Aquarius in 3rd House: A Rather Surprising Approach


Individuals born with Aquarius in 3rd House are original and exciting communicators because they possess strong intuition and can put all of their ideas into practice.

Their way of thinking is progressive, not to mention they can work with any concept that has lasted in time. Big humanitarians, they can have the strangest relationships with their siblings and neighbors, these people appearing in their life unexpectedly.

Aquarius on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Disciplined, imaginative and lively;
  • Negatives: Cowardly and inflexible;
  • Advice: Avoid showing yourself as too authoritative to those you care most about;
  • Celebrities: Thomas Edison, Jean-Paul Sartre, Tori Amos, Neymar, Kelly Rowland, Joan Crawford.

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Their approach is rather peculiar

These natives present their opinions cleverly and originally. As said before, they possess strong intuition and can manifest almost anything they want as a result of their insightful ways.

It’s easy to notice them because they’re thinking progressively and are practical, not to mention balanced. When it comes to their relationships, they want to be decent, sincere and friendly.

This can have them developing the most unusual connections with others. When expressing themselves, they need to be original and clear. If talking about the mundane, they must keep things simple and are humble.

In case their life is in chaos and they’re confused, they can’t have some order. Friendly with their co-workers and other people surrounding them, they’re the complete opposite of strangers.

However, it shouldn’t be believed they’re cold and don’t care. Their approach to others should be developed concretely, especially if they want to learn more about what’s in other people’s inner mind.

As far as studying goes, they may have some difficulties because they’re rather theoretical and not at all practical.

They see their teachers as these authority figures that are original and can teach them many unusual things, also the ones who can never impede them from thinking freely.

This is because they want to learn in unconventional manners and to think independently. As far as their conversations go, they want to keep an unusual exchange of ideas happening because this can make them think of the craziest ideas and press some buttons that for others seem to generate wild happenings.

At the same time, they can make others express themselves in a free manner because they are energetic when talking, also uninterested in what others may think of them.

A Third House Aquarius individual has many ideas on how to develop connections and interact at social events. Natives with this placement love to plan group activities because this comes naturally to them.

They’re also always thinking about the most progressive ideas and love to talk a lot about their visions. They need to communicate in groups, but they’re also individualistic.

However, when things in their groups are happening too rapidly, they can lose their voice. This is why they should keep in mind that they’re free and can talk about anything. After all, their individuality matters more than anything else.

Therefore, they shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind because their ideas can be the only ones that matter. While loving to learn, they don’t need experiences because they’re more about gaining knowledge.

Not enough patience

They want to share what they learned with others, meaning they’re great teachers. Also open to new ways of thinking and expression, they can grasp inventiveness and focus a lot on the future.

However, they may not have enough patience with those who don’t think the same as them, so they need to be less criticizing with those who don’t have an open mind and aren’t original. Because they tend to not think too much before speaking, they’re often in awkward situations. With their siblings, 3rd House Aquariuses are true friends.

They most likely grew up with a permissive sister or brother, someone with whom they rebelled against their parents. In case they didn’t have someone around them when growing up, they may tend to make other children feel free and to be different.

As adults, these natives don’t care what others think of them, so they’re not paying any attention to gossip.

Individuals born with Aquarius in Third House should avoid authoritative and emotive teachers who are taking sides and can’t focus on making others learn.

When it comes to the way they’re comprehending pedagogy, these natives are powerful and can make their students love math. However, they need to learn how to make compromises for their uniqueness to be expressed. These natives love to socialize and can talk about anything.

More than this, they can form the most original and out-of-the ordinary connections. They’re proud of their individuality and very talented at Exact Sciences or learning foreign languages. They can spend a lot of their intellectual power on talks.

If wanting to gain more knowledge, they’re usually subtle with others, more active and interested in reading. They’re all the time imaginative and energetic, as well as intelligent and able to make decisions very fast.

At some point, they may decide to give up school, but they usually want to resume it later. Because many don’t know where to put them and their originality, they’re trying their best to seem understandable and to appear as the white sheep in their family.

The person born with Aquarius in 3rd house has many ideas and a very active social life. He or she is rebellious and doesn’t accept the opinions of others.

High ideals

Natives with this placement want to feed their ego by always advising others. It’s important they’re becoming smart at their own pace and don’t take the advice of the ones who are trying to change their ways.

True liberals and focused more on reasoning, they’re very talented as astrologers and inventors, but they need to avoid stress and to take care of their health. Without being physically fit, they can’t play their role on this planet right.

The 3rd House is the one of communication and brotherhood. The Aquarius is the sign that’s influencing people to be humanitarian. When having this sign in the Third House, natives can exaggerate with their generosity and can even be extremists.

They must learn what practicality means. Their progressive ideas may not be suitable for others, not to mention they can be forceful when trying to express themselves.

At the same time, they have high ideals and can’t realize those in their surroundings may not get their progressive ideas. Even if they focused too much on the future, they should learn how to live in the present.

Their worries are usually of social and philosophical nature, so they’re not focusing on rigid matters regarding the materialistic side of life.

They can be so spiritual that they no longer want to know anything about practicality. Exaggerating with the notion of brotherhood, they can forget not everyone is like them or ready to adopt their views on unity.

The Aquarius sign gives a lot of importance to high knowledge, no matter if this is in the fields of religion, science or philosophy.

People with this sign in their 3rd House continuously search for the Absolute Truth. Being on a quest to become more cosmically wise, they can become disconnected from the material realm if they’re not philosophers or artists.

More than this, they can be too concentrated on their progressive ideas. Because they have an abstract way of thinking, they should make friends who think the same as them, but at the same time who can help their mind be more focused on earthly issues.

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