Aquarius in 7th House: Emotional Storms Ahead


Individuals born with Aquarius in 7th House need to be independent when married or involved in a relationship. When establishing a connection with someone, they make sure to say that they want their own space.

They’re appreciated because they genuinely worry about others and are always ready to give a hand. More than this, they need to do only what they want, so no one can control them. For these reasons, they may go through trouble in their relationships.

Aquarius on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Truthful, methodical and inquisitive;
  • Negatives: Gossipy and pessimistic;
  • Advice: Beware of becoming a little too manipulative with those dear to you;
  • Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Jake Gyllenhaal, Pablo Picasso, Kate Moss, Reese Witherspoon.

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Taking good care of everyone around

People born with Aquarius in the Seventh house know how to trust and to have respect for their partner, not to mention they’re more like very good friends than just lovers with their partners.

The secret for their romantic connections to work is for them to be detached from their partner or demanding. As said before, they’re looking to be with someone who has his or her individuality and is free.

This is because they want to be independent themselves, even if domineering and looking to control when around their partner. Things have to happen the way they want them to, or they can leave.

These natives need to be detached and open from an emotional point of view. As well, they need to first be friends with their other half. Their enemies most of the time resemble them, so they’re smart and have many inner resources. However, they can’t be too consistent and practical when it comes to being in the combat mode.

Preferring to have intellectual debates, it’s rare to ever see them challenging someone physically. At least they have great insight and are intelligent enough to win in any discussion.

Those of them who are highly developed can see what’s going to happen in the future, especially when they decide to let go of the past. A 7th House Aquarius individual is looking to have a partner who’s involved in humanitarian actions or is affiliated with groups that are helping the less fortunate.

No matter what, they’re looking for their couple’s life to be more about giving a hand and participating in something bigger than themselves. They should be careful that their passion doesn’t burn outside their relationship.

Also, they should pay attention to not be involved too much in group activities and to no longer look at what’s happening in their relationship because this can have all of their enthusiasm for their couple’s life to disappear.

Aquarius in the Seventh House is one of the most complicated placements for this sign because it’s making the Aquarius feel even more separated and detached than usually.

People influenced by this sign are seeing relationships as something evil because they don’t like having their philosophy of life and freedom threatened. This is also why they don’t want to get married too fast.

Natives born with Aquarius in the Seventh House need to learn that being involved in a union is about responsibilities and that to live, they need to be part of life.

They can feel complete as soon as they realize that they’re wild and strange people who are attracted to others that are just like them. The wittiness of their loved ones only reflects their own, while their weirdness can make them true anarchists and erratic.

Emotional storms

These people need to sometimes have a stop and accept their eccentricity. They can be the mad geniuses of society if allowed to flourish and to be as inventive as they can.

People born with Aquarius in Seventh House have a scientific and surprising way of influencing others. They can easily observe human nature and don’t have any pretention, not to mention they’re never looking to sway their loved ones.

Their connections have the most unusual dynamic, so they can end very rapidly. If someone breaks their hearts, they’re keeping their heads on their shoulders and aren’t making a scene.

For this reason, they should pay attention and not become very detached. At least they don’t hold grudges and can be friends with their exes for a lifetime.

The sign of Aquarius is influencing people to divorce because it’s a lot about oppositions in life. If those having it in their 7th House are balanced and can perceive their Self properly, they can feel happy and excited with life.

As well, it’s possible for them to be many times surprised and for their emotions to have some sparks from time to time, making their romantic life more joyful. This is also because Aquarius deals more with matters of the mind and isn’t emotional. 7th House Aquarius individual needs to be in the first place honest with him or herself.

The romances of natives with this placement can be unstable because they have an inner need to be different and always on the go. This is why it’s necessary for closeness in their life to come from their hearts.

If the Moon is strong in their birth chart, the Seventh House can help them have an exciting life filled with beauty.

When the Aquarius is in the 7th House, Leo is in the 1st, so the natives of these placements are always carrying battles between their pride and what they need to do, especially about other people.

More than this, their Leo can push them to be domineering, whereas the Aquarius is giving these people the philosophy of life in which they’re saying “live and let others do too”.

Therefore, they may want to give others the freedom they’re longing for themselves. But as said before, there’s a conflict between their Ascendant and their Aquarius in the 7th House.

Aware of their feelings

Aquariuses want to live in a higher plane of existence, yet they need to be part of life as well. They’re the most philosophical people in the Zodiac. Not that other signs aren’t, they just tend to think more profoundly.

Therefore, they have a philosophical connection with life. No one should expect of them to be single-minded because their mind seems to be on different planes of knowledge. They love being eccentric, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t scared others may not appreciate them for their weirdness.

It’s okay for them to be aware of what others are feeling, but if being judgmental, they can no longer express themselves properly. It would be a good idea for these natives to let others know they don’t want to change anyone’s life.

When fighting their enemies, Seventh House Aquariuses can be highly ineffective because their head is always in the clouds. It would be a good idea for them to see what’s causing them to fail and how they could defeat their opponents. Only this way, they could be as successful as they may try to.

People born with Aquarius in 7th House love being with wise people who have many ideas. When cooperating, they don’t focus on solving a certain problem, but more on how the plan for finding a solution has been developed.

They’re usually the good friends of their partners, which can cause some troubles in their marriage. Admitting openly that they’re in love, they also think this feeling is very special.

Seventh House Aquariuses see the responsibilities of marriage as something important and want their partner to be loyal to them. Besides, they want someone to intellectually stimulate them. As said before, they want to be friends with their lover and their individuality or freedom to remain untouched.

At the same time, they’re domineering and powerful, so if their other half doesn’t accept them for who they are, they can go and look for someone else to fill the space in their life. These are all reasons for them to have their marriage falling apart.

In case they can find someone who meets their requirements, they’re the best friends of that person. These natives are humanitarian in their connections with others, so many know them as altruistic.

Their instincts are telling them to centralize everything when it comes to their partnerships. Those of them who are married may want to know everything about their spouse, which can be annoying for some.

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