Cancer in 8th House: Private and Quite Secretive


Natives born with Cancer in 8th House feel this inner need to accomplish something special in their lives, so that they can be remembered for that even after they have passed away. When things in their life are extreme or important, they seem to get these mystical powers with which they’re defending themselves and that arise from their subconscious.

When change comes their way, they simply come to life and allow their psyche to regenerate and to accommodate. Those of them who fear important changes can be too negative. Any internal crisis can have their emotions being tried most profoundly, but they’re not inclined to talk about this.

Cancer on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Perceptive, gritty and honourable;
  • Negatives: Nagging and judgmental;
  • Advice: Don’t let others’ criticism consume you down;
  • Celebrities: Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Alyssa Milano, Ellen DeGeneres, Nelson Mandela.

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Private and quite secretive

When it comes to what Eighth House Cancer natives give attention the most to, this is spirituality and not psychology, so only with the help of spirituality, they can solve any issue.

Not liking to discuss anything about sex, death or finances, they prefer to just close up when these subjects are being brought up.

Big traditionalists, they’re sharing this type of information with the people at home. Many can see them as egotistical because they’re very private and secretive, as well as not realizing that talking to others can help them. Besides, they also can’t realize when people are trying to get their help.

Their closest friends will always be paid attention to, but not strangers. As said before, they have strong feelings when it comes to matters of death, but they keep their feelings hidden.

These natives are both optimistic and reserved at the same time. When having joint financial accounts with a person, they’re the ones who are taking care of the money because they don’t want any crisis to appear.

If in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by people they love the most, they’re resting and enjoying their free time.

Many of these natives have likely been in emotional distress, thinking others can’t understand their feelings. When their needs aren’t met and no one acknowledges or supports them, they can become hurt, unsure of themselves and needier.

They can be completely consumed by all this because they have a tremendous need to be protected. Some of them become destructive when not giving enough care. In the event in which they find someone loving, they can’t trust that person, nor receive his or her attention. In other words, they’re dark and very suspicious.

When it comes to making money, they’re as well emotional, just like with sex. People they lost will forever be remembered, not to mention they can hurt a lot when seeing a funeral. When feeling down, natives with this placement should encourage others to take them more seriously and to make positive changes into their life.

By doing this, they can gain all the security they need to feel secure on the inside and to no longer have emotional problems. 8th House Caners can understand their feelings, no matter how illogical they may sound. They mustn’t think only themselves can have the emotions they have.

Not one to easily part with money

Individuals born with Cancer in the 8th House can heal when nurturing others and being nurtured themselves, as well when being aware that they may need support. Intimate moments can make them weak, whereas sharing their emotions can satisfy their deepest needs.

When it comes to sex, they need passion and to be satisfied in bed. They’re fearful and insecure, so it would be a good idea for them to just follow their instincts when making love.

What they don’t like talking about is sex, life, and death, joint finances, transformations, and taxes, because matters of the 8th House are making them worry too much. As said before, these Cancers don’t discuss their sex life.

Their money is not easily shared because they don’t trust people that much, not to mention they don’t like taking any risk.

They can withdraw their emotions when having to make an important commitment because they want to seem rational and cold. They can notice bad behaviors and people who are only following their instincts, and they don’t like them. When it comes to matters of groups, they’re taking them personally and can pay attention to every little detail.

When their team is having problems, they’re doing everything in their power, so many appreciate them for knowing what unity means. They’re like guardians who defend the ones who need mercy and seem to be in trouble.

More than often, people born with Cancer in Eighth House are looking to show their power by being nurturing and emotionally protective. This is how they’re being domineering.

However, they need to be careful not to become dependent on other people’s feelings. This is when they can end up involved in physical relationships that are either making them feel good, either too unstable.

What they need to pay attention the most to is their emotions because the 8th House happens to also be the one of psychic growth. It also rules over astrology, metaphysical matters, and the Absolute Truth, so those with Cancer here need to be well developed from a spiritual point of view.

If not, they can end up with their soul conquered by the lowest of entities. These people can be too excited about any life aspect and glamour. The Eighth House is influencing them to seek the Truth for them to be free.

Looking for honesty in others

The more they can turn their emotions into compassion and tolerance, the more life can’t take them by surprise. The 8th House is also the one of regeneration, so it helps these Cancers rebuild themselves in the high octave.

Those of them who aren’t so evolved are usually big manipulators who care more about what others think of them.

Most of the natives born with Cancer in Eighth House are true artists and mystics. Some of them are working as mediums because they’re very good at meditation and use it as a drug. When things in their life are happening unexpectedly, they can complicate their life even more.

All of those with this placement in their birth chart need to control their feelings because these can be dangerous and make them enjoy physical pleasures for too long.

Many of these people improve their lifestyles because they’re being helped by benefactors. They can have serious sex issues and a need for their partner to prove his or her love all the time.

The person born with Cancer in 8th House is looking for honesty in the relationships with the people he or she owes money to. More than this, natives with this placement are focused to accumulate wealth without help from others.

When it comes to discussions about their death, they’re extremely sensitive because they want to be remembered as loving and caring people, their businesses to continue to grow and the ones they’re leaving behind to have a comfortable life.

All of the natives with the same position in their birth chart are caring and very sensitive, but not ready to accept that they are this way, or that their emotions go deep. This is because they’re simply dismissal with their feelings and want to seem rational, not to mention they can surround themselves with logical people only.

This can have them devolving and no longer achieving the satisfaction they’re looking for. Being forgiving and tolerant, as well as compassionate and sensitive, they can turn into more willful and stronger individuals.

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