Cancer in 12th House: Always Evolving for the Better


People born with Cancer in 12th House are always looking to retreat in the comfort of their own home because their family can help them find themselves from a spiritual point of view.

They’re never affected when others are criticizing them, but their moods and emotions can bring certain vulnerabilities when it comes to their behavior.

Many see them as fun and independent, but when in a comfortable environment, these natives are revealing their sensitive side.

Cancer on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Playful, friendly and dependable;
  • Negatives: Indiscreet and boastful;
  • Advice: Life is more than knowing it all so relax when not being completely in control;
  • Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Al Pacino, Celine Dion, Meryl Streep.

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Transforming emotions

Astrology has noted that individuals born with Cancer in the Twelfth House are attached to their family. Their life purpose is to have a home, a place where they can be alone and communicate with those they love the most.

Their personality is all the time evolving because they’re giving it a lot of importance. It would be a good idea for these people to introspect at home, where they can’t be distracted. Their compassion and sensitivity can have them giving up their own needs for others to be happy.

No one would be surprised if they’d decide to no longer be emotionally giving when feeling unappreciated or that their feelings are not being channeled and used in the proper direction.

These natives should be aware of their tendency to play the martyr when trying to earn the unconditional love of others.

Since the Cancers’ karma is also about transforming emotions into compassion and tolerance, the 12Th House is the best place for this sign because it’s also the House of karma.

Individuals born with Cancer in 12th House aren’t paying attention when criticized because they don’t like being told anything negative about themselves. They aren’t reacting negatively when noticing others are being judged negatively, but they may be wrong. They’re worried that insults may appear.

This comes from their soul, a place where no one is allowed to enter. Keeping many secrets about themselves, they can get sick because problems and bad experiences are remaining in their psyche.

The sign of Cancer is known for having a deep sensitivity that’s being kept hidden under a tough shell. It’s easy to hurt people who have the Cancer strongly present in their birth chart, but they’re keeping their suffering away from the eyes of the public because they don’t want others to see that they’re emotional or how much they hate bullying.

People born with Cancer in Twelfth House are sure others like them a lot, no matter if they’re giving a good reason for this to be possible or not. They can push their loved ones away sometimes, remaining in confusion. If they live without being conscious of their emotions and how these are impacting their life, they can no longer be strong, confident or extroverted enough.

However, they can have all these traits meant to help them notice their weaknesses and why they’re sometimes insecure.

When their attitudes aren’t taking them anywhere, they can become illogical and can suffer from nervous breakdowns. These natives need to understand that being weak is part of being a human. As soon as this happens, they can connect with their inner child and become more nurturing.

Evolving into a better person

The person born with Cancer in 12th House is less selfish when he or she is offering help without expecting anything in return. Their purpose is to be more emotionally aware and intelligent so that they can care for others unconditionally and react accordingly.

Because Cancer is the sign of the mother and also the child, they’re can have healthy relationships with their loved ones and heal themselves on the inside, in a profound manner.

These natives are feeling safe with the idea of a spiritual mother and can use creativity coupled with art to let go of their emotions. Looking at the way they’re playing with their feelings, the Twelfth House is giving them the chance to do this because it’s also the house of better understanding.

The 12th House is also the one of the Soul and karma. When a 12th House Cancer individual is not selfish and is looking to develop his or her Soul spiritually, they can come across great results.

They should allow their emotions to develop to unconditional love and help others without expecting anything in return. Only this way, their Soul can evolve and they’re becoming able to use their intuition more, learning how to be more spiritual.

When it comes to the special type of karma involved with the 12th House, this is about the relationship with the surrounding group. This House embodies what’s left from when the astrological wheel has turned, from past lives.

Therefore, it’s the place where secrets and the experience accumulated are meeting. It holds the power reserves of people, their ability to do good and the inventory of their good deeds as well. In other words, it’s the place where good karma is hiding.

When Cancer is placed here, family secrets can be revealed and the natives of this placement can tend to put one parent or perhaps both on a pedestal. More than this, they can be burdened by the sins of their ancestors and have emotional debts that are causing them to be frail inside.

Keeping close to those dear

Strangeness is hiding in the 12th House, so people with Cancer here can be weird when it comes to their domestic relationships. According to the position of the Moon, they can be either happy or disappointed with their daily life and their family.

More than this, they can be too sensitive from an emotional point of view, also able to feel other people’s feelings. Besides, they’re the ones to recognize where emotions are starting to build up.

It can be said natives born with Cancer in Twelfth House are in some sort of an emotional jail. If loved, they can’t reveal themselves, so their feelings become impossible to grasp.

If they want to be happy, it’s important that they’re being independent, in spite of their desire to be part of a family. They can have the home they’re dreaming of, but only after learning how to be on their own.

When things are not going in the right direction for individuals born with Cancer in Twelfth House, they can start to force others to give them different things and love. When trying to do so, they’re using the worse methods possible, from manipulation to deception and gossiping. It can be difficult for them to fight these defects of theirs because they’re not known for being honest or too responsible.

They need to analyze every detail they know about in life because this can bring them only positive outcomes.

When developing their character in this direction, people born with Cancer in Twelfth House are becoming more emotional and ready to sacrifice themselves for others. Many of them are working with charities or doing something that’s helping them be spiritually fulfilled. Therefore, they’re priests, doctors or social workers.

Those having Cancer in the 12th House are rarely talking about their emotions. They have many of them, but they need to be constantly appreciated if they want to keep going in life and be open.

Sometimes, they can feel as if others are taking advantage of them, which is usually leading them to look for more attention from others.

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