Virgo in 2nd House: What Matters the Most in Life


The sign of Virgo is known for its practicality. People born with it in the Second House express this practicality through their money-making abilities. They can be either the ones who have a lot of money or those who work part-time for the minimum salary.

Either way, they’re very good at budgeting, so they’re never out of money. These natives know when they need to live on less and how to save. At the same time, they’re very stressed and anxious about how they’re earning their income, so they’re putting pressure on their family.

Virgo on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Witty, charming and open-minded;
  • Negatives: Machiavellian and verbose;
  • Advice: Leave aside superficialities and pettiness when it comes to your circle of friends;
  • Celebrities: Kirsten Dunst, Rita Ora, Eddie Murphy, Franz Kafka, Agatha Christie, Ella Fitzgerald.

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Punctual and good organizers

The person born with Virgo in the 2nd House can be petty and pedantic, but at the same time balanced. Natives with this placement in their birth chart pay a lot of attention to details and can express their individuality to have a better grasp of the big picture. More than this, they like to respect rules, so they’re good working in corporations.

At the same time, they can collaborate with their friends to make more money. It can be said they’re lucky with their finances, even if they exaggerate with the materialistic side of life. Because they love teamwork, they want to cooperate with their friends on different projects, as well as work with corporations and be successful in a group.

When it comes to their surroundings, they’re focused on details and separate parts, this way collecting what they need to understand the higher order of things. Not having too many emotions and being cold, they’re more interested in financial development rather than in the spiritual one.

These natives may try to make money from more than one source. At least they’re rational and always focused on making their dreams come true.

Punctual and good organizers, they can’t live their life if not having a plan. Concerning financial issues, they’re particular and concentrated, paying a lot of attention to every little detail and what makes their financial ways work better.

They’re also careful with how much they’re spending because they never want to be broke. This means it’s not usual for them to give their money away for luxuries.

Many of them work in sanitation or are health trainers and nurses. Others occupy inferior positions in corporations or work in pet shops. Knowing how to take care of their money, some decide to take care of others’ finances. This is why they’re so good accountants and tax collectors.

Any job that requires them to be careful and to make calculations suits Second House Virgos. They most of the time have a plan for their survival and don’t want to change anything in their endeavors because they don’t like change and can’t easily adapt.

All this can work to their advantage because sticking to plans can bring many successes, especially from a financial point of view.

Attached to their plans

Because the signs and planets in the 2nd House indicate how people are managing their resources, they’re also showing how they spend and handle their possessions. Those having the Moon here can get emotional about everything they own.

At the same time, they can be shopaholics for retail products and spend according to their moods. Therefore, Moon in the Second House people can end up broke every month because a bad day sends them to the mall.

They’re different than Second House Sagittariuses, who are bringing more fortune to themselves when spending but can’t get rich through this. However, they can find good deals and keep their bank account balanced.

To get back to people born with Vigo in Second House, these may be too attached to their plans and unable to enjoy the resources they have.

For example, if they’re focusing too much on their activities, their life may pass them by, not to mention they can end up doing what they never wanted to do or what’s not working for them.

The person born with Virgo in Second House knows precisely what to do with his or her money, so natives with this placement pay a lot of attention to how much they’re spending. Practical about money, they always have a secure plan, even if they’re deviating from it when in trouble.

If feeling like they don’t have enough, their health can start to deteriorate and they become sick. It’s easy for them to earn from activities that are related to the Virgo sign, like paying attention to every little detail, using their mind and organizing, as well as making plans for others or working with animals and in the health domain.

The sign of Virgo is influencing them to have many values and to be stable with their plans. These natives can’t be superficial and possess a lot of knowledge. It’s the value they’re giving to life that’s making them efficient at living their life and earning an income.

However, they can grasp information and not assimilate it, meaning they need to focus more on activities that are meant for the sign of Virgo.

Those born with this sign in the Second House can be discriminating when it comes to what they give importance to and what they don’t. Therefore, they should focus on values and leave the trivia out of their life.

Craving stability in all that they do

When it comes to how much value they give to discrimination, this appears when they’re assuming and focus on how much they can handle. Some of them are being exaggeratedly active when wanting to escape reality.

If looking to love themselves, they need to be humble because having too much confidence and being obsessed with themselves can’t lead them anywhere. Only modesty can make them have more self-esteem, not to mention they can find the meaning of hard work instead of just trying to show off all the time.

This is how they can achieve stability in life, as well as how they can be constructive when it comes to assessing what needs to be improved.

People born with Virgo in Second House pay a lot of attention to their savings and spending, so they don’t have to check their bank account very often. At the same time, they’re not spending on what isn’t important or necessary, meaning they’re efficient buyers.

What they own is really what they need. However, they must remember money should flow and that relaxing about finances can make them enjoy life more. If it’s for them to feel harmonious inside, they need to be less selfish and love their neighbors.

More than this, they need to feel sorry for others and to have some sympathy for the ones they’re working in groups with. Because they want to manipulate, they can have their personality changing, so they need to be sincere if they want to build strong relationships with others.

Natives born with Virgo in Second House need to learn more about satisfaction. This sign is making Venus fall and because this planet rules in the 2nd House, the previously mentioned natives can challenge themselves when valuing their actions and accomplishments.

It would be better for them to do this instead of looking for mistakes in everything. If Mercury is strong in this placement, they’re more rational and able to deal with any problem coming their way. However, it’s rare to find someone with this position and who’s satisfied with everything he or she owns.

A Second House Virgo individual makes money through hard work and by being dedicated, as well as attentive to details.

Natives with this placement don’t like to obtain underserved results. They’re ambitious and also careful with their money because their financial situation is determining how spiritually balanced they’re feeling.

Their system of values is already established, so they know what tasks to take care of, even if they’re not the best at taking the initiative and a little bit indecisive. If more noble and attentive to others’ needs, they can become either incredible performers or great planners.

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