Taurus in 10th House: Sticking to the Right Values


Natives born with Taurus in 10th House seem to make a life goal out of being physically and mentally satisfied.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve decided to be artists, chefs or bankers, they need to find joy in what they are doing, as well the drive they need to take the initiative.

Let’s put it bluntly, most 10th House Taurus natives want luxury and to earn a lot of money. They like to see the big picture and to have authority at work, but it can be difficult for them to make their voice heard for their employees.

Taurus on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Optimistic, versatile and confident;
  • Negatives: Big-headed and uncooperative;
  • Advice: Don’t underestimate what others are capable of because you might end up hurt;
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato.

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 The image you show to the outside world

These natives are more inclined to become artists because they like painting or making music. Any activity that makes them feel pleasure and brings some stability into their life is what they need the most.

Because they want their image to be as glorious to others as they’re seeing it, these people want to keep a high standard of life. More than this, they want to be rich and imposing in society.

Life can be difficult for them because it can take them a lot of time to be whomever they want, not to mention they can be impulsive when trying to achieve their goals.

What they want the most is to be different from the crowd and to lead. They respect themselves too much, not allowing others to behave any other way.

More than this, they tend to oppose authority, especially when not agreeing with the views people in power may have. No matter what, Tenth House Tauruses are maintaining their direction.

This House is like the antenna people have when it comes to the world, what they use to show others who they are. It’s the home of reputation, the calling of each person, as well of the callings that haven’t been yet fulfilled.

It keeps the choices natives are making when it comes to their career or their first workplace after graduation. More than this, it’s linked to the connection people are having with their parent of the same gender, the person to whom they look up to become themselves.

While the 4th House is about the genetic material, the 10th one is about the extremes transmitted in the family and what shouldn’t be left out.

Therefore, the 10th House is as well related to the family tree, making natives think of becoming what their elders want them to. The same House is about plans and responsibilities. Besides, it covers all the life aspects and the way the family tree inheritance has been respected, not to mention it accentuates the 4th House’s capabilities.

Just like the 7th House, it’s showing how people are going to present themselves in public and the reputation they’re building for themselves. It influences what profession will be chosen by the natives. In other words, the Tenth House is also about what people are struggling to become in life.

Remaining as logical as possible

The actions of the people born with Taurus in the Tenth House are inspired by the public or their careers. When it comes to their image, this is as well coming from the same sources and what actions they’re taking to have a role in life.

Other people can measure them by what they have achieved in their career and looking at how the public is giving them credibility after they’ve taken action and obtained some results.

These natives may look like they’re aggressive and always looking to have things done their way, so they’re well-known for their temper, anywhere they may be going. No matter the conditions, they’re all the time trying their best to make everything nice, not to mention they love working hard.

The element of Taurus is Earth, so they’re practical and logical, as well as aware of the fact that efforts are required for success. While moving slowly, a 10th House Taurus individual is at least steady. Others shouldn’t underestimate his or her power because natives with this placement are capable of a lot.

They have some negative traits as well. For example, they’re too stubborn and can’t find easy ways to deal with change. These people can’t accept new concepts and don’t want to make improvements because this would mean change.

More than this, they’re big procrastinators, insisting, slow, too focused on the materialistic side of life and possessive. At least they’re reliable and hardworking.

Looking at the most important characteristics regarding the profession and also social status, Tenth House Tauruses are more focused on making money. For this reason, they have good jobs and are looking to earn a stable income. When it comes to achieving their goals, they’re patient and hard-working.

If they’re only developing their negative traits related to procrastination and being headstrong, they can impede their success from arising. This is something they need to stop from happening by being hard-working and accepting that progress with a strong foundation comes from having patience.

Their career can be related to Earthy activities, even about working the land. Therefore, they can be great farmers or cooks. Taurus is a sign of the 5 senses, so they should choose a profession that stimulates them.

Their status is important to them because they’re looking to make money just to live a satisfying life and to show off. This is why they can sometimes choose a career that gives them a good public image and brings enough money into their wallet.

Sticking to the right karma

Other people may be judging individuals born with Taurus in 10th House according to what they did in their career and how much they’re making at work. While only ambitious, jealous and insecure, many can see them as too focused on the material side of life and possessive.

When it comes to past life and the karma, the 10th House is all about the contribution brought by natives to life and how they’re realizing that how much they’re giving is also how much they’re getting.

What people born with Taurus in 10th House are choosing in life can give them ideas on what career to decide on.

The Tenth House is all about making responsible decisions, even if these are involving less development. These natives, regardless of their other placements, possess a lot of energy and want to follow any path in life, so their goals can be many.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re able to achieve them all. Paying a lot of importance to tradition, they’re always ready to put in practice what their parents have taught them.

The sign of Taurus in their 10th House is indicating they may have taken too much from life and not give anything back, so they need to make some changes when it comes to this. It’s also very likely they only focused on their reputation, which has a lot to do with Capricorn, the ruler of the 10th House.

A Tenth House Taurus individual may have spent too much time looking to be recognized by the society during past lives, that now he or she needs to bring more value to his or her surroundings and to impact the surroundings somehow.

When Taurus in on the Midheaven, the 4th quartile, the one of fulfillment, gets to be initiated, so the more people born with Taurus in Tenth House learn to no longer be selfish, the more they’re personally fulfilled during the present lifetime. This way, they can contribute to society.

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