Scorpio in 12th House: Emotions at Their Highest Level


Natives born with Scorpio in 12th House are very resourceful, but not all the time showing it. They can see value where others can’t.

More than this, it’s possible for them to cultivate the hidden talents of others. What’s bringing them down is their resentment and secret romances.

Scorpio on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Emotional, challenging and ambitious;
  • Negatives: Intolerant and cowardly;
  • Advice: Resolve your own conflicts with your past and accept it as it is;
  • Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Eminem.

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It’s very interesting to look at Scorpio in the Twelfth House. This sign is mysterious and has many taboos, so people having it in the 12th House are looking to keep several aspects of their lives and personalities hidden.

Emotions at their highest level

The worst thing that could happen to these people is to no longer be able to express their feelings, talk about their dreams and be aware of the light inside their mind and heart.

Scorpio is all about shadows and what people want to bury or not take into account. When being harbored in this House of secrets, Scorpio is making people hide.

This means natives with this placement can simply explode in strange ways and be involved in the weirdest situations or conversations.

They need to have an open mind and to be true to themselves, as well as to accept their darkest emotions that can be dangerous, even destructive.

This placement is a lot about emotions and spiritual sensitivity, so individuals with Scorpio in 12th House should be open to these matters, especially if they want to experience the feelings and the soul energy of their loved ones powerfully and constantly.

They may think it’s challenging to be so in tune with everybody because it can be difficult for them to discriminate what emotions are theirs and which are of others.

A 12th House Scorpio individual can end up victimizing him or herself for others when it comes to material or sexual gains. As well, these natives can be manipulative or abusive, taking too much advantage of those who are always putting others before themselves.

Therefore, they’re at two extremes. They can as well observe that other people are looking to borrow or to steal from them because they’re always looking to compromise their power or to give up their mystery air for righteousness. This is most of the time happening when they have no idea how to present themselves and their power, or mysteries.

They are known for having an immense dark side that they’re trying to hide from others. They strongly know about what’s right and what isn’t, but they can become furious when their mind doesn’t cooperate on the subconscious level.

They don’t like taboos, but at least they’re fascinated by all the darkness in the Universe. Only when at peace with themselves and their interests in this direction, they can realize that they aren’t in any way bad and may enjoy a more balanced life.

Denouncing taboos, they’re predisposed to betray and to have hidden love affairs. It would be a good idea for them to no longer be like this if they want to avoid having problems.

Their most amazing gift is being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of others, which can have them excelling no matter what they may be doing, as well as understanding different characters or tastes. Their karma is double and indicating that in the past they were abused or haven’t properly used the powers of Truth and Metaphysics.

Resolving conflicts from the past

The 12th House is also the one of spirituality, so Scorpio here can help natives develop greatly in this direction. Those with this aspect in their birth chart can become cosmically conscious and fulfill their Self by unifying with the Macro Cosmos.

In this situation, they’re less open to serve their fellows. This is a position that’s giving Scorpio an ability to analyze and to develop more the ability to understand Universal principles. Because the Twelfth House is the one of karma and Soul, the sign of Scorpio here is making people more aware of questions pertaining to spirituality.

Pluto in this place is very personal and karmic, so natives born with Scorpio in 12th House need to resolve conflicts from their past, but not the ones of the collective, more their own ones. They can become delusional when thinking they don’t have a dark side at all because they were probably forced to be happy and all the time optimistic. This is what can have them denying the shadowy side of their psyche.

They need to accept that everyone is dark and capable of evil. Only understanding this, they can heal and have their peace of mind. These natives can be unselfish when giving others a hand to fight with their demons. They can get their power from this, as well they can transform themselves into better people.

If they want to no longer be so egotistical, they need to allow others to guide them towards their inner strength and not fight for control.

On the inside, the person born with Scorpio in 12th House is in tune with an incredible force. The energy of these natives can have them aligned with spiritual rulings that can empower them. More than this, it can make them more artistic and connected with their own emotions. 12th House Scorpios are strong in their subconscious because they’re holding many secrets.

On the outside, they seem composed. Fascinated by the occult, they can control others without even trying too hard. For this reason, psychologists and people who are practicing hypnosis have been born during this placement.

Their way of thinking and inside power are truly special. Natives born with Scorpio in Twelfth House have to mitigate for their karma to change.

More than this, they need to make their everyday situations more spiritual, to understand the Universal principles that are at the base of their actions and to take matters of their karma more personal. Not doing so, they can attract too much bad karma.

This is because all that they’ve created imperfectly has turned for them to make use of the Cosmic Principles. This doesn’t bring any disharmony or works against the common laws of karma.

These people need to understand how the “spiritual payback” works because karma can be of many types, from racial to planetary. Those who can be winners no matter the circumstances may operate from a spiritual point of view and mitigate. They can feel fulfilled and at the same time not allow any karmic debt to stop them from making their dreams come true. This is when they’re more impersonal.

Losing sight of the end goal

People born with Scorpio in Twelfth House are lonely, even when interacting with others from an emotional point of view. Because they don’t know too much about feelings, they can end up being the victims of their minds.

Their personalities can bring out all of their anger and they can lose their sight when it comes to solving problems. There’s only one way for them to escape their minds.

This is by being introspective and keeping their emotions in control. As a result of this, they can simply transform and allow important changes to happen in their character. When positively developing, they’re more interested in matters of rebirth, as well as reincarnation, meaning they can even predict the future and become successful.

It should be noticed 12th House Scorpios are empathetic, but in a dull way. For example, they can’t observe that others have problems and not place the blame on themselves in certain circumstances. Depending on their surroundings, they may or may not encounter problems. While able to let their desires go, they’re still not doing it completely and in an emotional manner.

They’re always hiding certain things and have taboo views. If feeling comfortable, they’re more inquisitive, as well powerful. It may look like natives born with Scorpio in Twelfth House have many enemies, but this is only an illusion because their mind is their worst enemy and they have some subconscious issues that are preventing them from objectively respecting themselves.

They should make efforts and work with their personality when addressing the problems in their life, as this will help them gain more inner strength and uncompromisingly assess things.

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