Aries in 2nd House: An Intuitive Go-Getter


People born with Aries in 2nd House wish to start any project that’s meant to bring them success when it comes to matters of this House. They have a lot of energy and can go through a lot of trouble because they’re all the time looking into the future.

Their self-worth is determined by how they’re working on themselves, also by their leadership and managerial skills. The person born with Aries in the Second House always has enough energy to explore the new and to deal with that the world has to offer.

Aries on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Loyal, pragmatic and organized;
  • Negatives: Possessive and callous;
  • Advice: Beware of becoming too selfish or giving yourself too much importance;
  • Celebrities: Sylvia Plath, Deepak Chopra, Ellen Pompeo, John Stamos, Jay Leno, Hozier.

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Spending their energy on new challenges

Natives of this placement are extreme in their business endeavors, as well as very active. They like to participate in different events and to be in the middle of action because getting bored makes them feel depressed.

Not too thoughtful or paying attention to other dimensions, they can predict what’s going to happen. Therefore, they act according to their intuition and let their emotions rule them.

For them, every day is supposed to bring new challenges that they can overcome by taking action and not reflecting too much. Their money is being made when they decide to start new projects.

These people spend a lot of energy to obtain financial gains, but they’re also spending too much from time to time. They can ignore what’s happening, especially when they’re looking for new opportunities to gain some more.

These natives are driven to make a good living, so they’re assertive in these endeavors of theirs. Their self-confidence is being given by how much they’re making because more money can have them feeling very good. They can spend on things they don’t need.

When working, they’re disciplined with their finances. They can make some good money with jobs that are for the Aries sign, so many of them work in the military, as entrepreneurs or managers, as well in sports.

They were anxious about making money ever since very young, most likely because their family taught them to be like this. Their income is usually according to their efforts, the way they’re expressing their talents and use their talents.

Individuals born with Aries in the Second House are usually following their instincts when looking to build something for the materialistic world. Many of them are real gourmands who can consume too much, others don’t want to eat because they fear getting fat.

This placement is about gaining weight more rapidly, as well about life values and the worth people feel they’re having. It makes natives eat fast and choose rich foods. It makes a person hate anything that’s happening slowly it is too comfortable or affectionate.

This position forms rough personalities, even if some feminine planets or the Moon happen to be in strong aspects in birth charts.

Go-getters, ready to mingle

People born with Aries in the 2nd House need to be aggressive and to take part in competitions when making their money because Mars is ruling them.

Even if they inherited, their wishes are still to make a living on their own. At the same time, they can be impulsive with their spending, meaning they end up in trouble more than often.

They’re extravagant with what they give their money for and love to fight for their gains. Planets have a stronger influence than signs, so when gathered in the 2nd House, finances are obtained according to the planets gathered there. For a person to see how money can be made easily, he or she needs to get the hints from his or her birth chart. The signs and planets in each House can indicate a lot.

Mars in 2nd House people may want to do what Arieses love the most during their free time, so they can decide to be referees or to fix things during the weekends. For example, those with Venus here may be interested in beautiful things or being mediators. They can, for example, sell clothes and jewelry.

Individuals born with Aries in the Second House have their self-esteem depending on the way they can assert themselves, meaning they hate being passive and not having anything to do. If not chasing what they want, they can’t feel good.

Therefore, they’re go-getters and always looking to be the first. Without being first, they can’t love themselves.

Their biggest problem is impulsive shopping because as soon as seeing something they like, there’s nothing to stop them from getting it. Therefore, they don’t want to think too much before spending.

Money and different possessions make them feel like they won and that they are strong. When someone is asking to borrow from them, they can feel weak and helpless.

Having boundaries is good for them, but they shouldn’t become very selfish. The energy of Mars is strong and perfect for jobs in which stamina and being very motivated are necessary.

However, those with this planet in the Second House need to be acknowledged because they’re not doing things just for the sake of it. This isn’t bad because no one should work without having any recognition or rewards, especially those who are impulsive when it comes to spending.

They should practice their leadership abilities more

Natives born with Aries in 2nd House are making a living according to their ability to start projects and to make a living that offers them a lot of comfort. Sometimes, it’s more important for them the way they make money than what they’re obtaining. This means they want to obtain palpable results and to be properly rewarded, all the time.

Making money is something that motivates them a lot, as well as what’s offering them inspiring opportunities. However, they should be careful and not focus too much on the materialistic side of life because they can miss the true value of things.

Aries in the Second House is giving value to the “I AM” and makes people stress this out. Those with this placement in their birth chart need to focus on both the positive and negative aspects within themselves. Therefore, they need balance and to find the value of their Second House because this way, they can be young forever.

Another lesson they need to learn is about their leadership abilities because they can become very important people. Even if feeling an unexplained fear when it comes to their future, they surely can hide it pretty well.

Their environment is usually divided into those who wish them well and the ones who are their enemies. With their friends, they’re all the time open and giving, whereas, with their opponents, these natives are not caring and impulsive, as well as raging.

No matter what, they hate dishonesty and lies, so with them, people need to be completely sincere and to respect their promises. They have difficulties with communication when they don’t see the logic.

Because they’re stubborn and impulsive, they can take action rashly, meaning the consequences of their actions can be bad.

A Second House Aries individual can have financial problems because he or she doesn’t know how to save or to plan. While it’s important for them to have some financial reserves and for their future to be assured, they can still lose the ground from underneath their feet, especially when they’re doing the wrong things.

These natives need to keep their emotions to themselves and be rational when dealing with business matters. It’s possible for them to discover new heights and to open their minds, but only if they’re patient and stable enough to make their plans a reality.

These people are great leaders, even if they’re not so good at organizing things because they can’t concentrate and make an analysis of any kind.

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