Capricorn in 6th House: Rushing into Conclusions


Individuals born with Capricorn in the Sixth House are very in love with their work and can focus very well at all times on their job. They’re so responsible that they can end up sick when worrying about their career. More interested in results, they usually don’t care about any means they’re using.

Because they’re too disciplined, they can end up being avoided by their employees, if they happen to be bosses. More than anything, these natives hate changing jobs or their homes. They like being challenged and are hard workers when having to complete a task.

Capricorn on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Righteous, eloquent and clever;
  • Negatives: Suspicious and pushy;
  • Advice: Make an effort to show you are not selfish to those you care most about;
  • Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Pablo Picasso, Jack Nicholson, Emma Stone, Kate Moss, Prince Charles.

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Knowing what they want and how to get it

These people will want to do the same job for long because they hate insecurity. They can either be workaholics or those people who are avoiding matters at work entirely. When it comes to their health, they can have problems with their skin, teeth, bones, and nails.

As a career, many of them may choose to be politicians or to open their own business. It can be said Capricorn in the 6th House is the placement of workaholics.

The everyday life of natives having it in their birth chart is about getting stuff done and obtaining fast results when investing their efforts. Because they’re so focused on their goals and concentrated, these people are very likely to do the tasks they’re supposed to very fast.

They can be challenged by their inflexibility and the fact that they want things to be done their way. This means they don’t like surprises and changes, so their plans aren’t getting modified too often.

These natives know what they want and how to obtain it, so when things aren’t going the way they want them to, they can start to exert their authority and power to the extreme.

The sign of Capricorn is known to have natives who don’t get born to healthy from a physical point of view. People with it in their birth chart get healthier with age, but at least they live for long, especially because they’re very careful with their health.

These people can also be too tense because they’re all the time nervous to have anything done properly. Comfortable with a routine and a job they know very well, they’re at the same time not truly happy with what’s going and want to improve things.

It’s difficult for the person born with Capricorn in the Sixth House to rest because he or she sees only his or her job. Most of the time, natives with this placement can suffer from bone diseases because they’re focusing too much on their job and aren’t consuming enough calcium.

They need to deal with the mundane and to be involved because the Sixth House is one of public, service and also teaching. When it comes to teaching, this doesn’t have to take place in a structured environment. It could be teaching by the power of example or through life experiences.

Too serious about their health

When it comes to opportunities, people born with Capricorn in Sixth House love to seize them, as this can make them express their ideas and life philosophies more practically. They can be intimated by what’s happening to them every day, so their life can feel like they’re climbing.

The tests for them stand in how they’re dealing with what’s coming their way. 6th House Capricorns should realize that they’re usually setting big standards for themselves, also that they’re expecting perfection too much. When these attitudes theirs are dealt with, they can relax more and enjoy their routine, discovering how much energy they have and how dedicated they are to achieve success.

Another challenge of this placement is about health, which can be problematic for those born with Capricorn in the Sixth House. These natives may live in fear that something bad is going to happen to them every day, so their health can be greatly influenced by this.

Worrying about their health can make them feel fulfilled. They should learn how to focus on any problem they may have with their bodies and think less of disasters. When doing so, their immune system is only improving.

People born with Capricorn in the Sixth House can be too serious when it comes to their career. They’re true fighters in the workplace, mostly because many of them have Leo as their Ascendant.

When working, they like to invest all of their efforts and to do the best job. When it comes to what they’re doing at work, they’re incredibly responsible, also focused on what they have to do and determined to succeed.

Also, they can work hard and consistently, but their demands can be very high. It would be a good idea to not laugh at them when they’re doing something because they’re carefully planning their moves and actions, looking to the future with great confidence.

Sixth House Capricorns are good even with the most boring and challenging tasks, not to mention they can play the roles of both bosses and employees. They can become sick as a result of mechanical efforts and too many injuries suffered. Because they’re not paying attention to what they’re eating, these natives can end up with food poisoning.

Their energy can be preserved when they have a routine and they’re feeling stronger or more confident. When it comes to their career, this can be accustomed to what’s happening in their surroundings and the difficult authorities they have to deal with. This can be even more challenging for them if their Sun is in bad aspects with Aquarius or Uranus, the rulers of the 11th House.

The sign of Capricorn can make anyone take on too much or too little responsibility, also more focused and competent, as well as strong and ready to endure. However, Capricorn in the Sixth House can have many natives restless. This can end up being very serious when natives are trying to replace their sleep with something else.

These people need to sleep more than others, as well to have peace of mind and to be balanced, especially if they want their body to functions properly. The sign that is naturally ruling the 6th House is the one of Virgo.

Rushing into conclusions

The Capricorn is known to make people work more and harder, for as long as they’re being recognized for their efforts. Therefore, people born with Capricorn in the Sixth House are willing to work just for the sake of it, but not for too long because they want to be acknowledged.

While the Virgo has many problems with discriminations, the Capricorn is just using it too much, according to their own needs and what’s making them feel happier and willing to compromise.

The more the Southern part of the chart is being reached, natives should demonstrate more the concept of non-self, as well to put the qualities of Capricorn in the Sixth House to good use.

It doesn’t matter what they may be working on, people with this placement are pessimistic and always making the most rushed conclusions when thinking if they’re going to achieve what they want in time.

Those of them who aren’t so well developed can end up being the parasite of society. More than this, they can keep track of each service they offered and received. Being pessimistic, they don’t enjoy a happy work environment.

When performing a task, these natives are authoritative, boring and despotic. They should decide to use the instruments they’ve tested before because they don’t work well with the new.

As far as their health goes, they need to be responsible and to respect recovery treatments, as well as listen to what their doctor has to say. Not having too many resources of energy, these people can easily become exhausted, which can have them getting sick with chronic ailments that they can address through natural healing methods.

What’s interesting about them is that they’re looking better and younger, the more they’re getting old. Because they feel perfect with order in their body, it’s unlikely for them to make any excess.

People born with Capricorn in Sixth House need to be tempered in everything. They know how to organize and to work hard better than others. For this reason, they’re goon in a job in which they need others about their career.

Diligent, they need to be all the time busy for them to trust themselves. This self-confidence can be achieved when others are recognizing hem for their efforts and they have a good social position.

If sick with chronic issues of the skeleton, they can also develop cardiovascular diseases. These Capricorns need to force themselves to get better after any disease because they’re too pessimistic.

It’s very likely many of them are doing the most boring jobs and have a routine. If they can’t invest all of their energy in a business and they don’t feel useful or important, it may be impossible for them to deal with any health problem and to get sick.

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