Leo in 9th House: Craving Attention


People born with Leo in 9th House love traveling, doesn’t matter if with their mind or physically. Not seeming to want any fame on the outside, their subconscious and philosophy are focused on having them become someone important.

Powerful inside, these natives are very focused on the future. It may look like they don’t want fame at all, but this wouldn’t be at all true because, in their subconscious, they’re struggling to grow more and to become the best at what they’re doing, no matter if this is something in the public space or other fields.

Leo on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Considerate, modest and talkative;
  • Negatives: Gullible and reckless;
  • Advice: Don’t always be so sure of yourself and ask for others’ opinions too;
  • Celebrities: Leonardo da Vinci, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Bruce Lee, Mila Kunis.

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Craving attention

These natives can spend all of their energy studying philosophy and religion. As soon as achieving the looked-for results, they can start to teach other people. When traveling, which they love doing, they need a destination and a purpose.

For example, they’re only going places in which they can learn new things and experience something from a spiritual point of view. These natives love discussing everything about the personality of people, with both strangers and their best friends as well.

They strongly believe in themselves and are confident in their forces. Having a love for learning and traveling, they’re not the type to stay in only one place for too long. 9th House Leos may discover traveling is the best thing they could do in life.

They need to clarify how to be set apart from the people in their family and how to no longer be for so long stuck with what they learned at home.

Those of them who have too much pride to accept truth is relative can express their convictions too strongly, forcing their own opinion upon others. They can have a healthy lifestyle if they’re chasing emotional fulfillment.

The Moon can influence them to be able to forgive and to move ahead in life while accepting their emotions instead of being rational. They can become more aware when realizing they’re vulnerable and human, as well that their emotions are only making them strong from inside out.

Natives born with Leo in Ninth House can learn from people with authority, like their boss or the man who raised them, but can’t be influenced by women to attain their true potential.

They can see that all the attention is on them after they shared some of their philosophical and religious beliefs. What they experienced in life can also seem interesting for others to hear because they have the most original ways of expressing their Light and talking about what happened to them.

Many can see them as arrogant, especially when they’re trying to shine or to show others they’re intellectually superior. These people must put a very high price on knowledge, as this is most likely what matters the most to them.

More than this, they could promote themselves by sharing what they know, not by communicating with others and having direct reactions to the 3rd House.

After all, the Ninth House is involved in matters of intellectuality. The sign of Leo is known to make people more imaginative and artistic, also preoccupied with matters of the mind and interested in knowing the Absolute Truth.

A conflict between different sides of their personality

Being ruled by Venus, there’s a lot about balance and the inner quiet involved here, also about how people are doing anything related to the higher thinking and how balance could be attained.

Without a doubt, individuals born with Leo in the 9th House didn’t have enough balance in their life in the past and are now using all of their knowledge to be better suited for the physical world. Therefore, they need to find the harmony they can attain, between what they know and the spiritual or intellectual aspect of their life.

The person born with Leo in Ninth House figured out who he or she is ever since graduating from high school.

Those of the natives with this placement in their birth chart who went for college have more confidence in themselves and enjoy being recognized by others. They know what direction to take in life and when to have a stronger will than usual.

More than this, they’re their own bosses and do only what they want. However, they can be too self-righteous when judging others and not consider the fact that life can sometimes take a bad turn.

At least these natives are always sure of themselves and think they’re following the right direction in life. For this reason, they never want to stop and ask people for advice. They’re too confident and most of the time doing what’s right.

Inspiration comes easily for them because they’re enthusiastic and ready to live their life in the most beautiful manner. When going on new adventures, they’re acting like they’re the bosses, in the most domineering manner.

These natives are full of life, energy, and confidence in their forces. They love to travel and to try new foods, no matter where they may be going. When it comes to spirituality, they have all sorts of abstract notions in their minds and very much enjoy learning new things.

The philosophy of like people born with Leo in the 9th House have can be enlightening. These people are only interested in the future and aren’t too much looking at what happened to them in their past.

When trying to establish themselves and to be more grounded, they’re using all of the knowledge they accumulated through higher education and the religious dogmas they studied.

A view towards the past

In case they’re deciding to live a more spiritual life, they’re more interested in rituals than in anything else. More than this, they may want to be mentors for the younger people because they’re goof patrons who want to appear powerful, sincere, important and self-confident.

Popularity is something they want to obtain, so they’re working hard to have it. Ninth House Leos are powerful and highly energetic.

They can pressure others to do what they want, but they’re developing only in harmonious environments and when feeling safe. While doing this, they’re renouncing anything primitive and being too direct.

However, for this to happen, they need to make many efforts and to have a clear way of thinking, also to be more aware of the big picture.

When their Self is forming, they need to analyze what happened to them in the past and to learn how to be more modest because their consciousness is rapidly expanding. Their view of the world can change more than often, moments in which they need to be more adaptable and to face the new conditions.

People born with Leo in 9th House don’t trust their mentors and teachers because they fear authority too much, even if they’re not admitting it. However, when trusting someone, they can benefit from the smoothest training.

These natives love traveling and are always looking to become smarter. They’re confident in their forces, full of energy and competitive, so they can many times win.

More than this, they’re always well-intentioned and have trust that people are good, meaning they’re very good as spiritual leaders. They can be members of many religious communities.

They believe there are higher ideals to life and that things are happening for some reason. If they want to be as efficient as possible for society, they can help people be more confident by eliminating their doubts and making them believe in what’s good again.

These natives have an almost contagious optimism, but they need to be careful whom they’re talking to from time to time, as not everyone is as positive as they are.

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