Capricorn in 2nd House: Going Out of Their Way for Others


People born with Capricorn in 2nd House are extremely careful when making decisions about their money. While they want to invest a lot of their time and efforts in people or any opportunity coming their way, they’re not so ready to put their money into something, if they don’t know it’s going to return them many benefits.

In case they are focused on being financially secure, they’re developing long-term plans to which they’re sticking to religiosity. These natives make a priority from having the perfect job, so they’re always more than ready to give up luxury and make their dreams come true.

Capricorn on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Pragmatic, efficient and inquisitive;
  • Negatives: Inflexible and evasive;
  • Advice: Try to be less petty when it comes to your friends, even when they are mistaken;
  • Celebrities: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Simone de Beauvoir, Nelly Furtado, Portia de Rossi, Mark Ruffalo, Neymar.

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Always wanting things to go their way

A 2nd House Capricorn individual is humble, determined to do his or her duty and a little bit cold. Natives with this placement are never eccentric, so they respect money to the point of no return. This is because they need stability and to feel secure about their future.

They’re stubborn to do their work the proper way, so their money doesn’t come to them very easily, meaning they’re modest with what they need every day, as well looking to save up.

As said before, the 2nd House Capricorns are responsible and motivated to make good money. At the same time, they don’t like to spend out of impulse or on things that aren’t important.

When it comes to the world in their surroundings, these natives are hostile and believe that everything good in life should be paid for.

They can manifest their feelings in a cold and dry manner, not to mention many of them are a little bit boring and too discriminative.

If negatively developed, they can be good manipulators looking to turn everything in their favor. Their income mainly comes from the profession they chose to have. Their everyday efforts can make them feel like they have achieved something important in life.

The Capricorn in Second House placement is the one of those working in the government or politics, any other position of reputable social status.

As said before, its natives pay a lot of attention and are practical as far as spending or saving money goes. While adepts of running businesses and earning, they should be extra careful when spending.

Good with speculation and able to earn a lot, they still don’t want to live extravagantly and to be surrounded by luxury. They’re quite practical and prefer a modest living, so others can’t know how much they’re making. It can be said their destiny can’t suffer any modification.

Their main challenge is to no longer feel guilty for no reason. Another one could be about their eating habits because they tend to consume too much food and become unhealthy for this reason.

Not known to easily forgive, individuals born with Capricorn in Second House don’t just ignore their financial responsibilities or the mistakes others are making when it comes to money.

Exercising a healthy routine

The lesson they need to learn is about rest because they can’t function properly if they haven’t had a good night’s sleep. If they keep being agitated, their health can suddenly become precarious.

It’s important for them to have an exercise routine and to eat organic foods, especially if they want to be happy and satisfied with their wellbeing. When it comes to the financial and even physical resources of these natives, these need to be obtained through traditional methods.

Hard workers, Second House Capricorns know what to do to obtain what they want in life, not to mention they can teach others how to do the same thing and to be ready for any type of effort.

The authority and wisdom of natives born with Capricorn in the 2nd House can help them a lot in life. However, they shouldn’t take their power for granted because this can have them losing their credibility and they may end up being less successful in achieving the result they want in life.

As far as money goes, it can be said these natives are not superficial because they pay a lot of attention to their investments and how much they spend. While others see them as cheap, they, aren’t because they just don’t want to spend more than how much they have.

It’s easy for them to survive on less, not to mention they’re able to raise enough for them to be very comfortable later, even when they’re retired.

It would be wise for them to make money with something related to the Capricorn sign, so they should become managers, politicians, and caretakers for the old people, planners or counselors of any kind.

Saturn is known as the planet that brings about difficulties. When in the 2nd House, it’s known to cause people problems with money.

Maybe natives with this placement are stuck in a job they don’t like and even if they have enough for their basic needs, they don’t have what’s required for them to have fun and to be happy.

These people don’t like taking risks, so being stuck in a rut can have them feeling like they’re stagnating.

Luckily, they’re cautious and logical enough to obtain a position of power at work, something that’s well paid. Therefore, they should just decide to take some risks, especially if they don’t want their career to go to waste.

Putting things into perspective

Capricorn in the Second House makes people have a good eye for high values. People with this position in their birth chart are all about security and feeling safe in the materialistic side, but they should as well realize everything in life is dual and not focus that much on their pragmatism.

Many of them can be hoarders, so they need to keep in mind that too much of something can lead to a point in which nothing moves anymore. Therefore, they should learn how to give and allow things in their life to circulate.

It’s ok for them to have many things and to own, but they need to be careful when it comes to how they’re using them. Therefore, they need to appreciate what they have not only from their perspective but also that of others. What they need to learn is how to use what they have.

Being mature and more capable, they can learn how to love themselves more because they can’t feel satisfied when being irresponsible and not taking care of their duties. Their security comes from how down-to-earth they are. This is something that brings them a lot of pleasure and a better future.

The person born with Capricorn in the 2nd House needs to not worry that much about money. Natives of this placement are really worried about becoming broke, almost neurotic about it.

However, if they trust that they can intelligently manage their resources, they will always have as much as they need. Self-disciplined, they can decide to not spend a dime and to live on less, but this is not necessarily something good for them because, in the end, they’re consumers just like anyone else.

Seeing this planet as a resource, they view people as sources of service and money. This means they aren’t the most emotional and sociable type. When it comes to their morals, these are limited to what they need and can’t be said they have a precise direction.

Those of them who want to develop more need to be more emotional regarding what’s happening in their life.

Individuals born with Capricorn in 2nd House are more practical if they choose a trading profession, as well as one in real estate, agriculture or the financials. Their ambitions are usually impressive, just like their need to be personally fulfilled.

However, they can be quite cheap, even with those they love the most, so they shouldn’t be expected to make great gifts or to spend on vacations. Always looking to earn more, they don’t only want this, but also to save on what has already been earned.

This is because they’re focused on the future and want to feel financially stable, no matter what they may be doing. Most of the time, Second House Capricorns are anxious, which can lead them to have many problems from a personal point of view.

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