Libra in 11th House: Looking for Righteousness


Natives born with Libra in 11th House simply love their friends and want to spend as much time in their company as possible. In case Venus isn’t in strong aspects in their birth chart, they can be too insisting on making friends with new people, so they may need to discern more when getting attached to someone.

These natives can’t make decisions rapidly because they want to help everybody and juggling too many needs can be difficult for them. More than this, they should set some intelligent, precise and realistic goals for themselves because they need more structure in making their dreams come true.

Libra on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Charming, versatile and warm;
  • Negatives: Obstinate and scatter-brained;
  • Advice: Take good care of your friendships, even when they seem to be working just fine;
  • Celebrities: Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Prince, Bruce Lee.

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A need for balance

11th House Libras are often getting to achieve their objectives by collaborating with beautiful, smart, elegant and creative people who have managed to build a good life for themselves. It’s very likely for them to marry their friends or to steal someone’s partner.

What they want the most is for their loved ones to be independent and to have good tastes. They can easily stay connected with their friends and colleagues for a lifetime.

When it comes to their potential, they need to take advantage of the opportunities coming to them through others because they can achieve their goals by interacting, even manipulating their friends or associates. Libra in the Eleventh House is almost ideal because both these astrological elements are focused on relationships and sociability.

However, the signs may not enjoy this placement because it’s about too many emotional changes and can bring about divorce if the native didn’t choose a partner that is both a lover and a friend.

People born with Libra in Eleventh House need balance in every aspect of their life. It can be difficult for them to attain it because they’re rapidly changing their friends and refuse to go for something that isn’t perfect when it comes to their relationships.

They should understand perfection can’t be attained until they have agreed that the entire humanity as a whole is in fact, perfect. Whereas they’re seeing themselves through others, they can’t be happy only this way because they’re seeing imperfection in others.

These people are usually sharing their group of friends with their partner. They can meet the ones they love the most with the help of their friends or through colleagues at work. In some ways, their romantic relationships can be a little bit different than others and strange.

They may plan their activities with their partner according to what’s happening in their social life, not to mention they can discover their friendships are greatly affecting their romances.

When deciding to work with humanitarian groups, the thing that isn’t uncommon for them, they can truly enjoy it. However, they should make sure they’re not focusing too much on these activities and no longer paying attention to their friends.

To them, working together is all about how relations are being formed. They prefer to be accepted in groups and can often play the role of the moderator. Things in their life can go crazy if they’re struggling too much to please others.

Individuals born with Libra in Eleventh House are warm and charming. They know what social interaction is all about because they’re very good at flirting and establishing connections. This means they can end up being lovers with their friends.

Friendships that evolve into something else

Eleventh House Libras can surround themselves with interesting and well-liked people who love to be around them and at any social event. These people can help them find a partner. More than this, these Libras can end up being lovers with their best buddy and if the romantic connection ends, their friendship can go on.

Some aspects of Venus, together with the 7th House can bring alterations to this entire situation. Those of these natives who don’t have a partner can find their need for care and love to be fulfilled by their friends.

One mistake they can make is to allow their lovers to rule their life and forget all about their friends. Some of them are only socializing with their partner’s friends, which is also a mistake.

For as long as Libra is transiting the 11th House, these people can have one of their friends set them up with someone. This can be good for them because they truly want to spend an entire lifetime with a person who’s in the same group as they are, also who has the same opinions as theirs.

During this time, they may not have too much passion, so when meeting someone new, they may want to make a mental connection first. More than this, they could start dating a friend, or someone whom they liked for a very long time could come their way.

They can feel optimistic about the future and be more pleased when in strange, awkward situations because they’re enjoying individuality more than usually. It can be impossible for them to “see” when they’re going to meet the love of their life.

Besides, this person can come into their life as soon as they’ve stopped looking for him or her. The person born with Libra in 11th House can suddenly decide to partner up with someone, not to mention natives with this placement in their birth chart know how to attract others.

Technology is making them feel like their life is easier, and they love their gadgets. However, they can have problems deciding what to choose or be unable to use their technological instruments without help.

The same 11th House can have bankruptcy happening, the type of bankruptcy than can happen once in a whole lifetime because it is the home for desires and the most enthusiastic dreams. But simultaneously, natives can have their dreams fulfilled out of the blue.

However, they shouldn’t imagine they can become millionaires overnight. They should look at their other planets and see which one is present in their 2nd House as well.

When Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction with Fortuna, the Eleventh House becomes even more powerful. Individuals born with Libra in 11th House can help others to get along better with their friends because they’re very good mediators.

These natives have a large social circle, so they’re struggling to give everyone their time. When it comes to their dreams, these can be many and various. As far as their social life is going, they have objectives opinions about collective manners.

They want to solve the problems of the many and can work very well in teams, which can bring them many benefits. More than this, they have many diplomatic skills they need to develop.

Righteous partners

An 11th House Libra individual is very good at making friends with people who have the same goals as him or her, meaning he or she can achieve many goals in a balanced manner.

Natives with this placement in their birth chart like to be friends for the long-term before establishing a romantic connection because they want a friend as their partner.

They’re intellectual and looking for someone to challenge their minds. Having their friends by their side, they can achieve a lot. Giving a lot of importance to the opinions of others about them, they’re also balanced and calm when trying to solve an issue.

Their relationships are harmonious, so they can solve any conflict and obtain many benefits afterward, not only for themselves but for others as well. When in groups, they usually have an authority position and can work with others to have their interests satisfied.

It’s only righteous for them to be this way because acting without thinking too much can lead to the destruction of society.

Eleventh House Libras want to look good and to be elegant, but some of them can exaggerate with these things and become arrogant when doing so, which can have them fighting others.

They give a lot of importance to their friends and are usually hooking up with artists or very creative personalities. On a similar note, they’re becoming strongly attached to their partner because they blindly trust him or her. However, they should keep in mind that sometimes, people around them can’t meet their expectations.

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