Sagittarius in 1st House: Always Direct


Expressive, open and loud, natives born with Sagittarius in 1ST House are the happiest when feeling free and traveling in nature. They’re all the time interested in what’s new, but this doesn’t mean they disrespect tradition.

While more trustworthy and practical than others, they’re still adventurous and willing to take any risk. When it comes to the opportunities coming their way, these are many, especially in the business or romantic areas. When others don’t know how to profit, they’re the ones to understand what direction needs to be followed and what to do.

Sagittarius on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Industrious, relaxed and witty;
  • Negatives: Devious and careless;
  • Advice: Don’t let go easily of the plans that don’t seem to go right, keep persevering;
  • Celebrities: Michelangelo, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Simone de Beauvoir, Nelly Furtado, Portia de Rossi.

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Liking a good challenge

These people know their objectives and have a philosophical way of thinking. More than this, they’re very optimistic and can plan for the long term. They don’t mind being challenged because they need to know things aren’t always going to be the same.

As said before, these natives simply love traveling. Being influenced by Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, they’re most of the time happy and joyful.

They hate it when others are pessimistic and don’t mind taking things for granted, trait that’s considered negative in them. When having problems, they simply ignore them, waiting for time to do something about it. They simply love going outside, thinking and reading.

When looking at other natives in the zodiac and them, it can be noticed how spiritually rich they are. More than this, these people are as well honest and straightforward, meaning they can easily hurt others.

When it comes for them to reason, they like to be challenged first. All of their lives, people born with Sagittarius in the 1st House are meant to look younger than their age and be around the young.

They’re always optimistic and affable, as well as good patrons and reliable business partners. Having very high ambitions, these people are all the time thinking of themselves and are tolerant.

They can bring a more personal outlook to their work and are giving their best to be correct, these being their best traits. When it comes to their optimism, it can be said this is inspiring many to talk to them and to feel their influence.

A positive attitude

First House Sagittariuses are always struggling hard to find out what life means. However, this doesn’t mean they’re grumpy because they love communicating, taking part in new adventures and having their senses elevated.

When dealing with others, they can be arrogant, but at least they’re never hesitating to give a hand to those in need. This is why many of them are occupying leading positions.

Their principles are strongly respected, not to mention they’re the type to speak about morals and to save the situation. In the meantime, they’re rude, no matter how well-intentioned and friendly.

Perceiving the world transcendentally and having the highest ideals, they’re optimistic and joyful. For them, it’s like Jupiter is in their 1st House, meaning they’re expansive and naturally positive.

They love playing around and having a good laugh, so people love them for this. More than this, natives with Sagittarius in the 1st House are inquisitive and always ready to see the world. This means they’re people of action who don’t like confinement.

They’re all the time moving, but this doesn’t indicate instability, even if others see them as children who are never serious or able to make decisions. These natives believe in themselves and the results of their efforts.

Their positive attitude is helping them defeat in any circumstance, as well as to have hope. They can obtain the best results after a period of suffering because they’re so optimistic.

They adore traveling because it puts images and memories into their minds, also the freedom feeling. In other words, First House Sagittariuses love interacting with new cultures and learning new languages because these activities are making them feel alive.

More than this, the agitation Jupiter is bringing is being satisfied this way, so when they can’t go places, they’re deciding to travel with their mind. It’s going places that’s making their fantasies realities. Many see them as fun and positive, not to mention they give the impression they’re always going somewhere.

They want to feel good and can carry great conversations because they know many things and can discuss their stories in the most entertaining ways. These people want to experience everything, so they can’t sit for too long.

They can say unwise things, but they can fix what went wrong just as easily. Many are looking at them to say the right things and for their honesty.

Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, so natives with it in the First House are just like this creature. They’re very sensitive when it comes to animals and are aspiring for the greatest heights.

However, they can’t focus just as much as others, as well they have many acquaintances and only a few friends. It’s not usual for them to be deep when it comes to relationships.

Always direct

They’re communicative and always direct, which is making them seem a little tactless. This is because they want to discuss ideas and not to make small talk. These natives like investing their efforts for the bigger picture and not focusing on details. They can promise a lot and not deliver. It’s their choice if they’re going to reach the highest peaks of fame or be spiritual.

A person born with Sagittarius in the 1st House is always able to find solutions to the most difficult situations and can make great suggestions because he or she has a lot of faith.

For the same reasons, the natives with this placement are considered lucky. When focusing too much on themselves, they’re being perceived as insensitive, but they’re only expressing their ideas and feelings in the most positive manner.

It’s easy for people to fall for them. If they want perfection, they need to no longer be superficial, unreliable, hypocritical and too positive. Their new attitudes can be achieved if they’re analyzing situations more carefully and are expressing themselves so that others can understand what they mean.

First House Sagittariuses are always tempted to escape their inner problems by projecting them onto others. When trying to improve, they’re doing it in an energetic and motivated manner. However, their enthusiasm can rapidly disappear and they can change their project. More than anything, these natives want to be free to think, to act and to speak.

They don’t seem to care about anything and are friendly. Having high ideals, they’re spiritual creatures who possess a lot of courage. Besides, they’re generous and easy to excite when having a conversation.

Their happiness is always attracting them many admirers, but they don’t want to be part of the crowd because they tend to think highly of themselves. As far as their mind is going, this is always seeing the big picture, but at least they have strong convictions and are focused on the most important things.

Having a philosophical way of thinking, they can teach others great things, even if it’s problematic for them to remain down-to-earth. The main challenge for 1st House Sagittariuses is having a logical way of thinking and to recognize what’s practical.

It’s not that they can’t live a normal life, but they can encounter many problems if they’re seeing life through a pair of pink glasses. After all, their optimism and enthusiasm can be too much.

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