Pisces in 8th House: Learning from Mistakes


Natives born with Pisces in 8th House are aware of the fact that we only have one life to live for, so they don’t spend too much time thinking about it.

It’s painful for them to understand everything is supposed to die, as they don’t want to think about finalities, so they’re trying to prolong life as much as possible.

They don’t take matters of inheritance too seriously because they think it’s not essential for them to be bothered by such things. The most important changes in their lives are taking place on their own, without them having an influence.

Pisces on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Focused, efficient and thrifty;
  • Negatives: Pessimistic and oversensitive;
  • Advice: Speak out loudly and courageously when something bothers you in your relationships;
  • Celebrities: Robert Downey Jr., Robbie Williams, Katie Holmes, Tina Turner, Blake Lively.

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Compassionate and caring

Eight House Pisces natives must be paying attention to details and not only rely on their intuition, or they can end up being deceived. When in extreme circumstances, they are feeling surprisingly relaxed and more powerful.

However, they can as well be anxious because Pisces are known to be very worried and the 8th House is one that induces worries.

Besides looking for counseling when nervous, the earlier mentioned natives should as well be mindful and devoted to the Divine. Most of the time optimistic and very spiritual, they can’t find reconciliation between what they believe of the world and their fears regarding it.

When intentionally cultivating some gratitude and keeping in mind that the world is good, their anxiety can greatly decrease.

These natives don’t care that much about joint finances. They can feel too guilty if they aren’t making personal sacrifices when sharing. This is why they tend to lose when inheriting wealth.

They’re compassionate and can take of others’ financial issues because of this. As far as mystery is going, 8th House Pisces possess a strong intuition to explore them, not to mention they’re almost psychics and can learn about many people or things.

They can have a hard time dealing with their emotional scars and how these have happened. When having to deal with something traumatic or to go through pain, they simply go into a different world, especially if they’ve been abused when young.

Therefore, when their inner shadow gets to be expressed, they can end up suffering from multiple personalities. The more they’re deluded about the chaos they can create, the more they can become destructive.

This can happen mostly because they’ve had deceiving and delusional people around them, those types of individuals who love to play with power and somehow are no longer in touch with reality. Besides, they may have inherited being psychological victims.

In conclusion, when having to face their demons, they need to just be awake and to see things. Their imagination can turn to be dangerous and if they allow it to, it can give them all kinds of psychotic episodes, not to mention they can attract people dominated by psychosis.

However, all of this can help them attract the ideal state of mind and become more powerful. These natives are true survivors when it comes to how they’re dealing with their problems in life because they’re investing a lot of their energy, not to mention they’re empowered, no matter what.

A strong intuition

When it comes to intimacy, they have all it takes to make their partner feel like he or she is going to a different realm. Therefore, they can focus on the sexual type of healing and establish connections that are making them feel blessed.

The Eighth House rules over other people’s money, inheritance, joint funds, and debts. When Pisces or Neptune is here, people with this placement can be confused, delusional and too worried.

They may be called to let go of what they need and desire the most, just to be in fulfilling partnerships. But since Pisces is transmitting compassion, they may gently do this.

The intuition of natives born with Pisces in the 8th House is strong, so they should listen to what it has to say. They should speak out when thinking their partner is too committed to joint funds. In case they’re being asked to make guarantees about what their partner is doing with his or her money, they should trust their instincts and ask the right questions.

Neptune is often the gap between the materialistic and spiritual realms, so those with this planet in the 8th House are not too concerned about death because this is only something of the physical existence and they don’t worry that much about it. If they decide to share this attitude of theirs with others, they can be more relaxing and calm down people who are in mourn.

However, they need to be careful not to diminish the validity of these people’s sadness. They can separate the materialistic side of life from the spiritual one easier than others. Eighth House Pisces need to realize changes happening in their surroundings are only reflecting their emotional state.

It can be difficult to determine when these people are going through a psychological crisis because they don’t understand what’s going on with themselves either. At the most elementary level, they don’t like anything about reality because they want things to be abstract and don’t mind when they aren’t clear.

When it comes to them interacting with society, they’re very diverse in behavior. However, the collective can’t conquer them completely because they may not subject to the ethics of a group and let others take on their responsibilities.

They can use their intuition to perceive what values some groups have, not to mention they know how to subordinate their principles to the ones of the collective. This means many people like them and they can be great leaders.

Learning from mistakes above anything else

The person born with Pisces in the 8th House needs to learn how to be more natural and at the same time respect his or her public because this way, he or she can understand more about the team they’re a part of.

People with this placement are sensitive and when sympathizing, they can direct their intuition in the most positive directions.

They need to learn how to behave around others and give a hand to those in need. Through their mistakes, they can learn many other things about life as well. If fighting over property with a partner, everything can end with them and their ex accusing one another and being deceitful.

People born with Pisces in 8th House are sensitive when discussing their about what they can do in bed. They need to be careful around drugs and always talk with a doctor.

Giving a lot of importance to sex, they think about it as something deep and with a lot of meaning. If the 8th House is beginning in Pisces, natives with this placement can’t be dreamy because they’re too rational or focused on attaining their objectives.

Fearing failure and wanting to never be betrayed more, they can be too judgmental and have strong opinions when seeing others are lying. It’s normal for them to end their relationships because they don’t trust enough or feel disappointed.

During these moments, their fears are more accentuated. It’s important for them to be careful with their limits and to work on their connection with the outside world. As soon as they accept the mission they have and become aware of their true talents, things for them can take the right turn and they can be happy.

Eighth House Pisces are all the time predisposed to be subjected to dangers of the corporate world and borrowed money. They can end up in tremendous debt and even bankrupted. More than this, they can have serious problems when dealing with inheritance or when having to share ownership.

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