Virgo in 10th House: Courageous and Focused


Natives born with Virgo in the 10th House enjoy helping others. They’re committing themselves to their work and are as well loyal. More than this, they should take care of details and do precise work because they have a criticizing mind.

Besides, they need to have their ideas flowing if they want their work to give the best results. When it comes to their career, they want something stable, it’s not unlikely for them to collaborate with big corporations or to be members of the government.

Virgo on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Affectionate, punctual and quick-witted;
  • Negatives: Callous and patronizing;
  • Advice: Learn to work in teams and take more advantage of others’ skills;
  • Celebrities: Hillary Clinton, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, Vanessa Paradis

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Courageous enough

When planning for their life, these natives can follow their dreams and at the same time to focus on routine. However, they can discover their family life is challenging because they don’t want to deal with routine all the time.

People born with Virgo in Tenth House have the responsibility to use their mind as often as possible, to gain more spiritual awareness and to deal with what’s being sent to them in through higher conscience and what seems abstract.

Because the 10th House is one of contributions to life, these natives must attain higher levels of existence and to make mankind more knowledgeable. Directly reacting to the 4th House, 10th House Virgos can help others understand their purpose in life and to have a direction.

These people are analyzing when it comes to understanding the world and themselves, to the very last small detail.

They’re naturally criticizing and balanced when saying something about someone, as well as supportive. If they aren’t this way, others may see them as manipulative or looking to have others feel sorry for them.

A Tenth House Virgo individual is courageous enough to look into him or herself and to use his or her knowledge as guidance. Natives with this placement in their birth chart love using language for their everyday activities, so they can have a successful career as scientists or writers. They can also decide to become teachers or researchers.

More than this, they seem to be extraordinary as librarians, medicine practitioners, farmers, and alternative healers, depending on what other signs are in their birth chart.

No matter what they may be choosing, they’re committed to have everything done properly and to choose their profession wisely. It’s possible for them to feel like they’re missing something at work or that they can’t reach their true potential.

While this may be true because they have an attitude, they must be looking to be guided on how to use their entire force and at the same time make a good living.

Remaining focused for long enough

They aren’t in any way discreet, so others are used to them telling the truth. More than this, they tend to question what they don’t think seems right. As far as their career is going, they need stability and to know what’s going to happen every single day.

However, they mustn’t stress too much because this can cause them trouble. When using their minds, they’re more relaxed and happier. For this reason, they love playing chess after a long day at work.

It can be said the weaknesses of the person born with Virgo in 10th House are their too-analyzing ways that can have him or her stuck and being indecisive.

Natives with this placement in their birth chart can hold on for too long to anything that’s soliciting them from both a mental and physical point of view. It can be difficult for them to become authoritative, but as soon as they did, they’re sure to struggle for making the world a better place.

People born with Virgo in Tenth House are very organized and can’t live in chaos because this would make them unhappy. This is why they’re all the time trying to make order. Simple, they don’t require too much money to have a good life.

When a situation is confusing, they can find solutions by arranging all the details and putting the pieces together. These natives seem to be fixed on making their dreams come true.

Because they tend to judge themselves too much and, they may never want more from their career and be happy with no progress whatsoever. They’re the ones who are working from behind the desk and contribute to making things better in the world but from the shadows.

They love giving a hand and are dedicated to making everyone’s life better. Just like other natives of Mercury in the Tenth House or like Gemini, they’re feeling fulfilled when talking and love to write.

They like more to write than to talk, so many of them are likely important journalists or very good writers. They’re known for having many talents and for approaching life from a practical point of view. More than this, they’re responsible and good at doing their duty.

When given opportunities, they can become completely absorbed and have everything channeled so that they’re gaining benefits. Their appearance is usually according to how they’re feeling inside, also what’s making them stand out from the crowd.

Different expectations

When working, Tenth House Virgos are most of the time cold and not participating too much in teamwork. When having to make decisions, they’re taking too much time and cause others to become annoyed.

Having the ability to notice every little detail, they can sometimes not see the forest because of the trees, not to mention they can start a project and lose their focus along the way because they’re no longer focusing on the final result.

Sometimes, they can’t understand what their bosses are saying to them, so if they want to have their ideas directed properly, they need to ask the most annoying questions and irritate their bosses.

At the same time, they can’t have a clear view of what their main tasks are. The person born with Virgo in 10th House is usually very interested in the way he or she is being seen by the public. Natives with Virgo’s Mercury in the 10th House are good at completing their job, hardworking, criticizing, sometimes superficial and very neat.

They can sometimes forget the subject of a conversation they’re having and what questions they need to ask because they’re thinking of too many things at once. In case they’re leaders, they’re very meticulous and smart. This is not only something that applies to their profession but other aspects of life as well.

Because they don’t mind going through every stage of development, they can understand how their team is working and can make common objectives seem clearer. Those of them who are more negative can end up being false mentors or gurus. But this can happen rarely because Tenth House Virgos don’t want to be spiritual missionaries.

They’re more the type to change people’s ideas and views on life, those who are making others more knowledgeable and aware of religious truths, as well as the life basics. This is the contribution they’re bringing to the world. It is a very good idea for them to never force their opinions and views on others.

Individuals born with Virgo in 10th House needs to be mentally stimulated at work or they’re getting bored. These people are happy when in service for others and when using their minds to exchange ideas.

They prefer to have a conventional way of life at work, so it’s very likely they’re choosing a career from the sign of Virgo, one that’s focused on details and using the mind, for example, party planner or someone who’s taking care of animals in shelters.

While not the most responsible people, these natives are a little bit superficial, meaning they can easily hurt others. When working in teams, they should share power with others.

In case they’re developing slowly at work, it should be expected for them to become irresponsible as well. Many of them are generals in the Army or working more than one job. Some are teachers.

No matter what profession they’re choosing, they must work very hard. Criticizing themselves, these natives don’t like it when others are giving them advice because they can’t accept they can sometimes be wrong.

Well-coordinated, these natives are physically fit and organized at work. It can also be said there’s no one more balanced than them either when it comes to work.

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