Aquarius in 12th House: Original and Committed


People born with Aquarius in 12th House can cause problems in their own life by making things difficult for others and constantly asking for support.

Looking at this more positively, they can bring back the balance in their spiritual connections by offering their support, because their unconscious is telling them to be of service to humanity and aware of the Universal powers.

Aquarius on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Wise, balanced and responsible;
  • Negatives: Cynical and sneaky;
  • Advice: Become more tolerant because it will bring you more benefits in life;
  • Celebrities: George Clooney, Whitney Houston, John Lennon, James Dean, Kourtney Kardashian.

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These natives are looking a lot at their group of friends and looking to collaborate, not to mention they respect all of world’s creatures.

Original ways

These people can’t deny that they’re brilliant and different. When becoming adults, they learn how to let go of the conventional and deal more with the unexpected.

For these reasons, they may struggle to be considered like others, also because they’re strange and wild, they are at the same time the harbingers of chaos.

They need to become more accepting of their strangeness. They can feel like no one understands them, but if they stop for a minute to understand everybody feels this way, they can understand how many are trying their best as well.

When no longer being so in touch with their ego, they can lack judgment more and more. If they can develop tolerance and can treat their fellows like equals, no matter in what superficial dealings they may be trapped, life would be so much easier.

This how they can say that they have no limits when it comes to their thoughts, not to mention they can connect with the innovative mind of every other person.

Their psychic abilities are making them understand the most original ways spirituality has to offer.

Individuals born with Aquarius in Twelfth House are sensitive as far as their awareness of how groups work is going, as well as the gathered energies of collectives.

They’re picking up everything from their surroundings, which can cause them to lose their connective energy with the group. These natives can as well lose themselves when trying too much to help others.

Keeping this in mind, their loved ones need to as well remember that they’re introverted and truly artistic. Because they have a humanitarian side, they feel this need to help their fellows.

If feeling comfy, they’re becoming even more independent, free and rebellious. It can be difficult for them to deal with groups and teams.

A 12th House Aquarius individual is very interested in his or her subconscious, as well in the origins of life. Natives of this placement can appear as dreamers to others, but they’re very scientific.

As well, big humanitarians, these natives love serving others and can feel disappointed when not allowed to do so. They can notice their tendency to escape society’s rules because they want to express themselves uniquely and originally.

For this reason, they’re not the biggest fans of pop culture, or they may seek to bring their contribution to this art form. Some of them can be part of secret societies.

It’s Aquarius in the 12th House that’s helping them align with the Universe because the sign Aquarius is known for making people more eager to identify the Cosmic Consciousness.

Karma’s workings

In the Twelfth House, Aquarius can accomplish a lot because this is the place for fulfillment, so the Water Bearer here can be satisfied with the spiritual journeys sent by this astrological home.

The person born with Aquarius in the 12th House is wise and balanced enough for the Christ Concept. The responsibility of these individuals is to be sincerely spiritual, but not necessarily in an intellectual manner, more like in a working one.

They simply need to serve humanity. From a spiritual point of view, they have a lot of compassion and are tolerant because this is how the Aquarius in the 12th House is making people.

However, they should realize being humble is essential and that karma works the same for everyone, including them.

Many Astrology experts have noticed Twelfth House Aquariuses are usually dumping their problems onto others, which can do nothing else for them than to be more trouble.

As well, the more gullible they are in their group of friends, the more the previously mentioned aspect becomes negative for them. These natives can deceive themselves more than often, especially if someone is looking to influence them to lower their standards.

They’re not interested in making judgments when it comes to implementing new ideas and bringing about progress.

Discussions on these themes can make them feel lonely and too detached. In such situations, they can become depressive because, on one side, they’re feeling oppressed and not able to communicate, whereas, on the others, they have the sensation that they’re being subconsciously imprisoned, but this last mentioned the feeling can help them bring their contribution to the world.

Individuals with Aquarius in Twelfth House may have had a difficult death during one of their past lives because this placement is indicating they went through a lot of stress and their mind has been challenged.

However, this doesn’t mean they no longer have any humanity left in them, even if their unconscious is dictating them to be free and different from others, as well to go only after they find to be opposing to their character.

They can have problems merging differences and identifying where the middle ground is, but they’re still talented at making friends, even if they’re lacking awareness when it comes to those who don’t want to get close to them.

Not accepting any limitations

Individuals born with Aquarius in the 12th House have to learn what being humane is, meaning they can join charities and be the secret donors.

They love expressing their eccentricities only to their closest friends, by using as few words as possible.

While they may march for them to be all alone, the calmness of the married life is attracting them as well because it’s the foundation for their way of being and offers the feeling of belonging.

Being partly Aquariuses, they want their freedom and can’t be satisfied without it. This comes from their nature, not their environment, so they can’t be free on this planet.

The more they’re looking to be spiritually guided in life, the more profound they’re becoming, but this doesn’t mean they have answers to all of their problems.

Thinking they can never be happy, 12th House Aquariuses are anxious. Appreciated for their predisposition to sacrifice themselves for others, they’re presenting an indifferent behavior to the public.

This is essential for escaping indifference in fact because otherwise, they can feel like their sacrifices are in vain. These natives need to set their priorities straight and to carefully analyze every action they’re taking.

More than this, they should acknowledge when they’re having hidden motives because this can correct anything negative in their character.

To describe natives born with Aquarius in 12th House more in-depth, it can be said they’re always experiencing anxiety, without having an explanation for it because it’s being hidden in their subconscious.

Their personality is making them refuse any imposed limits, not to mention they’re always looking for freedom and to be in the middle of things.

When it comes to their emotions, they’re rebellious and almost uncontrollable, even if not showing it too often.

Empathetic, these people are charitable people who love to say a word of encouragement and to donate material goods because this is making them happy, not to mention it brings them peace of mind.

Those who don’t know them may never get to see any negative traits in their character. Some people need to be careful around them because they are extreme when it comes to spirituality and doing good, which can be truly bad.

While Leos feature an expressive ego, the one of Aquariuses is hidden. This is even more true when the Water Bearer is in the 12th House.

For this reason, people with this placement may appear introverted and sometimes subjective, so they need to let their egos aside and to become one with the Universe and life on Earth.

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