prince. As far as feelings go, the Ninth House influences natives to want their own space and to not mind change. In fact, it influences them to not be happy with routine and to look for a more exciting life in which the unusual gets to happen.

It’s like their feet are itching them and they want to get to the end of the world, to always be on guard, to have strangers seducing them and to come across people they don’t even understand.

The Ninth House also makes them more generous and idealistic, not scared to push their limits. Their desire to acquire more higher knowledge when it comes to spirituality and cultures has them traveling to foreign countries and interacting with the cultures there.

At the same time, it keeps their soul noble and their mind focused on visionary ideas. They many also adopt simpler ways of thinking just because they no longer think so much of themselves and want to receive as much information as possible about their surroundings.

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