Sagittarius in 10th House: Navigating any Difficulties


People born with Sagittarius in 10th House are rather philosophical about their career. They’re not measuring their success by how much power they have, but by considering how satisfied they are with their job.

These people can work without becoming easily tired, meaning it’s a piece of cake for them to climb the social ladder. They’re likely choosing a job that involves traveling. When facing a problem at work, they prefer to see it as a challenge.

Sagittarius on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Friendly, witty and charming;
  • Negatives: Overcritical and unreliable;
  • Advice: Take the spiritual aspects of your life a lot more seriously;
  • Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn, Carl Jung, Gwyneth Paltrow, Khloe Kardashian, J. K. Rowling.

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Difficult choices

Sagittarius in the Tenth House means natives with this placement are going to have a career they care about. They believe in progress and think it’s essential for life, which is supposed to be simple.

But since The Archer is the sign of travels and working abroad, a Tenth House Sagittarius individual may look to have a job that’s taking him or her away from home.

While learning about what their calling is and the path they have to follow in life, these people can consume their energy doing more than one thing at once. This way, they’re wasting good potential for reasons purely personal. When thinking too much, they may appear to be real philosophers who can’t obtain any material results.

If these natives want to be truly satisfied, they need to no longer be distant and to realize this planet is made for everybody. Their public image and professionalism lie in their exploring talents and adventure-seeking ways. Many see them as fun, bold and at the same time having wisdom.

Their career usually depends on how they’re exercising their freedom and how they’re trying to develop from a personal point of view. It’s possible that these natives’ public identity is not as shiny when they aren’t sharing their knowledge with others.

These people are passionate about learning new things and discovering the Absolute Truth, these things greatly influencing their professional life and social status in good or bad ways.

Many are likely coming to them because they’re wise and experienced, also determined to find the truth in every matter.

Tenth House Sagittariuses possess strong intuition and love to reflect or to plan. For these reasons, they can simply see what the future holds for them and what they need to do in the present.

When young, they probably believed everything they’re hearing is true and tried many life paths, but in time, they learned not every idea is good for the direction they have chosen.

More than this, they’re happy to share what they know with others. They may be studying all of their life because their curiosity is about many disciplines. When it comes to what fascinates these people, it can be said this is only the big picture.

Respecting tradition too much, others can see them as headstrong. They have an open mind and can very well work with facts. It’s a pleasure for them to be involved in an argument, not to mention they’re tolerant when contradicted.

They’re usually opposing others when afraid to be out of their comfort zone. When it comes to matters of spirituality and religious traditions, they’re very curious and not necessarily members of any cult or community.

Using their spirituality

The person born with Sagittarius in the Tenth House is very good at writing, especially on the subject of philosophy. Natives with this placement can be great scientists and writers. They give a lot of importance to knowledge, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be good managers with many responsibilities.

The main defect of individuals born with Sagittarius in the 10th House is that they can be too theoretical and not realistic. For this reason, they should become spiritual gurus.

Besides, they can make great discoveries in religion and spirituality. It’s good they have the ambition to make it as professionals and are being offered many opportunities for as long as they live on this planet.

Having vision, these natives can be good bosses, even if they lack practicality. Many of them are educators, religious faces and travelers.

Their success is usually in the spiritual field. Wanting to be seen as generous, they’re giving with their colleagues and subordinates. The 10th House is one of the contributions people are bringing to life.

These natives are bringing their knowledge, and by the reaction with the 4th House, they also influence others. One of their negative traits is that they can be too opportunistic.

Besides, they can be also selfish and looking only to become famous. Since Capricorn is ruling the Tenth House, the influence of the Goat is being strongly felt in them.

People born with Sagittarius in 10th House want a job in which they can be independent and travel, as well be intellectually challenged. They like helping others and don’t mind working hard.

When influential, they may abuse their power to make their dreams come true. It’s not unusual for them to have more than one profession during a lifetime.

Many of them are choosing to activate in the political field, to be spiritual gurus or actors, writers or educators because they enjoy working with the public. At some point, these natives may go through some trouble with one of their employers and be taken by surprise with such a situation.

This can happen because they’re focusing too much on what’s going to happen in the future. Not that it isn’t good for them to reflect, they just need to live in the present a little bit more.

It can take these natives sometime before they can find what they’re looking for in life. The sign of Sagittarius is making them more agitated, so they can have more jobs than any other sign in the zodiac. And these jobs can radically change, from one to the next.

More than this, the person born with Sagittarius in the 10th House tends to learn the new skills required for him or her to advance at the place of work. In other words, these people love to wander through jobs like explorers through Nature.

Taking advantage of their talents

If it’s for them to succeed, they need to give more and to take less. The 4th quartile is the one of fulfillment and can force natives with Sagittarius in 10th House to use their knowledge to feel personally fulfilled, which is usually culminating in the 12th House.

This is because they need to present to the public their ideas of what satisfaction and perfection mean. Only this way, they can have the public identity they’re looking for.

When having to make a choice, people born with Sagittarius in Tenth House can become emotional and no longer focus on practicality. These natives are respected by authorities because they always have new good ideas.

Whereas their bosses may sometimes doubt what they can come up with, they’re most of the time putting into practice what they have thought of. For this reason, they’re always receiving new tasks from management.

When themselves bosses, they can be emotional with their employees. Their ideas are always squirming and their subordinates love dealing with them. However, they need to be checked for what they’re coming up with and to no longer be so emotional, to the point of impracticality.

10th House Sagittariuses are optimistic when it comes to achieving their goals, as well as hard-working, but they’re not workaholics. Besides, they may not dedicate themselves completely to only one job and choose to have many careers during a lifetime.

Because they’re positive and friendly, they make great salespeople. They need to activate in a career that’s of the Sagittarius sign, one that involves traveling, educating others, speaking in public or interacting with other cultures.

Responsible and dutiful, they’re planning their life and few people can follow them. The more highly developed they are, the more they can deal with any problem without losing anything.

When debating with others, they love talking about various subjects and they have a lot of energy for arguing. Some of them can fantasize too much and lose their grip on reality, these being the ones who are not accepting advice from others.

They’re the ones who need to be more friendly and open if they want to make their dreams come true. Some of the Tenth House Sagittariuses can be impeded by strangers to achieve what they want, but this doesn’t mean they can’t win.

Many of them can be successful spiritual gurus, aviators, and dancers. Some can become great leaders who are working with many people and presenting their ideas qualitatively and visually.

Regardless of what they’re doing, all of them receive help from superiors and manage to become successful.

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