Leo in 1st House: Great at Leading Others


Natives born with Leo in the 1st House are always going through battles when it comes to their ego. They’re brave and able to prove their worth, no matter how challenging the situation may be.

When it comes to their physical appearance, they seem strong, yet they don’t want to invest too much of their efforts in hard work. With their loved ones, they’re kind and loving. They need to have their individuality expressed and to be different. The biggest challenge for these people is to fight the image they have built for themselves and vanity.

Leo on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Reserved, inquisitive and spontaneous;
  • Negatives: Pretentious and untrustworthy;
  • Advice: Worry less about how you are perceived by those you come in contact with;
  • Celebrities: Alfred Hitchcock, Joan of Arc, Rita Ora, Franz Kafka, Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Fey.

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Great at leading others

The person born with Leo in the First House is dignified and willful, also full of energy. A little bit arrogant, he or she is often getting involved in other people’s business and speaks when not supposed to.

Natives with this placement may try to seem strong and to prove how self-sufficient they are by always trusting their forces and proving how good leaders they are. More than this, they tend to be lazy and absent from discussions. However, they’re seen by others as good friends with a positive outlook on life and power.

They like being around their loved ones, not to mention they can lighten up any party. They need to be at the center of attention and to be admired, so it’s essential for them that they’re surrounded by people.

Their personality is one of a kind, so they’re attracting friends without even trying too hard. Everyone sees them as fun and thinks they have a good sense of humor, not to mention they’re always giving and warm.

After all, Leo is the sign of royalty, so individuals born with it in First House are good at leading and need to have their dignity noticed by others. Many are looking at these natives to bring on the fun and for drama.

However, they’re sometimes arrogant and think they’re the only ones worthy of attention. Always happy and looking to make others feel the same when starting a project, they’re fast, energetic, smart and want authority.

At least they’re all the time taking care of things in a logical way. These people are reliable and can last for a long time making efforts because nothing can influence them. They want to express their opinions on the most rational manner. However, they’re a little bit too dramatic when doing it.

Needing their partner to make them proud

All the transits in the First House are impacting people from a personal point of view. If there are any natal celestial bodies present in this House, the transit in conjunction with them becomes even stronger.

For this reason, the astrological events occurring in this placement are all about changing the image of the Self and therefore, the ego. It’s good to have planets in the 1st House, especially if these are in good aspects and can enhance the dignity of the natives.

Every planet can positively manifest its energies, including the ones who are considered evil, like Mars, Uranus, and Saturn. The functioning of astrological elements depends a lot on the energy received from different aspects and celestial bodies.

A 1st House Leo individual can be very hurt when someone is attacking his or her pride and talents. These people are usually honest and sincere when it comes to love, so they need a partner who can make them proud, not to mention they’re looking as well to make other people proud of them. They’re loyal and want to protect their loved ones as much as possible.

However, they have a quick temper and can be angry for just about too long. Loving to be the Kings and Queens, they’re also too dramatic.

More than this, people born with Leo in First House love being admired and praised, so they’re doing anything just to attract attention. When stubborn, they’re still positive and more loud than nervous. No one must be hurting their pride because they’re forgiving but can’t forget. They enjoy going outside and practicing all kinds of sports, not to mention they have a lot of energy.

Needing to be loved and praised, they can no longer want to live when people aren’t admiring them. Leo as a sign is known to push people to enjoy physical activities, no matter if these are sports, camping or going to parties.

All Leos want to have fun and to be joyful. They’re all the time acting, choosing this activity as a hobby or their way to make a living. When others are admiring them, they get to feel better than ever. Leo is the sign belonging to the 5th House, the one of relaxation, fun, and flirting.

Individuals born with Leo in the First House are very likely to make friends with important people. Besides, they’re generous and kind because the Sun is ruling them.

Charming, they can attract anyone. More than this, many love them for having virtues and being efficient money makers. The Sun is the ruler of all other planets, so it’s dominating any situation in people’s lives.

Natives born with Leo in 1st House are proud and confident in their forces. However, they can lose their temper very rapidly. They’re happy when everything is going well, but in bad situations, they can lose their calm. It’s normal for them to be eccentric and headstrong, these being their most negative traits.

Enthusiastic and emotionally expressive

When it comes to love, they’re romantic and want to be in relationships for long periods. As said before, they love being in the center of attention and can sometimes be difficult for them to deal with the matters of the mundane.

The person with Leo in First House can’t simply pass by others and not get noticed because they’re represented by the King of the Jungle. It shouldn’t be forgotten the First House is all about the Self and people are being perceived by others.

Leo in the 1st House is giving people a body with muscles and the ability to lead, as this sign is all about these things. More than this, it gives a big upper body and strong bones, as well the domineering attitude.

People born with Leo in the 1st House are good actors who want to be applauded. They see themselves and others by thinking fast, not to mention they’re always enthusiastic and looking to express their emotions in a friendly manner.

Those who want to get their attention should dress in bright colors and have a good stature, as well as admire them for their virtues and appearance. If they’re having problems with their speech in conversations or aren’t looking into the other person’s eyes, they’re only indifferent or perhaps afraid.

It’s their special ability to deal with what people are going through inside their heads. However, it can be difficult for them to get rid of these abilities of theirs tactfully because they want too much to be involved and to invest their energy and to have the power.

More than this, they can forget about their emotions, the moment in which they need to be more objective. When this is happening, they’re becoming tyrants. This is a situation in which some other inventive natives like Aquariuses would want to take advantage of their vanity.

People born with Leo in the 1st House have a strong and domineering personality, not to mention they’re idealistic and true romantics. They need to share more if it is for them to let go of their stubbornness.

Their pride and egotistical ways can have them too desperate for the attention of others. It’s normal for others to not know what to expect of them because they’re often behaving strangely and are either rigid or too temperamental.

Fun and imaginative, the person born with Leo in the 1st House is a great leader. He or she can do anything. Many are complimenting them for being optimistic and joyful, as well as helping others relax.

They want to stand out from the crowd and can seem egotistical for this reason, but they want others to succeed as much as they do. For this reason and their generosity, everyone loves them.

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