Gemini in 7th House: A Curious Approach to Life


People born with Gemini in 7th House are superficial when it comes to relationships of any kind. As far as marriage goes, they can do it many times because they want to enjoy new emotions.

Independent, these natives like taking action on their own. This doesn’t mean the most enterprising and fast-thinking people aren’t attracted to them. Intellectuals simply love giving them a helping hand because they’re energetic, smart and full of surprises.

Gemini on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Bright, charming and vivacious;
  • Negatives: Aggressive and thoughtless;
  • Advice: You should merge certain aspects of your personal and work life, so you have time for both;
  • Celebrities: Jodie Foster, Elvis Presley, Brigitte Bardot, Jennifer Lawrence, Price William.

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Developing complex relationships

When interacting with others, 7th House Geminis want to have a meaningful connection. They believe it’s important for people to use their minds, and this can be seen in their social life as well.

For example, they can decide to have a partner with whom they can share all of their ideas. When it comes to the way they treat their opponents, these natives are real fighters.

It doesn’t matter what’s being done to them, they hate people who are insidious and deceiving. It’s usual for them to defeat their enemies with too much attention and generosity.

As said before, the Seventh House Gemini individual wants a partner who can stimulate his or her mind. If people with this placement can’t connect on the mind level, they are no longer interested in the person they’re talking to.

This is because they’re always interested in having fun. Their relationships are casual in the beginning and developing as they move on.

These natives don’t want to be forced to commit and can’t stand clingy people. They’re looking for a partner with whom they can discuss anything and exchange information. This is why they’re looking only for communicative people.

They may fall in love with their teachers and mentors because they need their mind to be all the time stimulated, not to mention they’re quickly getting bored.

Many of them are meant to have several marriages because they’re always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Whereas quite the loners, they do like being around intelligent and adaptable people who can help them be more practical.

In public, they know their place and how to express themselves in smart ways. All of their partners are people who can represent them and their ideas. For them to become complete, they need to take a break and to analyze their inquisitive side.

Also, they must try and no longer be everywhere, doing anything. They need to understand they’re more interesting than they believe themselves to be, especially since they’re all the time getting together only with very intelligent individuals.

However, all the time thinking and looking to pick brains can lead them to a solitary life. Having to all the time satisfy their overactive mind and intelligence, they need to be around their equals and to discuss the most interesting subjects.

Paying attention to what matters the most

Natives born with Gemini in the Seventh House want variety when it comes to relationships. As said before, they’re looking for a partner who is smart and intellectually developed.

Because they can’t commit, most of their romantic connections are usually casual. Their perfect partner is witty and a pleasure to be around.

Oftentimes, there could be problems with them and their lover, but things are supposed to come back to normal in no time. It’s important they’re being given their own space in any type of relationship.

The southern part of the chart, the one of the 7th House deals with intellectuality and spirituality. Therefore, the responsibility of this section is all about the relationship with life, whereas Geminis represent duality.

Natives born with Gemini in Seventh House are more preoccupied with the materialistic side of life.

At the beginning of this placement, they can find a balance between the mind and the spirit, but they should merge these aspects of life. The Houses 1st to 6th are about coupling intellectuality with the material side.

When expressing themselves at their best, these natives can operate their minds on two levels that interchange. These natives can perform the astrological prayer about God and wonder what the Divinity is.

They can find the answer they’re looking for in the Seventh House because this is where their Self is identifying with the Cosmos. It can be mentioned integration with the Absolute as well.

Knowing how to keep their partners or friends on their toes, these natives are very smart when it comes to convincing others. Their mind is quick and this can be seen in the dynamics of their relationships.

When things don’t go the way they want them to with their lover or buddies, they’re becoming way too logical. This means they’re making jokes when feeling heartbroken and don’t express their true feelings.

A 7th House Gemini individual can talk a lot because people with this placement see communication as their best solution to any problem. They can get close to people through different conversations, make friends at different social events and get together with those who like to talk as much as they do.

However, this means they’re a little bit detached and can’t develop true intimate connections, especially if their Moon doesn’t have enough power to deal with the mental capacities of others.

As said before, this position is the one of more than one marriage because the natives are combining overthinking with spontaneity, but don’t keep them in synchronization in their heart.

An intellectual approach to feelings

The sign of Gemini makes people tricky. On one hand, those with it in the 7th House are big intellectuals and good at solving any problem, and on the other, they can be all over the place and a problem for their loved ones.

This means they’re a handful to be around for too long, mostly because they’re jumping from one subject of discussion to another, all the time.

Many can find them to be tired when doing so, but they think they’re only making a lot of sense, no matter if they forgot to explain themselves when required. As far as their partnership with life goes, this has to have an intellectual and philosophical side because the sign of Gemini is influencing them to be this way.

The upper side of the southern part of the chart is all about compassion and tolerance, making natives philosophical, but at the same time softening any Gemini influence. People born with Gemini in 7th House can have many enemies. They can’t learn too much about life because they’re vain and unstable.

They prefer to hit others intellectually and to not be physically aggressive. They’re intelligent and very good with their words. It’s like no one can defeat them when it comes to debating. They love to teach others things about life, not to mention they have their unique ways of persuading.

Loving a good conversation, they shouldn’t be expected to ever fight. In their partnerships, these people know how to distribute the workload so that everyone does a fair share. When it comes to romance, they have a rather logical approach.

Those of them who are highly developed possess an intelligent mind and are very active. No one can get bored around them. All these natives love their freedom and need someone who’s sensitive and kind into their life. While not too often in love, they still can be head over hills with someone.

As far as personal connections are going, they don’t care about the age or the money of the other person because they’re looking for sincerity and mutual respect. Not able to stay angry for too long, they prefer to leave others live their life. Their most suitable professions are in the legal, public and theatre domains.

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