Taurus in 6th House: Expressing Gratitude


Natives born with Taurus in 6th House are practical and hardworking, as well as big traditionalists and very organized. When choosing their profession, they need to pay a lot of attention because they can settle for something less and venture into their hobbies too much.

It’s good that they’re perseverant, but they can also sometimes rebel against authority and have the most ridiculous demands. When focusing on work, they’re slow but steady. While others may think they’re taking too long to get something done, they’re doing a very good job. In case they’re not happy with what they accomplished, they can come up with all kinds of excuses.

Taurus on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Resourceful, daring and compassionate;
  • Negatives: Superficial and dishonest;
  • Advice: Avoid procrastinating and stick to simple plans if you wish to be truly productive;
  • Celebrities: Bjork, Marlon Brando, Vanessa Paradis, Bob Marley, Jude Law, Nelson Mandela.

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Paying attention to their health

When it comes to obtaining their money and possessions, Sixth House Taurus people can work very hard. Everything they’re doing at home may be directed towards their job. Even when doing something creative, they can still focus on the practical aspect and the mundane because it’s difficult for them to leave behind what the day is asking of them.

It’s like they can’t relax or have a rest because they’re always busy pleasing others and forgetting about themselves. This is why they should be careful to not put themselves down when trying to please others.

The sign of Taurus makes people believe in the balance between work and personal life. It doesn’t matter how much they enjoy their job, people born with Taurus in the 6th House like to keep a low profile among colleagues and to not bring work with them at home.

This way, they’re discovering that their health is being greatly preserved if they relax more and allow themselves to rest after a long day at work. This is what can help them find their center again.

Many may see them as lazy, but they aren’t. On the contrary, when working on something, they’re determined to complete it just like their symbol, the bull. However, they are a little bit sluggish when doing anything.

Many appreciate them because they’re never losing their cool or worry, no matter how undone their tasks may look. These natives can be very productive, no matter how much it takes them to do things, because they don’t consume their energy in vain. They enjoy routine and a steady pace. However, they can be equally slow when recovering after sickness too.

This means their illnesses can stay with them for a very long time, sometimes even for weeks. Everything happens this way also because they don’t tend to their diseases as soon as they got them, meaning these can easily become chronic.

At the same time, the opposite can happen and they can build the strongest immune system anyone could. The fruits of their labor usually appear very fast.

Expressing their gratitude

A Sixth House Taurus individual loves to work for beauty and with beautiful things because he or she is trying to instill harmony everywhere. It’s true natives with this placement are hard workers, but only when they know good rewards are to be obtained from their efforts.

Their health is always extraordinary, but they still can get sick if making excesses with food and not exercising enough. When laboring, they need a lot of space to place every little detail where it has to sit. They like attending classes and can have great results at any because they have enough patience to study and to put their talents to use.

People born with Taurus in 6th House love beauty and art. When it comes for them to work hard, they want to do it to get financial rewards. Their health can be kept in good parameters just as long as they’re not eating too much or indulging in something.

What’s most important about the Sixth House is that it’s related to servicing the public or humanity as a whole. It’s also the House of relationships and health.

When it comes to karma and matters of reincarnation, these are the things the 6th House deals with. Taurus on the low development here can influence people to be the ones who are always giving pats on the shoulder, those who express their gratitude.

Natives born with Taurus in Sixth House and who are functioning on lower octave can also never forget what they’ve done for others, so their service can’t be considered too useful since it takes all the giving from its entire principle.

People born with this placement in their birth chart need to learn how to be givers and to share their possessions with others to help humanity and not for others to see them as generous.

If they’re not developed enough, they can no longer cope with what they have to do and may try to escape all of their responsibilities.

Those of them who are highly developed can work very hard to achieve their goals because their body is very strong and they seem to not give too much importance to their problems. No matter their development, people born with Taurus in Sixth House need to be connected with Nature, the earth and even the stones.

For them to have peace of mind, they need to reside in a comfortable and harmonious environment. When resting, they need a hard bed, not to mention a good massage can only do them a lot of good.

Regardless of their physical condition, these natives always prefer a good night’s sleep over working hard. It’s important for them to always develop and to control themselves in extreme situations.

A quest to balance things

As adults at work, they’re principled and look at every little detail because their views are well established and they’re making sure they’re functioning according to their old habits. Many can take advantage of their good nature, especially when they’re supportive of the dogmas and life-attitudes of others. Those who are interacting with them need to be professional and zealous.

Sixth House Tauruses need to learn that their life needs a lot of balance and that peace of mind is the key for them. They can end up being either good mediators or the ones who are always disturbing their colleagues or employees. Those of them who aren’t so evolved are usually tyrannical as supervisors.

When it comes to their health, they need to learn how to preserve their energy because they can work too hard and consume all of their resources when overdoing something. At least they can easily recuperate from any disease.

The person born with Taurus in 6th House needs to understand health is important and his or her body is not only a vehicle. Natives with this placement tend to be crybabies and to demand a lot of attention.

The lesson they need to learn is how they can selflessly offer their services. Their challenges are usually related to overeating, so they need to have a discipline in the way they’re consuming their food while also being happy about what’s being put on their table.

While the sign of Taurus is not like the one of Libra, it’s still Venus that rules both of them and at the same time speaks about the balance natives with this planet in their birth chart need to attain, especially when it comes to eating, spending and doing something physical.

6th House Tauruses should never procrastinate or jump from one project to another, no matter if they’re trying to lose weight or to deal with their own emotions. Because Earth as an element provides unconscious energies, the Earth signs in the Sixth House can’t approach the matters of this position very accurately.

People with Taurus here need a lot of balance in their life to assess things correctly. They could start by having a good eating routine and taking care of their hearts as well.

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