Scorpio in 9th House: Challenging and Intuitive


Natives born with Scorpio in 9th House are true fighters for religion and philosophy, so they don’t hesitate to engage in debates on these themes.

It’s very likely for them to become more religious when adults, as well as interested in studying philosophy. This is because they love to talk about justice and how others see the world, not to mention they’re very curious about what’s happening around them.

Scorpio on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Courageous, integer and balanced;
  • Negatives: Careless and inflexible;
  • Advice: Use your words more wisely and be aware that they can hurt sometimes;
  • Celebrities: Kourtney Kardashian, Billie Eilish, J. K. Rowling, Matt Damon, Bono, Naomi Campbell.

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New ways of understanding

Wanting success, these people are using every necessary means to get it. It can be very difficult for them to deal with failure because they’re not at all flexible. These people are intelligent, ready to stand on their own two feet, motivated to succeed and powerful. They want to control others and don’t hesitate to manipulate.

Besides, they don’t like seeing how others are indecisive, weak, boring or too talkative. When seeing all these things in someone, they may no longer want to deal with that person ever again.

Curious about mysteries, they may research what’s being hidden and taboo, also because they want to know what’s making the world turn around. Learning is something they want to do all the time. A 9th House Scorpio needs to realize that people are making decisions that others see as weird.

These individuals need to remember that from a practical point of view, their beliefs are rooted in what their ancestors have taught and that their unconscious mind can act strangely for many. They can manifest their strongest convictions in powerful ways, and they can also need to know more about the profound issues that other people may not want to know about.

People born with Scorpio in Ninth House need to find ways of understanding the Universe and its Unity. This is possible if they’re taking care of their most difficult relationships and understand they’re not alone in the world.

Their emotions are all about spirituality and religion, so they need to interact with those who are as intellectually developed as they are. These natives want to teach people and to be in control, meaning many are coming to them for advice. They seem to know what’s behind any life mystery and to have knowledge of different philosophies.

However, they mustn’t abuse their power if they happen to be mentors, as their students can start to question their ways and the standings they’re adopting.

The House most inclined for the sign of Scorpio is the 9th one. Those with this placement in their birth chart should be aware of their strength and use it wisely. More than this, they should follow their path in life and not allow others to bother them.

When they graduated from high school, they probably became more introspective and profound. Their college years could leave a mark on the through the most intense happenings.

These natives surely know what danger means. Therefore, they can live their life thinking drama is following them everywhere. Many can think they’re paranoid and too controlling. When feeling lost, they can look into the power of everything that surrounds them because they know how to analyze, almost like psychics.

It’s normal for them to be aware of the unseen forces that are putting their lives in order, not to mention this is also inspiring them. Not too outgoing, they think people who go out much are superficial. When taking part in adventures, they need to have intimate friends with them and to give their journey meaning.

Being all too formal

Because Pluto is in the Ninth House, people are more passionate about any mystery of life and the Universe. Natives with this placement want to fight for religion and are looking for answers in the Church, meaning they’re truly dedicated to spirituality.

In case Saturn in their birth chart is strong, they can be too dogmatic and intolerant, whereas if Uranus and Venus are, they’re more open to understand different religions and practices. More than this, they can have the desire to travel and to explore the world.

9th House Scorpios are curious about every mystery and want to discover secrets. They’re curious about the meaning of life and also the occult. Not wanting to be part of formal education, they may look to study through experience.

Out of all forms of traveling, they prefer the one by water. When it comes to their “I”, their ideas can be original and often contradicting. This is why they have many demands from themselves, as well as dreams that seem impossible to make a reality.

If pressured to follow their ideals, these people can feel like they don’t belong anywhere and depressed. The solution for them to avoid any negative consequence is to just train their perfect Self, no matter how much work this may require.

It’s important for a 9th House Scorpio individual to resolve any conflict and to see what’s bothering his or her life. People having this placement in their birth chart don’t want to spend too much time in introspection because they already know how deep their subconscious is, so this can have the process of them expanding their consciousness more complicated.

If they want to align their attitude with what they’re feeling inside, they need the help of a mentor. However, they can sometimes have conflicts with their teachers.

These are their psychological crises, those moments they need to overcome by returning to what they’ve said or done. When it comes to traveling, 9th House Scorpios want to go to the most exotic places.

Always challenging themselves

Their ways of interpreting the world are mystical because they’re inclined towards the occult. This doesn’t mean they can’t develop because luck seems to follow them everywhere, not to mention they know how to respect the norms imposed by society and how to be noble.

Therefore, many of them are doctors, lawyers or educators. Once again, it must be said that people born with Scorpio in the 9th House are big intellectuals who need higher education.

They’re curious about religion and other philosophical subjects. It’s advised they avoid being dogmatic, too criticizing and judgmental. Some of them may not look at what others like and dislike, so they’re not curious about what interests their loved ones.

Because the 9th House is opposing the 3rd, these Scorpios need to communicate with intellectuals. However, the issue may be that they’re too abstract in the way they’re talking, and not at all practical.

These natives love to research and to discover the true essence of things. They can be called true masters of enlightenment.

Individuals born with Scorpio in 9th House can find it difficult to function in complete harmony and benefiting from wisdom. It should be kept in mind this placement in their birth chart is completing the 3rd quartile, the one of the “we”.

When living their life and expressing themselves, these natives mustn’t lose their Self and identify with others. As soon as the pragmatic and dark Scorpio meets all the philosophy that can be found in the Ninth House, he or she can start to ask questions about the meaning of life on planet Earth or God.

Natives with this placement are investing all of their energy into finding out truths, so all of the religions in the world may not make them happy.

At least they’re confident that there’s something more about this world, even though they can’t put their finger on it. It’s important enough they’re questioning, even more important than the conclusions they’re reaching.

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