Pisces in 4th House: Plenty of Revelations


People born with Pisces in Fourth House are willing to make sacrifices for those who live in their household to be happy. While this can be hard for them, they’re still open to many, especially to those they care the most about.

It would be wise for them to try not be taken advantage of because many in their circle of friends may want to do this. They like to live in isolation and to be private, so communication for them usually takes place at home.

Pisces on the Fourth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Valiant, rational and affable;
  • Negatives: Inattentive and aggressive;
  • Advice: Say close to your family and try not to dismiss all their advice;
  • Celebrities: Simone de Beauvoir, Thomas Edison, Naomi Watts, Jean-Paul Sartre, Diana Ross.

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They have a rich imagination

When it comes to making arrangements in their house, these natives can come across some challenges, so it would be a good idea for them to rent rather than to own property.

The place where they live is usually silent and ambiguous. When something negative is taking place here, they start to blame their environment and to think that it is not in any way their fault. It can be said that whenever anything bad happens, they’re never the ones to carry the blame.

As far as religion goes, 4th House Pisces can have revelations regarding the Divinity because they simply love the Universe and anything that populates it.

At home, these natives are usually sensitive and full of compassion. The more they age, the more they can make the air clean in their domestic life, from an emotional point of view.

However, they may do this through not so pleasant experiences, by torturing their conscience, being deprived, getting separated and being disappointed.

They can recharge their batteries by going to the safest place in their imagination and staying there, in their idea state of mind. These natives need a lot to spend some time in private because if not, the fantasies of their psyche can overwhelm them.

The experience of going home can be quite a unique one for them. When not secluded, they can be truly empathetic and giving with the ones in their life. It’s important they watch for their limits and aren’t causing any discomfort into the life of others.

At the same time, they need to be careful to not give everything to others. In the family, these natives are most of the time like chameleons, so they allow their loved ones to be whomever they want.

At the same time, they keep an air of mystery, even if their intuition is telling them to be different and they’re very generous. These natives are looking to be in touch with their spiritual roots.

Where they feel at peace

The foundation for their personality is built with the help of art and passion. Emotionally connected to their family and what happens in their household, they’re sentimental when it comes to domestic issues, also because they want harmony and peace of mind for everyone they love and have at home.

Very attached to the place where they reside, these people like to have quiet here and to not be bothered by the outside world.

When developing harmoniously, these people love to host parties and to give a hand. At the same time, they can complain too much when their projects are failing. They’re never rigid or aggressive. It’s not easy for them to rely on other people. When Neptune is in the Fourth House, people are usually having something to hide, from family secrets to frustrations or tragedies that have happened to them.

Natives with this placement shouldn’t allow depression to overwhelm them and tell others or their partner what they’re thinking of. It would be impossible for them to live a perfect life if they have all kinds of unhappy things to deal with.

Their home is where they feel at peace and no longer are in contact with the stress of everyday life. In this place, they’re emotionally at peace.

According to how things are in their birth chart, their house can also be where they’re escaping reality and go into their world. Also, those who have the Moon in the 12th House know about this.

Ready to serve others

For the 4th House Pisces, their home is what’s reflecting their emotions. As said before, natives with this placement are ready to make any sacrifice for the people they love. They also have strong feelings for their family, but this doesn’t mean they’d allow their relatives to invade their personal space.

However, they can be very sensitive when at home because they no longer need to be strong and deal with all kinds of problems. It doesn’t matter how big or small their family, they need a corner in which to retreat and to let the outside world somewhere behind them.

Very emotional, people born with Pisces in 4th House are looking to serve others and their family as much as possible, especially when old. It’s more than often that all of the duties at home are on them, so this can make their life difficult. More than this, they can be aware of a big family secret and suffer because they have to keep it.

As said before, their home is their refuge and the place where they can escape the outside world. Also, these natives may know many family secrets and what their ancestors have done. This can blur their minds and emotions.

Those of them with addiction problems can feel lost, even when at home with their loved ones. Others can emotionally blackmail people and not admit what they’re doing.

The domestic environment and the family of Fourth House Pisces can impact them in a great way, making them feel strange about themselves. These people are strongly connected with the ones they love and their home, not to mention they need to be supported and to have stability.

The house where they live needs to be the safest place for them. They can be unrealistic with the ones they love and not see them for who they are.

People born with Pisces in the Fourth House use their home as the place where they can retreat and think. No matter where they may be and how many housemates they may be having, these natives truly enjoy the privacy of a home.

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